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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Fundamentals of Finance 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of corporate finance. Based on the pre-term qualifying courses for Wharton MBA students, Professor Jessica Wachter has designed this course for learners who need a refresher in financial concepts, or for those who are learning about corporate finance for the first time. You’ll identify foundational concepts in corporate finance, such as NPV, Compound and Simple Interest, and Annuities versus Perpetuities. You’ll also learn how to apply the NPV framework to calculating fixed-income valuation and Equity, using hypothetical examples of corporate projects. By the end of this course, you’ll have honed your skills in calculating risk and returns to optimize investments, and be able to assess the right set of financial information to achieve better returns for your firm....



It was an Amazing journey learning with Coursera & University of Pennsylvania!! I went back to my school years and I remembered back my Algebra, thank you so much!!


the professor speaks very clearly. Not withstanding I have a question. Is there anyway to ask a question on this venue?Not withstanding I have a question.


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創建者 Michael H


The instructor and material was great my only complaints are with the Quizzes.

The Quiz questions can be frustrating because it is not always clear how to answer the questions. For example some you need to round to have the correct answer where as others you do not. It is also misleading when the blurb tells you how to write the answer as a dollar amount but then the correct answer is as a percentage. It would be nice is after completing the quiz you were given some help or the right answers so you could learn from your mistakes.

創建者 Thomas T


A course about present value basics, and valuing annuities, bonds, equities. If you don't have a finance background, I would say the course is challenging, equivalent to college level course, if not harder. Once you get used to the pace, it will be ok, it might take a few rounds of note reviews to get through it. quizzes are challenging as well.

創建者 Aneeqa Z


This course has helped me in gaining enormous knowledge of financial management. More power to the instructors and institution and of course "Coursera" which provided me the facility to upgrade my knowledge. Thanks

創建者 Andre C


The course seems well researched-- I just have a hard time grasping these formulas and terms at the same time. They all seem to blend together when you add financial terminology into the algebra.

創建者 Jonathan Y


It was relatively easy to understand, however, I think there were parts in the quiz that didn't refer back to what we learned. For example, why is c/r valid if it is a perpetuity?

創建者 Oscar G C


Everything was perfect but the answers to each test would have been appreciated in order to improve and understand better the mistakes made.

創建者 rojin a


I thing students need some background about course because the lecturer and also notes were not enough to answer all the questions

創建者 Niree K


Helpful course with clear lectures by Dr. Wachter.

The quizzes were a bit frustrating in their specific formatting requirements.

創建者 Ahmed A


This course needs more practice examples. Stand alone attachments can be included as exercise problems for every week.

創建者 Nikilesh K


Quizzes are tough, but great learning. Only suggestion will be to offer more support for quiz answers

創建者 Nguyen D T


The content is good. We need answers for each quiz, so that we can know why we are right or wrong.

創建者 Rosemary H


A lot more algebra than the title or description suggests but ultimately very useful.

創建者 Eduardo O B


Excellent. I think is necessary to check de results of Quiz 3.

創建者 Jayant B


v​ery good course gave me a good insights of finance industry

創建者 Ansh A


the course material was a tad tough...otherwise a good course

創建者 Lord B S L M M J


This course has helped improved my knowledge of finance.

創建者 Ronan D


explination was not very good for a new person

創建者 Soumarup P


This was a good course in Finance

創建者 Facundo G


Really helpful

創建者 Duy P


Very good

創建者 Zhenghe W


It's good

創建者 Yin M


Honestly speaking, my experience with this course wasn't great. Reasons are the following: 1) The content of each class was actually not much. However, because the professor spoke so slowly I had to pay extra effort to focus and make the association of different topics in my mind (maybe it's just me; but if you are also easily drained by slow talking, this is going to be a problem with this course). 2) The reading materials in week 3 was misplaced as the content in the materials would only appear in latter videos. 3) A lot of frustration on the quiz - as many students reported rounding effect leading to wrong answer. And there was no support on solving the problems unless someone else published their solution in the forum... And in the case of this class, few were still active on week 4.

創建者 Gideon S


This class has a number of shortfalls. Without sounding too harsh and while offering the utmost respect, Professor Wachter seems better for suited for research than teaching. Every quiz was filled with pitfalls. The discussion forum certainly mirrored this sentiment. Students often asked why she didn't address certain concepts, making the video lectures appear incomplete or inconsistent. In her defense, she included plenty of material that we could access offline. However, her responsibility in providing a needed coherence among her videos was sorely lacking. Sadly, of all the online coursework I have had, I felt that this class was the least formative.

創建者 Arthur Y


I really think it is on par with a real Penn education. The professor was very knowledgeable about the subject yet the one thing I had a major problem with were the quizzes. Very little support structure to help you improve on the quizzes. And it was very hard to pass them because there was no feedback available. Additionally, the decimal points are confusing and how to round them correctly took a lot of time.