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學生對 斯坦福大学 提供的 Rebuilding Our Relationship with Food 的評價和反饋

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Have you ever made a conscious effort to change the way you eat (for health or other reasons) and then felt frustrated when your plans were derailed? You’re not alone. The best laid plans are often sabotaged by a food environment that makes it increasingly hard to make healthier food choices. This can leave many people feeling mistrustful of food or feeling that our relationship with food is somehow broken. In this course, we’ll explore the history of our changing food environment, the science behind cravings for unhealthy foods AND most importantly, you’ll learn some concrete strategies for rebuilding your relationship with food. You’ll learn to practice mindful eating and self-compassion (proven strategies for supporting healthier food choices) as well as designing a customized plan to protect your relationship with food and improve the health of your greatest asset - you! I can’t wait to start on this adventure together. Special thanks to: William Bottini, Sejal Parekh, Janine Van Schoor, Ann Doerr, Perry Pickert and the fantastic team at Friday Films....



This course is great, very informative and I had to take notes a lot. I'm glad I was here to learn this. The teacher has great voice, intonation.


A persuasive way of describing and detailing. You can not but learn some of the good habits.


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創建者 Earl S


There are some truths in this course that you know exist in the subliminal part of your brain. Things that you've heard on the news or watched online about the food industry and processed foods that went ignored. This course confirms that I need to pay more attention to food, since food is one of the essentials of life. Consciousness first, then food, etc. The proof is when a pandemic happens and quarantine hits, and the only places in business are groceries and pharmacies, then you start paying attention to what is important. I am thankful for Dr. Maya's knowledge and wisdom that taught me to be mindful of what I eat, and listen to my body to achieve compassion/love and better health.

創建者 Alice R


M​aya Adam is an excellent instructor. Her soft voice and encouraging message was a delight for me. I​ enjoyed the course tremendously. I audited the class. I have been a member of a weight loss support group for 25 years. 20 of those years I have been in leeway of my goal. I enjoy hearing and reading quality material on what works, because diets don't. I already knew a lot about mindful eating, but this course gives it a different spin. I hadn't realized it is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. Thank you Maya.

創建者 Num A


I have recommend this with everyone who have interesting in food and health. You will know since how your brain make you craving more when you eat food that contain much sugar. you will learn how to have self-compassion with your self when you made guilty to eating something bad. Other than marvellous lesson, the video animation of this course is so cute and easy to explain information. This course is so satisfied !

創建者 Larissa B


I enjoyed taking this classes so much, totally changed my relationship with food! Thank you Stanford for offering this amazing life changing course!

創建者 Han G T


This course is great, very informative and I had to take notes a lot. I'm glad I was here to learn this. The teacher has great voice, intonation.

創建者 Nicolás E G N


Excellent course, it gives points to observe our nutrition habits that let us improve our health.

創建者 Kalpana R


A persuasive way of describing and detailing. You can not but learn some of the good habits.

創建者 Jazmin G


Thanks Maya for this amazing course, my habits and mi life has been changing for good!

創建者 Sofiee S


I really loved this course. Maya is so calm and nurturing. I love learning from her.

創建者 Ms. N


You will definitely motivate to stay healthy after this course.

創建者 Vanshika B


it was one of the great course offered by the coursera

創建者 Fifi H


Extremely change my food habit and became mindfulness.

創建者 Muhammad A


Its very interestin and helpful.

創建者 Gozde T


Maya is a great instructor

創建者 Carolina R R


I loved it!

創建者 Nikos K


Ms Adam is amazing as always and makes every course she teaches really fun to follow. This course is not different than the rest. It gives you a basis for a start in mindful eating. I would prefer it if the course was a bit harder and really took an in depth look into all of that, with more scientific publications, since it is all made really simple. One way to find such information is to check the references in resources, but I would prefer even more of that and into the videos/readings of the course. Other than that it was once again a pleasure to take Ms Adam's course.