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Communication has changed! The traditional rules for speaking and presenting, meeting coordination, influencing people, negotiating and selling ideas no longer apply in a world of skype, messenger, video and teleconference. This course will act as an overview on several concepts each of which could be a course of their own and our goal is to give you tools that you can practice and perfect on your own. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Apply communication principles and techniques for in-person and virtual teams • Use a science based approach to create impactful presentations • Refine your communication style to better persuade and influence others • Run more effective and impactful meetings • Incorporate strategies to have positive difficult conversations and make people feel valued and listened to *** This course will require you to record yourself speaking. Therefore you must have a phone/computer with a functional camera and microphone.*** WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Anyone looking for professional and/or leadership development. This class mainly uses examples from the professional, business environment. If you are looking to advance at your current organization or to enhancing your personal value for potential employers this course is for you. WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE EFFECTIVE? Many educational experiences describe and explain, but in this course we will apply and demonstrate. We teach practical and proven concepts, show you how to apply them and give you opportunities to practice them in a safe and supportive environment. This course is full of opportunities to put the ideas presented into practice and test their effectiveness for yourself. WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE THIS COURSE? We will challenge the preconceived ideas about what it means to be part of a virtual team, and support you to be a dynamic team contributor no matter where you work. In this course you can expect to be both energized and uncomfortable – like in most experiences that result in positive growth and change! This course is offered through the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (



I love this course. It's broken down to simple bits which makes it easy to understand. I didn't like the polls that pop up in the videos but that's just a small thing compared to the value I received.


Communication Strategies transformation is going to be the backbone of all organizations and the pandemic has simply accelerated this shift. This is a MUST course for everyone. 5Star's for this... :)


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創建者 Mansi B


This course is amazing. It helped me a lot and made me realize the things I was lacking earlier and didn't even know. I have learned ample of things from this course and will definitely use all the skills that I have learned in my professional career. Thank You !

創建者 Shubham J


This is nice session it is more beneficial for us. communication strategies for virtual age is most important in anyone future. Thank you the University Of TORONTO to providing such excellent information and we will use those all key point in our daily routings.

創建者 Antonio B


In general, an organization is based on the subject and treatment according to a given decision logic.

Using the best form of communication can allow for continuous improvement. This course made me realize this. I did a good job and deserved the positive result.

創建者 Rafael A


This is a very good way to understand the way we communicate in the actuality, I learned a lot and the instructor is great , I am looking forward to came back and continue growing in the different fields that you offer thank you it was a great experience.

創建者 Silvia C


El curso es muy bueno realmente recomendable y se aprende mucho!, creo que al elegir la opción gratis ya no deberían aparecer las pagadas y dar el curso como 100% a excepción de que uno solicite la compra, así uno también puede estar seguro que completo.

創建者 Sarthak P


It was really worth opting this course because there is a lot to learn from here and yes it is totally based on today's world and will help you to deal with it.

At last I'm really thankful to coursera team to make this course free of cost.

Thank to all !

創建者 Veronica N S A


An exceptionally well curated course to become an expert in Communication Skills with fun activities to complete and the best part is peer graded assignment. The trainer Ivan is awesome and throughout the course he kept it engaging. Great course !!!!!!

創建者 Jacklyn L


A very good and hand-on course. You can't pass unless you practice what you have learnt. I gained a lot of information in this course and it really challenge and push my limit. Thank you Instructor, University and Coursera for giving me an opportunity.

創建者 Manassa S


Excellent course!! Didn't even feel like I was doing a course because it was that enjoyable 😆 Prof. Ruiz's expressions and quirks made it so much fun! Not to mention the tons of useful information given concisely! Thank you so much for this course 💜

創建者 Jyoti R M


A wonderful course, providing the real requirement for an effective presentation.

I personally liked few things- Area 47, BLUF and GOS which can be used in business presentation.

And the communication methodologies for different types of individuals.

創建者 Nazni B


I am very happy with this course. and all the learnings are very valuable. I am sure it will be useful for me in my personal and professional life. thank you so much Ivan sir for your very well explained. thank you so much coursera for this course.

創建者 Arpit S


Ivan is one of the best trainers; I came across ever!

A brilliant speaker; engaging right from the word go till the very end!

Course Module is also impeccably designed and delivers in the best of spirits; fulfilling all the objectives of the course.

創建者 Lim J H


Thank you, Mr Ivan Ruiz, for providing this course. I have learnt several useful tools from your presentation and the manner you have applied throughput your lectures. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to improve their communication skills.

創建者 Mahtab M


The design and delivery of the course are perfect. As an academic, this course will help me to design my lectures and deliver them, as we are shifting to an online class module. Thanks to the instructor for making the course extremely enjoyable.

創建者 Jodi H


I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot of useful things I can use in my work. I also now have a number of resources that I can reference through the books and websites that were referenced in the course. I would recommend to others.

創建者 Jorge F



Both the speaker and the content are really great. I encourage all people to take this program, nowadays is mandatory to master these kind of skills. Ivan is also charismatic and maintain engagement of the audience all the team.

創建者 Maria P R


The speaker was very engaging. He was able to engage as if we were in a direct conversation. The content was also concise and I found it especially helpful that when tips are given there are actual examples on how they can be demonstrated.

創建者 Tamar T


I did not think that I could hear something new about communication topic, but apparently this course offered some very useful and new tools for effective communication as in virtual as in real communication practices. Thank you very much.

創建者 Vishesh S


This was a really interesting course, you learn how to tackle different people in your work environment, communicate virtually in an effective way, I also learnt about new concepts and how you can give a presentation by incorporating them.

創建者 cherie h


Very good course overall, though a few links didn't work and there were a few mistakes. For example, one quiz is like this "How can we BEST summarize what we have learned so far in this video?" but there were actually two correct answers.

創建者 Anubha S


The course is good. It has been presented very well under different sections which makes the learning interesting and comprehensible. This will surely help me and other professionals enhance communication strategies in the internet age.

創建者 Santiago M


Excellent guidance, the content is well explained and the final assignment collects everything you have learned during the course. A really good option to improve how you communicate with your team, especially in this times of pandemic

創建者 Khandaker S A


It was a wonderful experience. The course helped me to know about presentation skills as well as professional communication skills. I am glad I enrolled in this course and recommend all students and professionals to join this course.

創建者 Harinee R


Excellent course offered by Coursera. As we are already in the virtual world, this course gave me the confidence of being an effective virtual communicator too. Impressive course delivery by our tutor, Ivan. Thank you very much Ivan!

創建者 Задойный А


Очень интересный курс.

К сожалению, довольно специфичное финальное задание со взаимооценкой (надо сделать презентацию и записать видео, что затруднительно для некоторых), но в целом курс помогает понять КАК происходит взаимодействие.