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學生對 特拉维夫大学 提供的 现代中东的兴起 - 第 I 部分 的評價和反饋

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This course will review the emergence of the modern Middle East from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, at the end of the First World War to the present. We will discuss the Ottoman legacy in the region and the Western imperial impact on the creation of the Arab state system. The course will review the rise and retreat of Arab nationalism, the problems of internal cohesion of the Arab states, issues of religion and state, and the evolution of Islamist politics. We will also focus on the evolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict and its impact on the region and will conclude with an in depth analysis of the “Arab Spring” by placing these contemporary revolutionary events in their historical context. Please note that there is a second part to this course which is a direct extension of this part. We highly recommend to continue to the second part after you finish this one (



Sep 11, 2016

I really like the professor and his narration, quite engaging and interesting course. The only suggestion I have is to improve the quizzes with more analytical rather than fact-based questions.


Apr 30, 2016

An excellent introduction to the formation of what we know as the Middle East. This course offers great insight and context into this area, its peoples, cultures, economy, and politics.


76 - 现代中东的兴起 - 第 I 部分 的 100 個評論(共 178 個)

創建者 Richard M

Mar 10, 2017

Great, detailed history of the middle east. Easy to grasp, well delivered. An excellent course

創建者 Krzysztof N

Jan 08, 2016

Very informative course, instructor was great and very thorough. I missed some way to review most important events and dates quickly.

創建者 Joy S

Jun 04, 2017

super informative

創建者 Brad A

Jan 12, 2016

Professor Susser organized a very well done course on a topic with very complex regional dynamics. In addition, the notes for each module were excellent!

創建者 Olga T

Jan 12, 2018

Very interesting course. Thank you.

創建者 Jack G

Sep 14, 2016

Excellent Class. I enjoyed it. Very in-depth and challenging!

創建者 Sencer T

Oct 27, 2017

It was a unique course on its field...

Thanks for academic insight:)))

創建者 Therese R

Sep 30, 2016

A superb in depth study!

創建者 Thomas E

Nov 25, 2015

Very interesting! I am glad I can now follow par II

創建者 Miriam C G R

Sep 29, 2016

Es un curso que se ve muy interesante y me gustaría poder continuarlo. Desgraciadamente mi obstáculo para esto es el idioma. Aunque los vídeos están subtitulados las lecturas que dejan son en inglés. Mi conocimiento de inglés es muy bajo y tardaría muchísimo en leer los documentos. Espero pronto mejorar este aspecto y para entonces siga este curso para poderlo tomar.

Muchas gracias.

創建者 Filipa M

Oct 29, 2016

This course is a great beginning for those that are interested in the situation of the Middle East or curious about what happened with the Ottoman Empire. The professor was very informative! While the information was a lot, it was presented in an accessible way and it did not feel overwhelming.

創建者 Miriam l

Dec 27, 2016

I strongly recommend this course to all those who are curios about Modern Middle East history or simply love Arab culture. To me, this is a very in-depth course which need to be accompanied by extra readings to have a more complete picture in mind. I'm going to take the secon

創建者 Bobrov M

Feb 19, 2017

Кратко, информативно, полезно.

創建者 Daniela

Jan 28, 2016

Very interesting and with very clear explanations.

It left me eager to learn more!

創建者 Fabián V A

Jan 19, 2016

Excellent lectures! An in-depth look at the subject handled in a very understandable way.

創建者 Antoine C

Jun 16, 2017

I recommend this course, very informative. Very good overview of

創建者 Joseph C

Nov 24, 2015

Excellent course! Very informative. I am looking forward to Part II.

創建者 刘硕辰

Nov 27, 2015

The course offers great ideas to me instead of facts that can be easily checked. All history are contemporary history. Ideas shape and change the socitey.

創建者 Melissa J H

Jan 09, 2017

This course was a wealth of information. I was a history major in college, yet not much of this information was ever presented to me. I am so happy to finally be able to understand some of the reasons behind the current difficulties in the Middle East.

創建者 Michael K

Jan 27, 2016

Excellent course. Joined so many dots for me. So informative and accessible.

創建者 Ananth M A

Aug 22, 2016

Excellent course. Highly recommended.

創建者 Cristina C

Nov 29, 2016

Clear and enlightening - thank you!

創建者 Kyle C

Jun 09, 2017

This course taught me more about the Middle East than anything I encountered in my undergraduate education. I feel like this should be a mandatory class in US colleges to explain the middle east to an otherwise ignorant populace (counting myself in this as well). This class was worth everything for explaining the differences between Arabs and Non-Arabs, the different sects of Islam, and why many middle eastern cultures object to foreign or Western influence.

創建者 Amber D

Apr 11, 2016

Course was thorough and informative. I entered with no knowledge about the History of the Middle East and now have a solid base of understanding to further delve into the subject. Professor is clear and the lectures are well organized. I'm honestly surprised at how much information I was able to retain on the taught subjects. Take this course! You'll be glad you did.

創建者 Bertold K

May 11, 2016

Interesting and educational course