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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Building Batch Data Pipelines on Google Cloud 的評價和反饋

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Data pipelines typically fall under one of the Extra-Load, Extract-Load-Transform or Extract-Transform-Load paradigms. This course describes which paradigm should be used and when for batch data. Furthermore, this course covers several technologies on Google Cloud for data transformation including BigQuery, executing Spark on Dataproc, pipeline graphs in Cloud Data Fusion and serverless data processing with Dataflow. Learners will get hands-on experience building data pipeline components on Google Cloud using Qwiklabs....




A great course to help understand the various wonderful options Google Cloud has to offer to move on-premise Hadoop workload to Google Cloud Platform to leverage scalability of clusters.



Great course learning what it is the big advantages of using GCP for data given they have big implementations and with better performance of what it is today in on premises scenarios


176 - Building Batch Data Pipelines on Google Cloud 的 192 個評論(共 192 個)

創建者 Marco A d A C


I expected more details, more deepness

創建者 Y C


Could elaborate more on dataflow

創建者 Hossain A


Got an overview of GCP pipeline

創建者 Raj C



創建者 Yogesh D


The course at a very high level, students with no prior exposure to HDFS, SPARK and Apache beam will have hard time understanding any concepts. Labs are not productive enough, you just follow instructions, labs should be more challenging

創建者 Lourdes R


I think the examples in the lab could be more interesting with examples using data set closer to business reality.

Also, some tutorials contain wrong steps and references to old tools

創建者 Lisanul D


DataFlow part is really bad, no explanation in the lab excercises. Anyone could run them blindly and go through them. No way to verify if the lab understanding was good.

創建者 Marcos P


Some slides are missing in the resources, doing difficult to follow the video and take note. I would prefer to have material to read instead to follow videos

創建者 Vinod K


The labs had many errors. I spent most of the time solving errors and getting help from support team.

創建者 Ted C


creating cloud composer environment took too long for about 45 minutes

創建者 Ivan L


Least favourite one so far from the course series

創建者 Johnny L


Poorly designed course

創建者 Sergio G


This is a course on how to buy Google products, that's it. They explain the very basics of batch data pipelines but it's so intertwined with their own products you barely learn anything about data pipelines themselves. On top of that, exercises consist in pasting things they don't even care to explain.

創建者 Michael E


I didn't feel that I learned very much. I also ran into a lot of trouble with the labs. The Cloud Shell Editor was giving me issues. Fortunately, the support team was able to find a loop hole for getting around the error.

創建者 Mohamed D


Putain metter le lien pour acceder Qwiklabs

創建者 Lawrence R


Most labs are not working

創建者 Emel G


Not engaging