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學生對 加州理工学院 提供的 演变中的宇宙 的評價和反饋

718 個評分
188 條評論


This is an introductory astronomy survey class that covers our understanding of the physical universe and its major constituents, including planetary systems, stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars, larger structures, and the universe as a whole....




To try to compress the universe in only a few lessons is incredibly hard so we can only say this is an introductory course. I hope other courses are developed to explore this subject more deeply.



Wonderful course! A brief introduction to cosmology but with plenty of material to cover. I recommend researching for papers additionally to the material, but you'll need more time than 4 weeks.


176 - 演变中的宇宙 的 189 個評論(共 189 個)

創建者 Carlo


So much handwaving! An introductory course for student who already know what the course is about... Yes, it's wrong.

創建者 Justin C


the teacher is boring. other then that its an ok class. need to explain things more.

創建者 Alan G


Probably a good course but by week 2 was way above my brain power!

創建者 Satyam J


require more efforts!

創建者 Michael R


Dear Professor,

You're skipping over many vitally important bits of information. For example, how exactly is stellar spectra taken. How is it performed and where are the results recorded? There is just too much information missing between the slides. Also, please try to speak more clearly -don't mumble or let your voice trail off toward the end of some of your sentences. Thanks!

創建者 Fernando D


Lessons contents are incomplete and quizzes are clearly above the level of the lessons. Don't know if I'm learning anything. I quit and will look to other alternatives as I don't want to waste more time and effort on it.

創建者 Ray G


No real interaction, it's like sitting on the outside of a lecturer through an open window.....

創建者 Andrew H


You are assumed to know Science bachelors level math. When math is lectured there is no explanation of how it operates. The lecturer even says in one lecture that you should know this from your university physics. Not taught at all and glossed over and all lectures are a bit incoherent and not precise and all over the place. This lecturer is certainly not a teacher. I thought this was graded a beginners course???

創建者 Miguel A d P H


Lectures are quite interesting, but the numerical exercises are a shit there is no way to really know how to put correctly the numbers, in spyte you could obtail the correct resultin your calculator. For that reason i will not recomend to take this course. REALLY BAD!!!!

創建者 Diego Y M H


En los cuestionarios, seleccionaba las respuestas correctas pero en la segunda pregunta no me contaba como buena (Aun y cuando salia la paloma verde), provocando la falta de ese punto.

創建者 Juan V


Hard to listen to. Unlike other courses this course was just series of video taped college lectures. Very dissapointed

創建者 Eric K


The difficulty contradicts Courseras slogan "education for everyone"

創建者 Rich I


Too difficult for the non-science minded.

創建者 Sherouk B S


It's useless and lacking enthusiasm.