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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Launching into Machine Learning 的評價和反饋

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Starting from a history of machine learning, we discuss why neural networks today perform so well in a variety of data science problems. We then discuss how to set up a supervised learning problem and find a good solution using gradient descent. This involves creating datasets that permit generalization; we talk about methods of doing so in a repeatable way that supports experimentation. Course Objectives: Identify why deep learning is currently popular Optimize and evaluate models using loss functions and performance metrics Mitigate common problems that arise in machine learning Create repeatable and scalable training, evaluation, and test datasets...



Dec 02, 2018

This is an awesome module. It will open up so much inside story of ML process which is core of the topic with such a simplicity. It greatly increases my interest into this topic and this course :)


Aug 04, 2018

Good course, covering all the basics about machine learning and most importantly, everything that surrounds an ml project and you need to take into account to make your ml project successful.


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創建者 Raghuram N

Apr 27, 2019

Great course. Gradient descent and loss function concepts were explained well.

創建者 Mike W

Jun 22, 2019

The notebook based demos are unfortunately pretty useless as labs. All of these courses would be much improved with real labs that require the student to build the system.

創建者 Matthew B

Jun 17, 2019

wish they teach you more of the programming side of things and knowing exactly what and why to upload different libraries and or show us how to build these in the labs. Not the first ML course, I've taken but some new people may be a bit confused on the python / setting up / sql even if they have a general knowledge to python and sql.

創建者 Snehil S

Jun 15, 2019

Very detailed explanation

創建者 Abdullah K

Jun 15, 2019

some ideas discussed need further elaboration, and there should be a set of slides provided or notes that summarizes the key concepts.

創建者 David N

Jun 14, 2019

Learning the approach was very valuable. The exercises were just copy and paste of a bunch of code that it isn't expect we understand.

創建者 William A R B

Jun 09, 2019

Muy bueno para aprender lo básico del Machine Learning para antes de llegar a programar

創建者 Someron B

Jun 01, 2019

Great course

創建者 chang g k

May 31, 2019

helpful to understand ML conceptually

創建者 Nayanajith P

May 26, 2019

It's Nice

創建者 Feng N

May 14, 2019

Good tutorial with insights to real implementation of ML.

創建者 Paripol T

May 13, 2019

Very nice to understand ML Concept

創建者 Ramees A

May 12, 2019


創建者 Fathima j

May 11, 2019


創建者 Minjae K

May 08, 2019

It was so easy than I thought. I would like to recommend to my friends.

創建者 JoowonLee

May 08, 2019

good but it was so hard...

創建者 Gary T

May 06, 2019

Amazing Course, among the top 3 Best available.

創建者 Hunter

May 06, 2019

This course is very helpful to understand the machine learning concepts of various modals, splitting of the data and even training the model for benchmark.

創建者 Rahul K

May 03, 2019

Phew ... that take a time to sink in but a good approach from google : )

創建者 지정수

May 02, 2019


創建者 백선희

May 01, 2019


創建者 ohyesol

May 01, 2019

책으로만 접하기 힘든 기술을더 가까이 접할 수 있는 기회가 되어 좋았습니다.

創建者 Hyomin_Kim

May 01, 2019


創建者 Moon J K

May 01, 2019

Now I finally somehow understand this ML a bit. Great labs, indeed!

創建者 조환희

May 01, 2019

너무 재미있게 들었습니다. 영어가 약해서 너무 빠듯하게 들었네요 ㅠㅠ 영상 받아놓고 두고두고 볼게요