Getting Started With Facebook Creator Studio

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You'll learn how to manage you business page and content on Facebook creator studio. This will help you interact effectively with your customers.

Clock1.3 hours
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By the end of this project, you will be able to upload, compose and post Facebook content in Creator Studio. Throughout the tasks, You will be able to bulk upload videos from Facebook creator studio and go live from Facebook creator studio. Moreover, You will be able to cross-post videos across multiple Facebook pages and schedule, backdate and set a Facebook posts expiration date and finally you will be able to create and manage Facebook pages in the creator studio. This guided project is for intermediate users of Facebook Business users since we will develop from the basic knowledge of running a Facebook Page. This project will provide you with the ability to identify and practice all of the tools you need to efficiently post, manage and measure content across all of your Facebook Pages in Creator Studio. It also enables you to take advantage of new features that allow you to manage your Facebook business page. Anyone who manages a Page can use Creator Studio, though your Page role determines the specific information you see and the actions you can take.


  • Creator Studio
  • Cross-Posting
  • Backdate
  • Live



  1. Upload, Compose and Post Facebook Content in Creator Studio

  2. Bulk Upload Videos from Facebook Creator Studio and Going Live from Facebook Creator Studio.

  3. Cross-post Videos across Multiple Facebook pages.

  4. Schedule, Backdate and Set a Facebook Posts Expiration Date.

  5. Create and Manage Facebook Pages in Creator Studio.






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