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學生對 特拉维夫大学 提供的 现代中东的兴起 - 第 I 部分 的評價和反饋

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This course will review the emergence of the modern Middle East from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, at the end of the First World War to the present. We will discuss the Ottoman legacy in the region and the Western imperial impact on the creation of the Arab state system. The course will review the rise and retreat of Arab nationalism, the problems of internal cohesion of the Arab states, issues of religion and state, and the evolution of Islamist politics. We will also focus on the evolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict and its impact on the region and will conclude with an in depth analysis of the “Arab Spring” by placing these contemporary revolutionary events in their historical context. Please note that there is a second part to this course which is a direct extension of this part. We highly recommend to continue to the second part after you finish this one (



Sep 11, 2016

I really like the professor and his narration, quite engaging and interesting course. The only suggestion I have is to improve the quizzes with more analytical rather than fact-based questions.


Apr 30, 2016

An excellent introduction to the formation of what we know as the Middle East. This course offers great insight and context into this area, its peoples, cultures, economy, and politics.


101 - 现代中东的兴起 - 第 I 部分 的 125 個評論(共 178 個)

創建者 Dilshod M

Feb 18, 2017

Very good explaining

創建者 Eden H

Dec 26, 2015

Great course! I would have preferred quizzes at the the end of every lesson, however.

創建者 Bárbara T

Jul 14, 2017

I like!

創建者 Katie E

Oct 31, 2016

I learned a ton in this course. I have a much more solid foundation for understanding religious differences, issues with national borders/geography, and conflicts between religious rule and secularism.

創建者 Armin E

Jan 31, 2016

I thought it was a great course, very well produced, rhetorically excellent. I very much enjoyed learning and I think I profited in my understanding of Middle Eastern affairs.

創建者 Deborah C

May 19, 2016

Thorough, insightful and taught with passion, this course gave me the understanding of the middle east conflict that I was looking for. They say experts can explain a complicated subject and make it feel simple and easy to understand and that is what Prof. Susser did with this course. Truly a "do not miss" course for any level if you want to gain insights into the history or get a simple and real understanding of the modern middle east. Really a great course.

創建者 Oscar D

Jan 30, 2017

Excelente curso. Vale la pena tomarlo. Esperando la segunda parte.

創建者 simon c

Apr 21, 2016

Full of information, great analysis, suitably detailed. A great personal touch as well. This requires attention and thought as a good course should. Highly recommended.

創建者 Anna R

May 14, 2017

Very interesting and in-depth course on the history and past of the Middle East. Professor Susser is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explains the reasons behind the strategics movements and their impact on society and development.

創建者 Emmett B

Jul 08, 2017

This course provided me exactly the level of detail and information I was hoping for regarding an understanding of the history of the middle east.

創建者 Радослава Н

Jan 28, 2018

Amazing course! Thank you for the interesting topics and point of view!

創建者 Rodrigo H S

May 13, 2017

Excelente curso, ayuda a comprender de mejor forma la conformación del oriente medio moderno. Además de llegar a conocer cuales fueron las consecuencias de la primera guerra mundial dentro de Medio Oriente.

創建者 shahera s

Sep 22, 2017

Thank you very much for your helpful information. I hope that there will soon be courses in order to teach the Hebrew language

創建者 Bárbara M

Feb 13, 2018

It is an interesting, entertaining course that manages to stimulate interest in research about different elements that make up the history of the Middle East. I suggest that in future revisions the number of specialized readings to study in contrast to the videos be increased. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Excellent the effort of the creators of the course.

創建者 Karen B

Sep 25, 2017

Excellent professor, clear and very informative.

創建者 Kevin H

Nov 06, 2017

This is one of the most factual, organized, and well presented courses I've seen so far on coursera.

創建者 Ilanka

Jan 06, 2018

Great course. Concise and informative.

創建者 Agnes L

Mar 17, 2018

Really great course with a lot of really interesting information and datas. I would have liked it to be longer! Thank to the teacher!

創建者 Muhammed A

Apr 16, 2017


創建者 Ahmed D

Nov 17, 2017

Professor Susser is an excellent tutor - His presentation of the course was outstanding, making the course extremely exciting and a joy to undertake. I look forward to doing Part II. Honored to attend Professor Susser's lectures.


Mar 09, 2017


創建者 MHW

Jul 24, 2017

What a clear, didactic and balanced discussion about such a difficult topic ! Thank you !

創建者 Michael K

Jun 28, 2018

Extraordinarily helpful course. Impossible not to be impressed by Professor Susser's knowledgeable and even-handed treatment of the final century of the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East resulting from the end of World War I. Very much looking forward to Part II of the course.

創建者 Atílio A M

Mar 29, 2017

Excellent! A comprehensive view of Middle East .

創建者 Arturo B

Jun 14, 2017

Excelente introducción, recomendado