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With marketers are poised to be the largest users of data within the organization, there is a need to make sense of the variety of consumer data that the organization collects. Surveys, transaction histories and billing records can all provide insight into consumers’ future behavior, provided that they are interpreted correctly. In Introduction to Marketing Analytics, we introduce the tools that learners will need to convert raw data into marketing insights. The included exercises are conducted using Microsoft Excel, ensuring that learners will have the tools they need to extract information from the data available to them. The course provides learners with exposure to essential tools including exploratory data analysis, as well as regression methods that can be used to investigate the impact of marketing activity on aggregate data (e.g., sales) and on individual-level choice data (e.g., brand choices). To successfully complete the assignments in this course, you will require Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Excel, you can download a free 30-day trial here:



Very useful. I highly recommend it. Great Excel exercises, many ways to practice it and learn it.\n\nProfessor Schweidel is remarkable and makes complicated topics clear and easy!


The last 2 video lectures: Customer Valuation Excel Demonstration and Inventory Management Excel Demonstrationm were very well explained and taught me something new and useful.


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創建者 Lisa F


Some errors in the assignment formulas and the videos didn't cover all the material that appeared on the assignments.

創建者 Rishabh J


The course is too tough for one to understand just by itself.

The learner is assumed to know too many things.

創建者 Cynthia K


No explanation nor corrections for assignement. Teacher lacks didactic skills.

創建者 OMmatic G


Merkwürdiger Kurs, die ersten drei Wochen eher trivial, dann in der 4. Woche plötzlich Mathe, da schlackern einem die Ohren. Niveau ungefähr Universität Höher Mathematik IV. Das ganze verpackt in ca. 25 Minuten Video. Ohne Worte.

Wenn man im Forum prüfen will wie andere damit zurechtkommen finden sich unbeantwortete Einträge von vor drei Jahren mit demselben Thema. Die finden sich aber auch nur, weil sonst in dem Kurs/Forum gähnende Leere herrscht. Ebenso betteln Studenten, dass sie endlich ihr Assignment korrigiert bekommen, aber niemanden interessiert es.

創建者 Matt K


There are questions on quizzes that are not covered in the materials. There is little to no professor or support responses to critical questions posted in the discussion forums. The lecturer seems hurried and bored in covering some pretty heavy topics that require more detail. People submitting questions point out that some of the videos are shorter than the lecture notes, so it seems content is missing.

創建者 Ajay V


This course was very good but I'm disappointed with the peer-graded assignment system as most of people don't review others' assignments honestly. Due to that, it took so long to get the certificate. If somebody gives you the wrong grades, no option is left for you. You have to submit it again and wait for it to get checked by some honest person.

創建者 Essam A G


The instructor does not explain in detail esp. math formulas and I have to go to YouTube to get extra info. I have almost got all the info from external YouTube videos . The istructor is almost giving headlines and is extremely giving a brief summary of the topics

創建者 Siddhivinayak S


Not a very easy course for a beginner. The peer-review assignment feature makes sure that the completion of course and earning certificate will take huge time. Not recommended for someone who wants to learn in simple terms and in a short span of time.

創建者 Simon P d G


the course is just not a course, it's a learn by yourself