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Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman—renowned worldwide as the “father of Positive Psychology”—has led visionary leaps in the scientific research, empirical data and personal understandings of human flourishing. This course explores the past, present and future of positive psychology as a journey through the key scientific leaps led by Dr. Seligman and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center and Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. There are no prerequisites....



Dec 09, 2017

Very self-enhancing. Activities are fun and at the same time a good avenue for learning experiences. Very positive and student engaging. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of this course =)


Aug 26, 2018

Glad to learn lot of experimental positive psychology tools to use in day to day life and helped to practice positive psychology coaching through this course. Thank you Coursera for this opportunity.


201 - Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science 的 225 個評論(共 847 個)

創建者 Agota K

May 13, 2017

Exciting, inspiring course. I have learnt a lot, and I became enthusiastic to learn more about the application of positive psychology. Great course!

創建者 Raphael L

Mar 13, 2018

very important topic should be learned be every one in order to live better and happier

創建者 Enrique F

Mar 01, 2018

Excellent lecturers, material, concepts.

創建者 MujahidHusain J

Oct 07, 2017

A life-changing course. I recommend it to everyone.

創建者 Leonarda M C

Aug 22, 2017

I have spent much time sharing my excitement about this wonderful course given by non-other than the founder of PP, Martin Seligman, Ph.D. Also, there are many good facilitators like Dr. Pawelski who add clear and valued information with many good question

創建者 Alma S

Nov 19, 2017

I loved taking this course! The videos were engaging, as were the articles and quizzes. It was fast paced, but included a great deal of information that was easily absorbed.

創建者 Jeffrey E C

Sep 22, 2017

Great info, I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for scientifically proven ways to increase your well-being.

創建者 Fabio M A

Dec 08, 2017


創建者 Victoria

Nov 22, 2017

This is a really useful course for self-development and for application in daily life and working life. In fact, you can't do a course like this without improving your approach to life in general. In some sense, it packages the kind of stuff you discover through life lessons. That's great news if you're young or worried you've been a slow learner in that department. The benefit of doing a course like this is that you can hopefully avoid some unnecessary trauma and learn from the smaller dramas of life instead. I've found it useful for re-framing my life experiences and moving the wisdom of maturity along just that little bit further. I still pull myself up, from time to time, for taking unproductive mental routes and actions; but that's what it is to be human: we learn until the end, every step of the way.

創建者 Johanna H

Jan 10, 2018

Very interesting!

創建者 Sheena B

Jan 24, 2018

If you want to learn what Positive Psychology is all about.... this is the right place... where you get to lnow what Positive Psychology is from the horse's mouth, i.e. Dr. Seligman! :D :D

創建者 Terry C

Jun 20, 2017

Brilliant. Truly life-changing, if you allow it to be.

創建者 Muhammad U F Q

Feb 01, 2018

This is the most amazing course on positive psychology I have ever had. I have studied lots of books on subject matter from esteemed professors and would like to reflect that course has been wonderfully executed.

創建者 Lingfei S

May 25, 2018

It is a great course. Dr. Seligman started from his own personal experience and offered us a full picture about how he was guided to the theory of positive psychology. From the learned helplessness to the notion of positive psychology, it is helpful to understand the initial ideal of his theory.

創建者 Inka I

Jan 07, 2018

Wonderful, exiting and well-taught course taught by the world leading positive psychologists and pioneers in the field. I am really inspired.

創建者 Najih

Dec 29, 2017

This was a great introduction to positive psychology. I didn't know much about this field until I did this course. Highly recommended.

創建者 Vernon S

Jan 14, 2018

Interesting introduction to Positive Psychology. The course is brief but impactful and I found the exercises and models insightful and useful.

創建者 Penny M A

Sep 24, 2017

I learned about so many possibilities in positive psychology that I opted to pursue the specialization. How wonderful for science and humanity to meet!

創建者 Aditi k

Jun 06, 2018

a very basic and grounded understanding of what it means to look at the world from a different lens of positivity , hope and resilience and making it a better place . Insightful for psychologists to make a shift in their perspective .

創建者 Nicola W

Jul 19, 2017

I learned so much through this course! The material was very interesting and the teachers very inspiring and engaging. I had a lot of fun and feel like I did not only benefit academically, but also personally. Thanks a lot! :)

創建者 Tang T W

May 09, 2017

I have heard about positive psychology, but with this course I am able to learn that this had been carried out in other countries and effect has been scientifically studied; also I have learnt that other fields that are practising this positive psychology and it is impressive.

創建者 Mateja V B

Mar 26, 2018

It has been an amazing journey into the world of positive psychology and more meaningful life.

創建者 Maggie H

Nov 17, 2017

Excellent course! Eye opening. The course has covered many new research findings and useful tips on how to improve well-being. It is a well balance of theoretical base and practical application.

Enjoyable lecture videos too. Prof. Martin Seligman is a great teacher to speak on behalf of the field positive psychology.

創建者 Federico C P

Jun 07, 2018

I have really engaged in this course! I have been applying the apprenticeships in my day to day, sharing them with my wife, in order to improve our relationship and prepare to receive our first daughter. In addition, it has been a very important impulse to continue with my professional development as a teacher and researcher in sports education. I have renewed my commitment to introduce positive psychology in sports education for young people.

創建者 Ying C

Jul 21, 2017

This is an eye-opening course!