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學生對 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 提供的 市场营销专业人士所需的数字分析:理论市场分析 的評價和反饋

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Learn the introductory theory and strategy behind marketing analytics that provides marketers with the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges they confront daily in their professional lives. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and



Apr 17, 2018

Well, this is great course since I did it online, but the material well covered and the lecturer give clear and interesting material through video. I will take another course after this. Thank you.


Mar 01, 2016

I really enjoyed this course. I liked the professor's teaching style as well as the materials the course provided. All the knowledge I've got from the course helps me when I do research online.


776 - 市场营销专业人士所需的数字分析:理论市场分析 的 800 個評論(共 882 個)

創建者 Pramod N

Sep 11, 2016

This is a very basic course. The contents do not cover a whole lot of ground. I personally did feel that there is a lot of repetition and this course did not help much . I somehow feel this course and the next ( the practical one ) could have been combined into one. Otherwise, not worth 2 courses of money.

創建者 Santosh I

May 01, 2016

For an introductory course it is ok, however can't help get the feeling that the material is just skimmed through. In an effort to structure each session in the same way, detail has been missed out. Practical examples and hands-on exercises are very inadequate. Not impressed.

創建者 Boma H

May 27, 2017

A great course. I rated a 3 star as I found heavy to follow given I do not come from a tech background, I found the learning journey steep. Still great course and useful for a beginner - intermediate learner wishing to strengthen / gain digital analytics knowledge.

創建者 Deleted A

Jul 14, 2017

Decent intro to web analytics. Majority of the work involves readings and the videos are more supplemental. Course slides are helpful in summarizing key points. You can finish auditing this course in a few hours...don't recommend paying solely for this course.

創建者 AMIT V

May 20, 2020

Decent, but you can't expect everything about the topic, it's very limited. If you think that you can learn enough about Digital Analytics with this course alone, then you are fooling yourself. The topic is too wide in reality and in this course its hardly 5%

創建者 Justyna H

Apr 06, 2020

I liked the high-level approach of this course, but I wish the assignments would be more specific and allow us to discover some of these analytics tools more in details. 1-2 examples could have been used to let us go through these tools or metrics.

創建者 Kent J

May 31, 2020

I thought the subject matter was really interesting. I'd love for this course to be updated. It's a few years old now and could use some recent examples, as well as discussion around current trends and tactics.

創建者 Veronica L

Dec 03, 2019

It is good intro of concepts and models for digital analysis. However I do hope to see more in depth knowledge about data, models or even more examples of how to conduct a good marketing analysis.

創建者 Artem A

Jul 27, 2020

The course is a good introduction into marketing terminology and some instruments, although lacks the essence of analytics - what are the questions to be answered and how they could be answered.

創建者 Cheng Z

Aug 29, 2016

I found that the five points to learn for each module become overly distracting. I hope the course doesn't face any constraint to get the five points. Otherwise, the course is fairly good.

創建者 Camila A P B

Jul 13, 2020

I think several modules are outdated based on the years of reference used for describing the digital transformation. The discussions and particularly the readings are also outdated.

創建者 Sanjay J

Nov 15, 2017

Its simply an overview and basics on Data Analytics. Good for a complete fresher or beginner or someone interested in changing career and want to explore options in Data Analytics.

創建者 Shen H

Feb 21, 2018

The contents seems repeatedly in different weeks, ends up there is limited new learnings from this course in general. Some assignment questions do not smartly asked

創建者 Sumit S

Jan 09, 2017

a lot of reading existing content, less from the master himself :).. was hoping to get more business case examples. still, an amazing introductory course. thank you

創建者 Akshay

Jul 31, 2017

It's a good course but its very light. I feel it has two weeks worth of content and can be merged with the next course. It's too basic to standout on its own.

創建者 Kaustubh J

Jun 20, 2019

I think there were too many repetitions in the course lessons and it would have been better to have more video lectures as compared to so much text reading.

創建者 Davide Z

Aug 02, 2020

The course should give more practical examples. Most of these slides can be summarized into a single page word document that needs no further explanation.

創建者 Rocío O R

Nov 24, 2016

I suggest including more practical examples in the videos in order to further understand the theory. Also, some concepts are mentioned but not explained.

創建者 陶蕾

Jan 09, 2020

so boring , too much articles and few real examples and explanations, and the professor cannot speak fluently which influence the quality of the course.

創建者 Evgeny B

Sep 22, 2015

The course is much too easy, to my mind. Some more practical exercises or more readings in fundamentals could be a nice addition.

創建者 Maria A G G

Jun 02, 2020

This course is missing case studies to relate all the theory he gives to real life. The first module was better produced by far.

創建者 Angelo A M

May 01, 2019

It could be more simple to understand, sometimes they use specific words that for the beginners could be a bit difficult.

創建者 alfonso b

Jul 16, 2019

Two many sources of information, not so well summarized. Could improve the methodology, leaves things a little open

創建者 Holly W

Feb 23, 2016

The instructor is really makes the topic boring. I would also like to see more examples of real world application.

創建者 Ajeeth J

May 11, 2020

I felt there was a lot of material repeated and the recommended reading was a book which had to be bought.