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The central question of this course: “why study wood?” If “why study wood” is the question, one answer would be that it is the only raw material available to us that is truly renewable in human life span terms. Wood is as important to society today as it ever was, despite the development of many man-made substitute materials, changing resource availability, and the changing needs of society. Some items on the list of wood products stay the same (lumber, plywood and veneer for building construction, furniture, shipping pallets & crates and other containers & packaging materials, railroad ties, utility poles, chemical feed stocks, etc), but the list also keeps changing to meet new needs and challenges as the resource changes. In short, wood is a far more diverse, green, and renewable resource than you might have imagined. Join us to learn about the important role of wood in human history, civilization, and our future. By the end of the course, learners will be able to: - describe wood as a raw material and its critical importance to the world economy, and the lives of the people that make that economy work. - identify the projected trend for wood consumption to continue to grow in the coming years, despite the image of wood as a "low tech" material. - identify the ways in which wood's properties can lead to its efficient and sustainable use. -identify wood's positive role in boosting the world economy and ability to lead to unexpected vocations....



I am glad that I took this informative course. This course is useful to each and every people irrespective of their academic background and interests. It is good course regarding wood and its uses.


As a Civil Engineering student, this course has been very helpful for me. I do recommend to have this course in order to get the basic concept of wood science and its use as a building material.


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創建者 Chowdhury Z B Z


As a Civil Engineering student, this course has been very helpful for me. I do recommend to have this course in order to get the basic concept of wood science and its use as a building material.

創建者 CE-LE-079 N


It was very much interesting while listening lecturers.and observing wood science applications in manufacturing different wood based products .this was the best platform to learn new things

創建者 Alexandros C


This course was a wonderful experience in learning about forest - wood - timber - products. Thank you for sharing that knowledge. It is a trip of understanding the wood and it's uses

創建者 qfefe


Content is common knowledge about wood. Excruciating, inaudible, incomprehensible audio. Awful enunciation majority of the videos. I would not recommend it to anyone. All the quizzes are inept, amateurish, repeating the same questions that popped up throughout the videos. Lawrence Osborn specifically was mumbling at Week 2 videos. In week 3's first video, Lawrence Osborn is finely speaking whereas, Jeffery Salhor is whispering. it is evident the conversations or discussions are among them, not to be heard by the student. It is imperative that the production/ technical team need to focus on the sound recording. I muted the videos for week 3, just read the transcripts.

創建者 Briseida J


This course is a great oppontunity to learn and improve about the deep universe of wood science. It explains very well theory and processes with detailed examples and clear schemes. From the architecture point of view is huge tool and a excellent opportunity to understand from the begining his science. Im estactic to had been part of your students in this course. Excellent!!

創建者 Manoj K R


This is very good course. I enjoyed this and the science of wood. How principles of physics works in wood science. I alot of thanks to course instructors and whole team of course they describe the things very practical and easy way.

創建者 Akemi I


I really liked this course in terms of structure, in particular. The quizzes in the video effectively kept me paying attention to the contents and made me better understood the contents of the course. Thank you very much!!!

創建者 Kurian G


Very useful to understand about the American wood industry. Also helps know about some general information about wooden materials and wood itself.

創建者 Volodymyr N


Thanks, for offering this course! Though I've been working with wood at home for some years, I learned a great deal about the wood, ranging from specifics of working with the wood from the different species of trees to the global market and management of the forest. Your corse gives a great incentive go to forward with learnig more and working more with wood, looking at it in bigger depth rather than a conventient material only. Thanks, again!

創建者 Aleksandr S


Many thanks to the professors, organisers and West Virginia University! This course gives an interesting ground for thinking and unusial perspective of the place of wood materials and products in our lives as well as developing critical thinking on building materials' opportunities. Even though, sometimes, lectures are not ideally structured, they produce an incredible and homely atmosphere!

創建者 Daniel M


The course is amazing. It surprised me in terms of content. For having modules I thought it would be simple, but it turned out dense and with a lot of information. The instructors are great. The topics and issues are outstanding. I do recommend this course and I'm proud of me for being completed and gone over all the content.

Thanks for the instructors.

My best regards,

創建者 Francisco L J


it´s a fantastic course , wich gave a chance to understand the importance of wood in different industrial process , besides I could improve my skills about kind of woods , market , moisture , properties of woods , wood products , etc..

I strongly recomend this course for everyone who is intersted to konow more about the matters that I mentioned in this description.

創建者 Marta G B


Great course for anyone getting in touch with wood for the first time; from an academic and also a very practical view. It's amazing to discover the wood potential in environmental and construction terms, and to realize that there is still very much to be done worldwide to protect but also to better manage its production and responsible use. Thank you very much.

創建者 Daniel C


Very useful course. Nicely presented in a well structured way, it gives a global view of wood science. It has links to very interesting resources of books, international associations and technical NASA papers (pretty understandable, in my opinion). It has a great value for the time required. Fully recommended!

創建者 zh


Very helpful in understanding how water and elements affects wood physiology for flooring and deck material. Strength of wood factors for building was covered as well in addition to choices of wood in building applications. Helpful in house maintenance.

創建者 Alejandra F


As one of the materials for sustainable construction, a Civil Engineer needs to know all about it. This course was for me, a great introduction in this amazing world, they give you the general basis of the entire process and life cycle of wood in America.

創建者 Tyler R


This course was amazing! The instructors have so much valuable knowledge to share and they are very personable. It has been a significant factor in my decision to go back to school and pursue a degree. I highly recommend signing up for this course.

創建者 Harry A H


This course opened my eyes to a whole new world. Kind of helps you over the stumbling block to then study yourself further. Loved the honest simplicity of the teachers though it quickly becomes obvious that there is a huge industry behind it.

創建者 ANISHA .


Its really an informative course. I can understand many more things about wood and its properties from this course. I realizes that it will be more effective in my future. Thank u for all the crew who work hard behind this course.

創建者 Eldridge T


I love the explanation from the wood to the forest to the environ and the other different invasive species. I hope a second course about different the usage of wood species, wood products and about forest management can be made.

創建者 Deepak R


Nicely presented in a well structured way,Very useful course. it gives a global view of wood science. It has a great value for the time required. Fully recommended!. It has links to very interesting resources of books.

創建者 Prachi B


It was great to have online classes in Coursera. I'm glad that I'm a part of this community . I like the way they teach us and say minute details. It's great to study Wood Science: Beyond Building here.🙂🙂

創建者 Divya B


I am glad that I took this informative course. This course is useful to each and every people irrespective of their academic background and interests. It is good course regarding wood and its uses.

創建者 Evgenia G


This course will be helpful for everybody! Very interesting, with a lot of facts that make you understand and memorize the main ideas and thoughts. Thanks to West Virginia University!

創建者 Sanmitra D


Course was really helpful, to the point and very much informative. I recommend everyone who are linked with wood directly or indirectly to go through the course, it's really great.