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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 基因组技术基础 的評價和反饋

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This course introduces you to the basic biology of modern genomics and the experimental tools that we use to measure it. We'll introduce the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and cover how next-generation sequencing can be used to measure DNA, RNA, and epigenetic patterns. You'll also get an introduction to the key concepts in computing and data science that you'll need to understand how data from next-generation sequencing experiments are generated and analyzed. This is the first course in the Genomic Data Science Specialization....




It was well taught. I liked the fact the two professors focused on two different subjects- biology and statistics portion of this course. The paragraphs written below each video was extremely helpful.



Relatively nice introduction course, contents are maybe rather limited, yet as an instructive course, it does provide a clear overview which correlates well with the required answers for the quizzes!


126 - 基因组技术基础 的 150 個評論(共 626 個)

創建者 Matthew A S


Fantastic overview. Really love the statistical emphasis and examples, these are critical scientific things many people seem to miss.

創建者 Tran N H


A useful course that hepls me to upgrade my knowledge about Computational Biology. I hope to be studied some courses like that!!

創建者 Aditi B


It was highly informative, engaging and as this is a field that I wish to pursue in the future, it was a treat for me. Thank you.

創建者 Bill G


Great Course, well explained and enjoyable material. Professors are engaging and well articulate the desired information. Thanks!

創建者 Nelson A


Excellent course. It can be very useful even for beginners. Although introductory, it manages to offer a good depth of concepts.

創建者 Brian S


T​he instructors really did a great job explaining things in as simple of terms as possible, I feel like I really learned a lot.



Un curso muy completo donde el único y principal objetivo, es que el alumno (en mi caso) aprenda y aplique nuevos conocimientos.

創建者 Kerry A


A great introduction for newcomers and a nice refresher for those with experience. Good equiliser and good start to the course.

創建者 Mahnoor N


This course was bsolutely worthfull and informative for me. I have learnt alot about gene sequencing. human genome project.

創建者 Gilson B d J


Excellent course!

I only regret one thing, not to explore Genomica's part any more, I think a deepening would greatly enrich.

創建者 Shiyu_Zeng


I have reviewed the basic knowledges of biology in this lesson. I think it was great to take this class. Thank you so much.

創建者 Lee S


A nice introduction to the topic. Some background experience will be needed as the information is reviewed quite quickly.

創建者 Cheolsoon I


Great course but some explanation in biology is a bit hard to follow. A more detailed explanation would be much better.

創建者 Ricardo A L L


Muy educativo e ideal para introducirse a la genómica de datos y aplicación de nuevas tecnologías en análisis genómico

創建者 Sudarshan G


Thank you so much for such a wonderful course. I really got an opportunity to learn genomic technologies from scratch.

創建者 Fernando H


This is an excellent introductory course, it teaches very complicate concepts in a way that it is easy to understand.

創建者 Jayendra S


Brilliant course. Explanations are as lucid as they can be. Instructors are amazingly captivating and enthusiastic.

創建者 Oyedele A


Quite interesting and educating for both beginner and intermediate. It places a good foundation for genomic study.

創建者 Anuradha P


it a well defined to the point course which provides an insight into why and what genomic data analysis is about

創建者 Michelle C


The instructors were incredibly fun and engaging! The material was built well and I enjoyed taking the course :)

創建者 Davide A


Very nice introductive course to understand the basis of genomic tecnologies spanning from biology to statistics

創建者 Carolina A


Good revision material. Since it is introductory it was really easy but it is good idea to refresh the concepts.

創建者 Sabrina A


This course is an excellent introduction to Genomics. The classes are easy to follow and the material is great.

創建者 Melissa M


A very concise but comprehensive overview of what to expect in the Genomic Data Science specialization course.

創建者 Mustafa A


This course is a great introduction to python, and probably helpful for anyone who doesn't know much genetics.