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In this course, you will learn how to build your team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and sustain team performance through continuous learning and improvement. Specifically, you will learn best practices for composing a team and aligning individual and team goals. You will also learn how to establish roles, build structures, and manage decision making so that your team excels. This course will also help you manage critical team processes such as conflict resolution and building trust that have a profound impact on your team’s performance. You will discuss some of the best ways to harness the productive potential of teams while mitigating the risks and traps of teamwork. In modern organization, most of work is done in teams, yet the results of teamwork are exceptionally mixed. Many teams are poorly designed and structured, fraught with dysfunctional conflict, experience coordination breakdowns and serious motivation challenges. As a result, many teams fail to realize their potential and frequently underperform even individuals working on similar tasks. After completing this course, you will acquire a set of tools and practices that enable you to effectively set up, run, evaluate, and continuously improve your team. Such insights will both make you a more effective team leader but also a standout contributor in team settings....



This course was really very informative gave me lots of new idea. I decided to create a working environment of mutual trust and respect with my fellows. I recommend this course to my friends as well.


Great course. Everything I learned is applicable to what I'm working on. Great insight and I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying to make their work more enjoyable and fulfilling.


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創建者 Tim M


Very good, practical course on leading teams. As an experienced team leader, I got a lot from the course which will help me more effectively lead teams in the future.

創建者 Stephanie G


This course divided up new information into smaller pieces. I enjoyed the ease of use of the online platform. I enjoyed the lectures paired with the text dictation; and I liked the examples and breakout videos/links. The quizzes were more challenging than expected for me, because of a few trick questions, perhaps. Overall, I liked that they let you go back and try again.

The content was easily applicable immediately to my current position and industry.

創建者 Carlos F G


Amazing content, video lectures and professors expertise, explanation and comments.

I have to recomend this specialization to all my friends and teammates, for sure they will find so many useful insights, techniques and concepts to apply in their job and in some other opportunities in their relationships.

Congratulations to Michigan University!




It was a wonderful experience, having my 1st online course was an incredible, it all about how and what i gained from my teachers, I thank my teachers for giving their best to enhance my credentials. If i plan to do another course, i will surely come back to COURSERA. And i will certainly promote about COURSERA and my experience with my friends.

創建者 Santa R F F


I've always been a leader by nature but there are lots of things that this course have taught me. Failure is a fertilizer for growth is one. I've never really embraced failure before but I would be sure to be more adaptive now based on our successes and failures. Take this course if you want to influence, motivate and lead by example.

創建者 Shazia P


This course was really very informative gave me lots of new idea. I decided to create a working environment of mutual trust and respect with my fellows. I recommend this course to my friends as well.

創建者 Brian N


Absolutely love this course and the whole leading people and teams specialization. The course material is great and the professors teach them very well. Thank you professor Scott and Maxim.

創建者 Srinivasan K


Best course for aspiring managers. Professors are generous to share their unlimited knowledge through out the course. RECOMMEND FOR ALL NEW MANAGERS, TEAM LEADERS to enroll this.

創建者 Gerardo L


This course recall knowledge from other modules, maybe worth to include more content about those other modules for participants that are not enrolled in the entire specialization

創建者 Antonina


The whole specialisation is awesome! Even if you have a business education and experience in management, you will find some interesting insights like i did. Professors are top!

創建者 H.P S P R


I have learned lot from this course and thank you very much conducting this kind of

learning tools to sharp my cleverness. Once again thank you.

Kind regards

Sudath Prasanna

創建者 Gihan I


I found this course by Maxim invaluable with information I can readily apply into the workplace and into my team. The presentation and case studies were great!

創建者 Warren R


Very informative, research backed lessons, I was able to use the lessons learned immediately as a team leader.

創建者 Diego R


Through the course I’ve learned some very useful concepts for thrive an complete and multilevel analysis of the structure, composition and many others formal and informal Team interactions. Now I’ve a set of tools and techniques for analyze and/or design the composition of a Team (the best size for the task, understand the diversity of the team members and if there are some faultlines and how to manage them), how to choose the right strategy for setting goals, using SMART tool.I can be aware of both formal and informal Team Structures as Departmentation, centralization, rewards and virtuality for the formal Team Structure and how to establish and define Roles and norms.This new knowledge will be very usefull in the near future for me because this tools and techniques are simple and could put in use very easily. Also they allow me to understand better the Team intearctions, ther roles and personalities, how to use rewards and structures to enhace creativity. Implement the best practices to transform any Team by allowing the psicological safety to exist and grow and how to create a sustainable team performance.

創建者 Katya H


Really debating between 5 and 3:

5 for awesome material and great instructors on the videos

3 for lack of slides on all the courses of the series and lack of TAs. All the other courses I've taken on Coursera and other platforms always had tremendous TA assistance, not here! Here there is a good student community as usually, but no feedback from professors and no TAs assigned. This is really a big miss.

UPDATE: Thanks to the team dedication!

Now slides are added to this course and Influencing people! 5 star course.

創建者 Dainius M


This is one of those courses which is dense in information and make you not only reflect but also to evaluate if my team is size and structure in a right one, what formal and informal roles my team members have, am I evaluating and rewarding my team in a right way, how to make conflicts a positive thing supporting learning and creativity, does my team diverse enough to achieve our vision and goals? Great great course! Highly recommend!

創建者 Idilia C


I am blown away by the usefulness of the content and the quality of the lessons in this and the other courses of the specialization. Scott and Maxim are incredibly knowledgeable and really gifted teachers! I have learned so much through these courses that the way I approach managing and leading people and teams and even just the way I approach being a team member will be forever changed in better because of it!!

創建者 Vaibhav G


I have to admit this, this was one of the courses that I got through a scholarship from Coursera. And the best course, the University of Michigan had the best content all at one place. While penning down the notes every line seemed important, had to write a lot in the copy. But all was worth it. Every principle every case study in this specialization was more than worth the time I gave for the course.

創建者 Jim B


I would recommend the Leading Teams course to all aspiring leaders, as it is a thorough and well thought-through course over the aspects of leading teams. The instructors seem knowledgeable, and the produced videos and other materials are very good. The assessment really challenges your way of thinking regarding teams, and pushes you to test out new strategies and ideas in future team leadership work.

創建者 S.N.Sasikumar


Very Good Course, During my starting of the my carrier such course are conducted in-house HR Team, now all the course in on-line which help executives to do whenever we have find time we can watch the video and learn. It is an fantastic experience learning the course through On-line.

I love to study On-line course after doing the Coursera Course. Thanks to Coursera Team...

創建者 Genny G


Gracias a los profesores por su explicaciones e investigaciones respectivas al tema, realmente es una gran herramienta para el liderazgo en los equipos, lo recomiendo 100% a los que quieren seguir aprendiendo en el mundo empresarial. Gracias Universidad de Michigan por estos espacios que agregan gran valor a la formación de las personas en el mundo.

創建者 Victor D R L


This is a challenging course and specialization. If you follow the content and make notes be prepared to spend more than 4 weeks in course 4. There are many important details to look at. My experience in general was very good, one of the best set of courses I have done. If you approach this course with an empty mind you will enjoy it even more.

創建者 Muhammad U


Leading Teams Course has greatly helped me to learn the concept of teams including team size, composition, team goals, team structures, managing team dynamics and finally how to set team for performance excellence. I am confident to apply these learnings and feeling more proactive in my approach towards teams. Thanks to our beloved teachers.

創建者 Timothy S


I have gained a lot of insight after taking this course, and redirected my thinking after certain methods that I thought was correct was proven to be the opposite effect through studies. I would recommend this course for any aspiring managers and top level management for the basics of personnel management.

創建者 Dmitry V


This course is most amazing in the specialization, I've learned a lot of very interesting and practical things — seems like knowledge is built up very well in the specialization and you end up truly enlighten. Thanks a lot to all people involved in it's creation, and to Maxim personally!