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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Building Batch Data Pipelines on Google Cloud 的評價和反饋

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Data pipelines typically fall under one of the Extra-Load, Extract-Load-Transform or Extract-Transform-Load paradigms. This course describes which paradigm should be used and when for batch data. Furthermore, this course covers several technologies on Google Cloud for data transformation including BigQuery, executing Spark on Dataproc, pipeline graphs in Cloud Data Fusion and serverless data processing with Dataflow. Learners will get hands-on experience building data pipeline components on Google Cloud using Qwiklabs....




A great course to help understand the various wonderful options Google Cloud has to offer to move on-premise Hadoop workload to Google Cloud Platform to leverage scalability of clusters.



Great course learning what it is the big advantages of using GCP for data given they have big implementations and with better performance of what it is today in on premises scenarios


126 - Building Batch Data Pipelines on Google Cloud 的 150 個評論(共 192 個)

創建者 Robert L


Enjoyed the going into the tools to build datapipelines. Watching jobs complete on Dataflow was informative, actually seeing processes start out of sequence. Personally found the Hadoop sections a bit heavy as migrating existing environments isn't a central use case, but good to know in any event.

創建者 Junaid A


This is a really good course to begin with batch processing using dataproc and dataflow. The student do not need to have any knowledge of these 2 said technologies before hand to take this course. But this course defines a solid foundation for beginners to begin processing batches of data on GCP

創建者 Bhargav D


Good course! Week 2 labs should have been more comprehensive so that there is no way to move forward other than to learn the nuts and bolts of Apache Beam and building pipelines from scratch. But other than that, pretty useful course! All concepts related to batch pipelining nicely covered!

創建者 Lin Y


Love the course, but I feel 2nd week material are bit too much to digest in one week. Also, many topics are covered in short amount of time. I wish there more in-depth exercises (as external resources) to strengthen my learning. The labs are helpful intro but not sufficient on its own.

創建者 Bhushan V W


Dear Team, Thank you very much for the training

"Building Batch Data Pipelines on GCP"

I would like to appreciate all the time effort and the passion that you put in , to make it so easy to understand . The Labs and the Guides explained a lot . Thank you,


創建者 Shayne L


Some of the course videos were just speed reading by the narrators, even the transcripts did not insert periods to the sentences. The course feels like it is just introductory material and insufficient to prepare for the certification exam.

創建者 Ajinkya U


The course was good. Learned about data pipeline infrastructure.

Feedback: It appeared a bit fast in the second week with the need for more explanation for the concepts and designing labs based on those concepts.

Thank you. :)

創建者 Luciano L


Esta bien, me gustaria que haya un poco mas de practica en vez de tanto copiar y pegar codigo. Pero bueno, entiendo que no pueden dejar la plataforma abierta 10 horas para que probemos.

創建者 Heidi S


The pipeline building portion assumes in part that the learner has previous experience with programming. Further break down of the Python pipeline builds would be helpful.

創建者 Deepa R


takes time understand , video makes little bore but in practice to enjoy doing but try to mention required time for excuetion or waiting time to task to executeto ece

創建者 Ireneusz P


Interesting topics, but some of the labs are a waste of time (1 minute of hands-on experience, 30 minutes of provisioning resources and pipeline execution).

創建者 Christian U


Good, I think pipelines need to have more labs related to some necessities in the industry, such as connect them to other external sources outside GCP



Some parts of the course where not explained in full detail, especially some qwuick labs where questions were not tested or even provided with answers

創建者 Ibrahim M


very good as a start, needs more practical on some topics like the last ones, and I had a bug with composer lab, but the over all is fine.

創建者 Ismi Y


This course includes new services not much mentioned in the previous course. But, proportion of the module is not balanced.

創建者 Ajinkya S S


Good introduction to pipelines building in GCP, Starting labs need to be in more detail. Other than that very good course.

創建者 Charles C


Most was very good and kept my interest. One of the latter labs was not working and kept erroring out.

創建者 Ramakrishna R A


Good intro to the pipelines for batch processing and quite a few hands on labs.

創建者 Brook G


i​n depth and time demanding but well worth it and really well structured

創建者 Victor L P B


I missed more hands-on experience with dataflow data pipelines creation.

創建者 Eduardo H


This course requires knowledge of Java, Python and technology in general

創建者 Carlos M F


Buen curso para seguir avanzando en el conocimiento de Big Data / GCP

創建者 Min M Z


Conceptual understanding of data fusion, data flow and data proc.

創建者 Guilherme L


The videos ware great, however te labs have a lack of information

創建者 Friscian V C


better labs would be nice. more detailed, not so many copy paste.