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學生對 罗彻斯特大学 提供的 Introduction to Self-Determination Theory: An approach to motivation, development and wellness 的評價和反饋

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Self-determination theory (SDT) is an empirically based theory of motivation and psychological development that is especially focused on the basic psychological needs that promote high quality motivation and wellness, and how they are supported in social contexts. SDT details how the styles and strategies of motivators such as parents, teachers, coaches, managers, and health-care professionals can promote or undermine engagement and the positive consequences that follow from it. In this course, Professor Richard Ryan, co-founder of the theory, will provide an overview of SDT with special emphasis on how autonomy, competence, and relatedness supports and facilitates behavioral persistence, quality of relationships, and healthy developmental processes, among other topics. He will also discuss the convergence of behavioral phenomenological and neuropsychological aspects of autonomy within SDT research. In addition, he will illustrate practical applications of SDT, with emphasis on educational, work, sport, healthcare and psychotherapy settings....



Amazing course to learn about human motivation, development and wellnes. Also, for getting to know about research and resourses to promote them in different settings like education, sport or work.


This course is very helpful. Once finished you will be able to fully understand the SDT. Richard Ryan is a great speaker. He explained the concepts very well. Thank you for this course!


101 - Introduction to Self-Determination Theory: An approach to motivation, development and wellness 的 125 個評論(共 126 個)

創建者 Sammar M S


It was very interesting, and the teacher was excellent and kept me always looking forward to learning more.

創建者 Thomas N


Interesting subject matter. A bit redundant in places. Could have been done is less time.

創建者 kunjal m


Arduous course but highly fulfilling , loved to complete it,learnt a lot, THANK YOU

創建者 Andrei S


Very interesting and transformative course while the teacher is absolutely amazing!

創建者 Adam B


This course should change the way you look at almost everything. It has for me.

創建者 Mark S


Absolutely outstanding. The best course of its type that I have ever done.

創建者 Eddie C


This course is a great introduction to SDT, highly recommended!

創建者 Lindsey W


Learned quite a bit about this theory and more...

創建者 Tatiana K


Very powerful theory for MarCom top managers.

創建者 Алена Г


Very insightful course, highly recommend!

創建者 Aaryn F


Wonderful course. Genuinely eye-opening.

創建者 Jorge A C J


Learned a lot of neat stuff.

創建者 Miroslav Z


Excellent course

創建者 Inge H


Great course!

創建者 Regina U



創建者 Alex W


I've just stuck to the videos because the readings are inaccessible at my level.

I wish that in the videos, instead of distracting imagery, dot points backing up the narration were used.

Whenever studies were used to support the claims in the videos, graphs were shown of the data. I am in week 4 and still have not seen a graph that I could decipher. This has resulted in me having to lean heavily on the lecturer's decription of the results, in order to understand to material. If the graphs had more accessible language in the indices and the lecturer spent some time explaining to how to read each graph (pointing for instance) while speaking about the results, then I could perhaps understand them and maybe be able to make up my own mind about the findings, instead of having to kind of just take them on blind faith or square them with my reality by leaning heavily on introspection into my own experience.

Having made all these criticisms I still think this course is totally worth it. I'm finding that I'm learning more about studies that I've heard of years ago in managment podcasts, and I'm pleased to be developing a firmer foundation on these topics that I've been interested in for such a long time.

Although SDT maybe just a bunch of theory, I am finding that the way that it conceptualises human behaviour and motivation is meshing really well with what I'm learned in life and work so far, and I'm glad of having this framework to work with, going forward, and excited to see how the field of neuropsychology use it. Furthermore I've discovered some great relevance of this theory to my personal life as a person with ADHD, and am excited to try some of the ideas its given me in my own life, and even share them if I feel they work.

If you take this theory seriously and think deeply on it, you'll find more and more questions come up for you as to the implications of the facts it would seem to reveal. If you find grappling with the questions of human motivation exciting, I'm sure you will enjoy this course.

創建者 Peggy B


This class doesn't grade my quizs so I don't know how I'm doing. I'm doing the free class but all the other free classes I've taken give me the result of my tests so I know if I'm doing ok or not.

Forums suggest that even people who have paid for classes can't get the tests unlocked.

The class itself is very good, I just don't know how I'm doing with it.

創建者 Jeannette F


The amount of studies shared to demonstrate SDTs value was impressive. Overall, the content held my interest and the presentation was very well done. I wish there would have been more examples for how to provide autonomy support and nurture the competency and relatedness components — especially for one's self.

創建者 M. B


Well presented but print narrative is full of typos and wrong info. Why has this not been remedied?

創建者 Xinyuan X


Great lecturer, content can be a bit repetitive at times. Watched the videos on 1.5 playback speed.

創建者 Robert H


Good content, broad range of examples, hard to follow Prof. Ryan as a non-native speaker

創建者 Neo A


Worth it.

創建者 Jane V


I love the theory about it. But I have not enough money to do the paid course. Demotivation about the not completing the week. I did week 1 and 2, but now I can't see the quiz of 2 anymore. It is sad but I will stop. I hope it will be better someday.

創建者 Silviu U


The understanding of the course was a bit complicated and the introductions of to many studies. Furthermore the test were too complicated.

創建者 Richard S


I absolutely loved the course and would like to have finished it.

Biggest problem- you can't take the tests if you are auditing- or at least submit them. And, because you didn't submit them, the course doesn't think you have completed the module. It essentially kicked me out.

Unfortunately, I had work that kept me away for a week when I was on the last module. The system had me re-enroll in a new course because my group had moved on. All fine. Then it would not let me start back where I left off even though it still showed me as completing those modules. The problem was that I did not pay for the quizzes- I'm auditing the course.

Which also pissed me off because Each time I did the quizzes and came to that button where it would not let me submit my answers- well, aggravating. They should tell you in advance so you don't waste your time. The quizzes are hard and I still went through them but didn't bother to mark answers after a while.

So now I'm unable to advance to the last module where I left off, effectively ending the course for me.

And, add to that, even though the Coursera claims to have a chat function- there are no phone numbers or email addresses you can use to contact as a student-the place where they tell you to go chat with someone is just Help Articles.

So: Course Good, Coursera Bad, but-

Having taken many Coursera classes, this is the first one where I was so completely screwed. Every other class has allowed me to take the quizzes and get feedback and I've never had issues with being allowed to re-enter my course where I left off.