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With marketers are poised to be the largest users of data within the organization, there is a need to make sense of the variety of consumer data that the organization collects. Surveys, transaction histories and billing records can all provide insight into consumers’ future behavior, provided that they are interpreted correctly. In Introduction to Marketing Analytics, we introduce the tools that learners will need to convert raw data into marketing insights. The included exercises are conducted using Microsoft Excel, ensuring that learners will have the tools they need to extract information from the data available to them. The course provides learners with exposure to essential tools including exploratory data analysis, as well as regression methods that can be used to investigate the impact of marketing activity on aggregate data (e.g., sales) and on individual-level choice data (e.g., brand choices). To successfully complete the assignments in this course, you will require Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Excel, you can download a free 30-day trial here:



Very useful. I highly recommend it. Great Excel exercises, many ways to practice it and learn it.\n\nProfessor Schweidel is remarkable and makes complicated topics clear and easy!


The last 2 video lectures: Customer Valuation Excel Demonstration and Inventory Management Excel Demonstrationm were very well explained and taught me something new and useful.


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創建者 Arjun S


an excellent start to marketing analytics

創建者 Saragirley U H


Was a great oportunitty for learning.

創建者 Lubana A


A lot of excel exercises to learn.

創建者 Riccardo C


Good and hands on training

創建者 Ramil N


It was a useful course

創建者 Jin M


Useful and Insightful

創建者 Sajan R


I love this course.

創建者 Fairoos N


Very good course

創建者 Mahdi T C


love this course




創建者 Jimmy A



創建者 Sundus J



創建者 Christine M


I would have liked more discussion of theory behind what the formulas were and, actually, using slicers for data so that clients couldn't "break" the file unintentionally. Otherwise, it was a good basic course, a little too dependent on showing Excel rather than saying why something worked (IF clauses are a good example here, cutting and pasting formulas is not as helpful to my personal learning style as just explaining the rationale behind them.)

創建者 Darya Y


The content is extremely valuable and was delivered in a very good way fully engaging the learners!

One thing I would improve in future is the time assessment for the assignments and reading - some took me way longer than suggested and others way shorter. In addition it would be nice to have the workload distributed eavenly along the weeks not pushing the most timeconsuming assignments to the last stage.

創建者 Asma A


It was an amazing course. But i found some of the statistical models difficult to understand so needed to go back and review my statistics a bit to grapple with it. Overall, a brilliant course.

創建者 Cherigui I


Instructive, sometimes the teachers jumps several steps ahead without evident reason or refers to concepts that he didn't introduce in the course.

創建者 Steffen M


Great content and examples. Sometimes, the theoretical background could be explained more comprehensively in the lectures.

創建者 Isabelle P


Some notions introduced too fast and with little explanations. Overall very interesting and applicable.

創建者 Tiago J V S


Had to adapt some formulas to my Excel version, otherwise. Very clearly explained!

創建者 John M


Good learning experience

創建者 Moayyad Y


content is great and direct to the point. But 2 disappointing factors could have been avoided to make this course perfect

1- sound is almost in one ear which can make you feel dizzy if you are using headset.

2- instructor is reading everything like a robot. Very fast , no passion or whatsoever.

I guess 3 stars is fair enough.

創建者 Meredith W


This course is extremely heavy on statistical formulas, that without a solid foundation prior, makes it a hard course to grasp the execution. I got some good take aways for theories and methods, but can't say I'm confident in conducting the formulas associated with them.

創建者 Jubaer I L


The course was meaningful. Although, some statistical topics in the video should've been elaborately explained for generalized learners. And there was a subtitle dysfunction in one of the videos. other than those, the course was very informative. thanks.

創建者 Sifat U


While the content and learnings were insightful, a lot of self-learning (form youtube, other forums) had to be done to complete this course. The instructor's delivery method needs A LOT of improvement.

創建者 Steve Y


I wish solutions for probabilities related questions were very detailed, for people who are still learning statistics, or forgot.