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學生對 西弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Wood Science: Beyond Building 的評價和反饋

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The central question of this course: “why study wood?” If “why study wood” is the question, one answer would be that it is the only raw material available to us that is truly renewable in human life span terms. Wood is as important to society today as it ever was, despite the development of many man-made substitute materials, changing resource availability, and the changing needs of society. Some items on the list of wood products stay the same (lumber, plywood and veneer for building construction, furniture, shipping pallets & crates and other containers & packaging materials, railroad ties, utility poles, chemical feed stocks, etc), but the list also keeps changing to meet new needs and challenges as the resource changes. In short, wood is a far more diverse, green, and renewable resource than you might have imagined. Join us to learn about the important role of wood in human history, civilization, and our future. By the end of the course, learners will be able to: - describe wood as a raw material and its critical importance to the world economy, and the lives of the people that make that economy work. - identify the projected trend for wood consumption to continue to grow in the coming years, despite the image of wood as a "low tech" material. - identify the ways in which wood's properties can lead to its efficient and sustainable use. -identify wood's positive role in boosting the world economy and ability to lead to unexpected vocations....



I am glad that I took this informative course. This course is useful to each and every people irrespective of their academic background and interests. It is good course regarding wood and its uses.


As a Civil Engineering student, this course has been very helpful for me. I do recommend to have this course in order to get the basic concept of wood science and its use as a building material.


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創建者 Ogreits


Great content. I would like to suggest diving deeper into some of the North American silviculture practises and forestry operations as well as roundwood measurement and sawmill business. That could be a nice insight for the forest industry people here in Europe. Thank you for your work and I'm looking forward to the next "Wood Science & Forestry" course.

創建者 tommaso b


In my opinion the course is very interesting. One reason is that it gives you insights into a topic which is not normally in the mainstream. Also it is strongly connected with social, economical and environmental themes. I would recommed the course to anybody interested in the world of wood production, use and the links to nowadays impacts on economics.

創建者 Minka G


The course content is very variated and nicely balanced. Issues from multiple areas of the world are discussed, as well as different uses. I especially enjoyed the perspectives of the guitar builder.

The audio and video differ a lot in quality, sometimes leading to barely being audible.

創建者 CM L


Well done! Lots of useful information and to learn about how to make good use of wood that build into products. Lecturers have provided many examples and elaborations with wood samples really make learning more fun.

創建者 Toni K


Great advanced course in wood science! Fits best for the person with at least basic knowledge of timber and use of it. If you are a newbie with timber, no problem; you'll get the point and maybe some great ideas.

創建者 Sagiraju L P


The course was really informative to me. As a civil engineering student I could know the importance of the most important building material I. E wood and it's types and uses and it's climatic conditions etc.

創建者 Helen


I like course very much. Nice to see and hear proffesionals. I want more information about Forest/Wood plantation managment in the future. A big intrigue was put in the course. Recomended.

創建者 Andrew H


Several of the links were dead, but other than that, great information in a very easy to follow manner. I especially enjoyed the questions during the video. Those helped tremendously.

創建者 Md M N K


The audio quality of voice during the presentation videos were not very clear. Sometimes not clearly audible as well. But the content was good anyways. Got to know many things.

創建者 Alistair M


Fun and interesting course for anyone who deals with lumber or wood products. it really piqued my interest in the wood industry and makes me want to learn more. Thanks.

創建者 Dana C


Very informative. Production value lower than what I've previously seen in other courses but it seems to work for this course, and give it an underlying charm.

創建者 Ebru T


sound and video quality was not always good, the subjects were repeated many times however it is a enjoyable course anyway

創建者 Christina M


A lot of excellent information. I especially enjoyed the guitar makers videos and the experiment with veneer and water.

創建者 Pranil b N


I gotta chance to get info about wood and it's various uses in different fields as well as knowledge of wood materials.

創建者 Rodrigo M A


It is interesting, but I would like to go deeper into the wood industry, new products, new techniques of sylviculture.

創建者 Sebastián B


A very good introduction to several topics related to forestry, wood science and wood industry.



This is a very practicality oriented course, and I have joyfully learnt out of this course.

創建者 Maria H J B


such interesting details about so many different aspects of wood. I like to continue!



This is a very interesting and useful course... Thankyou for teaching with patience

創建者 Muhammad F


Overall course was excellent, except the bad voice quality in some videos.

創建者 Joy S


As a woman, I learned a surprising amount of stuff I never knew before

創建者 Jaime A C S


Good content, lots of topics, but the video can be more engaging



This is a short course but very helpfull

創建者 4홍규민


the courses were interesting for me

創建者 Chiemelie N


Interesting and helpful course