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學生對 明尼苏达大学 提供的 Introduction to Software Testing 的評價和反饋

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After completing this course, you will have an understanding of the fundamental principles and processes of software testing. You will have actively created test cases and run them using an automated testing tool. You will being writing and recognizing good test cases, including input data and expected outcomes. After completing this course, you will be able to… - Describe the difference between verification and validation. - Explain the goal of testing. - Use appropriate test terminology in communication; specifically: test fixture, logical test case, concrete test case, test script, test oracle, and fault. - Describe the motivations for white and black box testing. - Compare and contrast test-first and test-last development techniques. - Measure test adequacy using statement and branch coverage. - Reason about the causes and acceptability of and poor coverage - Assess the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite using mutation testing. - Critique black-box and white-box testing, describing the benefits and use of each within the greater development effort. - Distinguish among the expected-value (true), heuristic, consistency (as used in A/B regression), and probability test oracles and select the one best-suited to the testing objective. - Craft unit and integration test cases to detect defects within code and automate these tests using JUnit. To achieve this, students will employ test doubles to support their tests, including stubs (for state verification) and mocks (for behavioral verification) ( This course is primarily aimed at those learners interested in any of the following roles: Software Engineer, Software Engineer in Test, Test Automation Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Software Developer, Programmer, Computer Enthusiast. We expect that you should have an understanding of the Java programming language (or any similar object-oriented language and the ability to pick up Java syntax quickly) and some knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle....




I like this course very much! The coding assignment is easy but always incldues all the essential things we need to learn. I feel so happy that I jsut finished my first unit testing project.



I love this course, the explanation is great, the assignments are very challenging. I learned many things from software testing. Thanks, Prof. Mike Whalen and Mr. Kevin Wendt


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創建者 Rifat z


It's a very effective course.

創建者 DI P R


Very interesting Course

創建者 Kowshik S


This course was good.

創建者 Dr. R K G





very good

創建者 Shaik A T






創建者 Ikjun J


創建者 Patricia H


I learned a great deal from this course and I would have rated it higher, but I found the instructions for the assignments to be quite ambiguous, as was the automated feedback from the grader. This caused me to spend a lot more time on the assignments than was necessary and I got quite frustrated with the waste of my time. The instructors and mentor's don't appear to spend a lot of time in the forums and getting help was more difficult than it should have been. This is my third specialty on Coursera and my 14th course, so I do have some experience with what it's like with other courses (eg: better)

創建者 EG


The course itself is very interesting, but the assignment they gave are often times buggy and faulty. I advise people who took this course to go through the discussion forum frequently to look for answers instead of trying it out on your own if you hit any errors to not waste your time and effort.

創建者 abraham i


T​he course is a good course and it is the foundation into testing as it were. However, i would i like to say that the programming assignments were not explicit enough, there isn't concise instructions as to how to go about solving the questions .



No he podido seguir el ritmo del curso porque esta totalmente en ingles y por mas que utilice el traductor es imposible avanzar con buen ritmo.

Estaría muy apropiado que hagan la aclaración con anticipación sobre el idioma en el que se da el curso.

創建者 Emmanouil M


Are there any plans to make the last course of the certification available? Or update it with another course to unblock the certification? If not, then I would call it a waste of time, otherwise it was a good introduction to software testing.

創建者 Николай В


Course is nice, but some checks were build in the way you can't locally achieve correct result (test must 100% fail), but this is required to complete the task...( But material as a whole is useful.

創建者 Kerstin Z


Dieser Kurs ist nur für Leute mit Vorkenntnissen. Es fehlt definitiv ein Skript. Wie manche Übungsaufgaben zu bewältigen sind, muss man sich extern erarbeiten.

創建者 Sumit P S


This course is not ideal for beginner tester.

創建者 Abhilash G


Doesnt show basics of selenium and coding

創建者 Miguel A B d C


I don't understand the high rating of this course. Paraphrasing someone who did a review on the course "if you bash your head against the wall enough times, you will learn something". This course is well made in some aspects and atrocius on other. Regarding the theory and exams, I would give it a solid 4 stars. Subjetcs are well writen and knowledge is well conveyed. But the practical experience, uff.. The code exercises are atrocius, there is no time given to setup the environment on your computer - and I lost a lot of time researching how to fix eclipse, mockito errors.. Zero documentation on how to setup and no files provided for follow alongs/code-along.. And in week 4 there's an huge leap in demand for the students plus the exercises come with very confusing instructions.. I was stuck for the longest time trying to understand what I was doing wrong in my assigment. Oh and forget about assistance from the University, the forum is basicallly abandoned.. In my opinion a course like this should not be available on the coursera platform. I wasted more time in fixing environment's problems, trying to understand confusing instructions, etc than actually studying the different subjects...

創建者 Seph O


2 stars for the good start of this course. Apparently, to complete this - specially on the last part where it focuses on programming using Java, you will really need a prior experience to it and the other tool. there are also no uploaded materials which will make it harder for you to follow along while watching the video. There are also a struggle when doing the assignments, you will not get a hint on how to do it once you failed. I kinda feel like it is unfair specially for new learners. I hope you enjoy and not regret taking this course.

創建者 Gena P


A good course, but several technical issues with the assignments that are discussed in the comments of the course, but have not been addressed or fixed over time. Disappointed in the difficulty of turning in a correct assignment and errors in the assigned materials. The course needs work.

創建者 Sanadia1010


What kind of course requires knowledge of Java and calls itself an Introduction...

創建者 Maurizio D F


Good introductory course Not very good tests.

創建者 Michał G


T​his course is nothiing but money making scamm. Assignments have nothing to do with presented knowledge. If You know how to solve these submissions You have to be already professional or at mid advanced level. Cusomer help - foget it! Just simply unfair presentation of what you gonna learn.

創建者 Adrian I R


A​utomatic grading of test code does not work. There are a lot of posts in the forum, from other students having the same issues. No working solution yet. Somehow course management don't seems to care.

創建者 Rakhi S


Do not get trap into this certificate "Software Testing and Automation Specialization" last topic is not available since march 2021, you will end up wasting your money.

This is a fraud.