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Welcome to our course on Object Oriented Programming in Java using data visualization. People come to this course with many different goals -- and we are really excited to work with all of you! Some of you want to be professional software developers, others want to improve your programming skills to implement that cool personal project that you’ve been thinking about, while others of you might not yet know why you’re here and are trying to figure out what this course is all about. This is an intermediate Java course. We recommend this course to learners who have previous experience in software development or a background in computer science. Our goal is that by the end of this course each and every one of you feels empowered to create a Java program that’s more advanced than any you have created in the past and that is personally interesting to you. In achieving this goal you will also learn the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, how to leverage the power of existing libraries, how to build graphical user interfaces, and how to use some core algorithms for searching and sorting data. And this course is project-based, so we’ll dive right into the project immediately! We are excited to be offering a unique course structure, designed to support learners of different backgrounds in succeeding at their own pace. The first module explains how this will work and if this course is right for you. We also recommend taking a few minutes to explore the course site. A good place to start is the navigation bar on the left. Click Course Content to see what material we’ll cover each week, as well preview the assignments you’ll need to complete to pass the course. Click Discussions to see forums where you can discuss the course material with fellow students taking the class. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone in the Meet and Greet forum. This course should take about 6 weeks to complete. You can check out the recommended course schedule below to see a quick overview of the lessons and assignments you’ll complete each week. We’re excited you’re here learning with us. Let’s get started!...




Great into to Java, instructors have clearly put thought in to the format with the choose your own learning style videos, and additional coverage where it may be needed. These have been very helpful.



I loved this course! The course videos and the projects sharpened my idea about some of the toughest concepts of Java and OOP. I recommend this course to anyone interested in learning OOP in Java. ☺


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創建者 Annabelle T


I was struggling in my CS Master's when I found this class.

I'm now a Software Engineer at Google.

I think this course is one of, if not, the best you can find in Object-Oriented Programming. I really appreciated how the course was shaped for industrial standards. You will learn how to read the real Java Documentations, how to implement your code in an existing code base while also learning the fundamentals of low-level programming language.

I'm also very grateful about the financial support I was granted, now it's time to give back :)

Thank you, Mia, Christine and Leo for your help!

創建者 Wai L C


This course is my first formal course on Object Oriented Programming and I enjoyed the course and the assignments. Yet, I have to say the course assignments are quite difficult and it will take more than expected to complete them. So, this course is not an easy one and the last assignment is especially difficult to complete but in turn, it is chellanging and fun. After completion of the course, I have a better understanding on the Java concepts in Object Oriented Programming and started my use of Eclipse as IDE tool. So, the course may not be easy for new learners, it is FUN.

創建者 Jachym M


This was a good course - I finally understood polymorphism and inheritance. The lecturers really went deep on the way the constructor works and so on with good clear examples. I also liked the projects - they felt really practical. I just disliked the casting that is used everywhere - I am pretty sure that's not the best practices to cast all the time and instead is better to structure the code differently. But I am still a beginner and I learned a lot here!

It is good to bookmark the three or four critical videos and just re-watch them later when I need to refresh some concepts.

創建者 Титов П В


Before starting this course I was reading (not completaly) a few Java Core books and was making interactive exercises on the web.

This course turned out to be not so difficult as I thougth before starting, but it is very useful! First of all cause it bases on two helpful Libraries for Java: UnfoldingMap and Processing which give you a hand with building your own app at the end of course.

So i got perfect expirience to making my own Java application by using external Libraries and became more confident in my abilities. Thank you teachers and see you in th e next course!

創建者 Alysha V


The instructors are clearly very passionate and skilled at teaching. The course is well structured. They combine lectures, quizzes, concept challenges, real-world examples, extra support videos, sample code, etc, etc, etc... altogether, it's an effective and supportive learning environment. While the exact technology being used here is quite outdated now (Java version 8, Applets, etc), which makes the initial IDE setup quite difficult, the positives outweigh the negatives, and I definitely recommend this course.

創建者 Mohammed A S


Very good course , really wonderful instructors , who could deliver the content in a very very professional way .Also , they could help me with the OOP concepts like inheritance and polymorphism in a great way . one more great topic that they touched on , was the algorithm part , this was so important for me .. and they made it so easy for me to understand and think in terms of proficiency and optimum solution . Thank you so much professors for this wonderful content and the professional way you handled it .

創建者 Ayse E G


Excellent course. Some courses that are "object-oriented" start with simple variable declarations and they are extremely boring to work through as there is very little progress in each week. Others assume you know a lot and they are very confusing. This one is very good if you have been exposed to programming before and want to learn object oriented approach. It isn't too easy or hard. Instructors take the time to explain concepts rather than simply using them. Highly recommended.

創建者 Tarit G


Excellent course! The object-oriented programming concepts are explained in very depth and also examples of how to use those are shown. Here I got a hands-on experience about how to design working software and connected different parts to make it a usable software. What I liked most is that this course had some motivational videos to keep the student motivated. I am very thankful to all the instructors, the team helped to make this course and the UC San Diego.

創建者 Arushi G


This course is one of the best programming courses/resources I have used. Most will only teach syntax, especially for those at a beginner level. This was the first resource I found that took the syntax knowledge and showed me how to use that to actually create a useful application. For students at that awkward level where they have learned enough syntax to make basic small programs but can't figure out where to go from there, this course is absolutely perfect!

創建者 Nicol�s R S D


Great course! I highly recommend it. Topics very well handled. Perfect evaluations, carefully thought through. The only thing that I would change, is making the pier-reviewed final part optional and non-graded, I had to wait several days to get enough reviews to get the course completed, and from experience in other moocs, peer-grading sometimes is a bigger problem than that. I already started the next course in the program, loving it so far as well! Cheers!

創建者 Krishna Y


The course is insightful and intuitive. The professors have done a great job. If you are already a programmer in some other language, you might find some topics a bit primitive but the project that is at the end of the module should be a good exercise even for the experienced programmers. And, to recreate the entire project on your own would be a great exercise. It will also gear you up nicely for the next course in the specialization.

創建者 Aditya J


Good course on object oriented programming. The topics are well organized and presented.

The only small problem is the Java application that needs to be worked upon for the course exercises. It is based on applets and needs Java 8, which lead to challenges in setting up the development environment for first time learners. It would be better if the course material was updated to use an application that works on recent Java versions.

創建者 Зацерковний В Ж


I really liked this course, I liked the teachers, and the way they explained, I am very grateful that they gave me access to financial assistance in connection with the war in my country, thanks to this course I learned a lot, writing the first program with a graphical interface, adding markers, setting up interactivity in the application, class inheritance, polymorphism, data sorting, and sorting types, writing correct algorithms

創建者 Dong C


Really good stuff to learn! Java & Algorithms used to be headache to me, cuz many concepts are involved and I don't know ever how pieces of codes work together in Java. While the course itself is project-based, I do not feel tired anymore and I am really interested!! Though the project seems tough sometimes, overall it is really an excellent experience for me and I really recommend this course to all of those who struggle in Java!

創建者 Roberto Z


Pefrect course for beginners like myself. Everything was really well explained but not too slow either, the way things were presented was easy to follow, but also interesting; touching subjects close to real life problems we might encounter. Last, but not the least (on contrary), lecturers were really easy to listen, they explained everything well, but the feeling wasn't too strict or overly professional. It was a joy. :)

創建者 nick b


great introduction to some java and CS fundamentals (the reason I (and others probably) are taking the class). I like how the project gets you to look at real code, not "baby code" with only a car class and some type of extension of that class. Here you get to actually incorporate/use data and analyze and display it on a map. And the extension part of the project lets you explore and have fun with java and the project

創建者 Garmastewira


Easy to comprehend, full of examples, a lot of challenges, excellent teachers, and everything! I love this course's programming assignments as those assignments show me directly the "real" application of each week's topic.

The most extremely valuable thing that I got from this course is that I now can read documentation properly. I thought that reading documentation is tedious, but now I know that it is very fundamental.

創建者 Markos M T


This course is an amazing introduction to Java programming, OOP and using libraries. It was fulfilling both on the practical and theoretical side. One of the amazing things the instructors did was emphasizing on the importance of using documentation and available libraries throughout the course project and how this would make us able to build amazing software simply without re-inventing the wheel.

創建者 Konstant K


Christine, Mia and Leo - you are absolutely fantastic!

To convey programming concepts with such enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism! The course is well designed and planned. The assignments are very interesting and actual. I would definitely recommend this course in my professional circles and to my friends.

Thank you very much!

In pleasurable anticipation of your next course. Thank you.

創建者 Yuri A P


Fantastic course that does exactly what the tutors say. You feel challenged all the way without ever feeling overwhelmed, and the projects are so much fun to do. I just finished my degree in Computer Engineering and this course filled so many gaps in what I already knew. Congratulations to the MOOC team and UC San Diego for creating this amazing course and specialization. You guys rock!

創建者 Henoke K S


Blown away by this course. Hands down the best I've taken on Coursera and in the running for best course ever. The manner in which the professors taught and tested us through the Concept challanges really clicked with me. Kind of wish I went here for undergrad. UC San Diego courses haven't dissapointed me so far. I am really excited for the next one in the specialization.

創建者 Sulaiman B


It's one of the best online courses I've ever found online with useful content that covers all the essential materials that one would need as a Java programmer. The instructors have invested so much time and effort to give you a thorough understanding to confront and solve the challenges that you might face while using object oriented programming approach in Java.

創建者 Manuel M G


Great course, especially if you have some background in programming. With a lot of help from the lectures you develop a real life proyect since week 1, which is pretty awesome. The instructors' explanations are clear and simple. I had never had any contact with Java before and I feel like I have learned a lot. Thank you so much for this course!

創建者 Sergio


Excellent course! 100% recommended!

Despite I had a strong background in computing and I found it a little bit easy, I really enjoyed the lectures and programming assignments and I have learned some interesting stuff.

In my case, I know how to program but I have coded in Matlab for too long. So I am finding the whole specialization very useful.

創建者 Seth H


Interesting project, great pacing. The lectures are well designed and presented. The additional videos (quick interviews with industry vets, students figuring out a selection of code) are useful to reinforce understanding. Most of the knowledge here transfers smoothly (with syntax adjustments) to other languages and stacks, such as C#.