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學生對 IE商学院 提供的 From Brand to Image: Creating High Impact Campaigns That Tell Brand Stories 的評價和反饋

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There are many different ways to approach clients to assess their needs and develop creative campaigns which fulfill your creative desires. Many agencies have established methodology, terminology and processes, and oftentimes, have spent decades or even years developing these processes. However, whether you are a freelancer, designer, illustrator, photographer or marketing director, or perhaps a small business owner, you will be looking to develop a simple process to create campaigns for yourself or your client. In this course I am offering you a methodology which you can easily put into practice. Then, as your needs change and grow, you might decide that you want to incorporate other techniques as well. I hope this course serves as a launchpad for you to go out and win new creative projects as well as make the ones that you are currently working on even better. And most of all, I hope you have FUN! Because remember, if you're not having fun, it's not worth it!...




Course Well framed and clearly gave insights into understanding the language of image-making. I especially enjoyed the repeating forms to tell brand stories.



This is a great course, professor Hallet explains very well every concept in a clear and practical way. Highly recommended


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創建者 Verghese T


The course has the word BRAND in it but underneath the covers it gives you the taste of what creative advertising is about. In my searches on the internet you will not be able to find a hands on course like this that hits the creative artistry meets business which is what creative advertising is about. The course itself is fun and easy to understand. The projects can be completed however in reviewing my peer's projects this subject is difficult to master. Some of my peers really put together some wonderful projects and they have that artistry and business acumen to do well on the project and also have real tools to take this into real world experiences. Those peers were few and far between. Coursera is experiencing large issues on peer review projects and they have decided to do peer reviews because then they have scalability to enroll many students and have the projects graded at no cost. The truth of the matter is that students enroll but few keep going to get to the point of handing in projects. The end result you have to go begging to get your project reviewed and its questionable that the reviewer is experienced enough to do a proper review. I rather have an expert give me low marks and be critical so I can really gauge on the skillset I have for this specific subject. Overall for the course I recommend it. It serves best for creatives who have real business acumen. A business person will be drowning a bit on the creative side and an artist will need to have some business savvy to put together a good project. Overall an outstanding course!

創建者 Mohammed K


Very beneficial course. Apt & to the point content in very less time.

創建者 Ya-lin H


Very helpful intro into image creation and brand awareness build-up. The skills and knowledge can be applied immediately if you are in the business or on learning stage.

創建者 setareh f


I learned a lot! thanks Brian Hallett for such a great course.

創建者 Nils


I did 10+ courses already, this is the first one I am not finishing because it is so bad. Didn't learn anything so far (finished two weeks). Partly irrelevant, partly totally repetitive (if the lecturer says 50 "again" in a few videos, he knows himself that he is just repeating the same thing again and again), mostly vague and high-level and partly just wrong (especially when it comes to brand strategy). Expected more from IE Business School

創建者 Xenia M


I learned all the process to create a campaign through a real example, but could also apply to create a brand image or any material for a brand, actually (i.e. website, catalogs...)

I was able to make a brief with all the steps that I am definitely using on my next projects.

I loved how straightforward the course was, it gave me valuable and useful information and concepts that I will deepen into.


創建者 Kevin M


Thank you Brian, your course was challenging and inspiring. I have been looking for answers to many of the subjects and questions you posed in this course. The great thing about this course was the process. It was easy to follow and opened lots of creative doors. Knowledge balanced with understanding. It is not a commodity you easily find. Thank you. Looking forward to the next course you are involved in.

創建者 Edwin D S d L


Professor Hallet makes this course fun and engaging. The branding tools are presented in a way that is easy to understand and start implementing straight away. In the end, you are able to create a functional creative pitch deck ready to be presented to your client, or even, to guide the production of material for your own brand.

創建者 Oscar R


The step by step process of this course is scalable and can be applied to every brand despite the market, size or objective. By the end of this course you will be able to analyze and understand brands in order to conceptualize and execute engaging campaigns that will capture the attention and interest of your client's target.

創建者 Luciana T


Why it's so important to take care of the images and visuals while working with brands?

How to come up with powerfull creative concepts that are coherent with the brand, how to communicate them and work with production providers?

Professor Hallet puts a lot of energy and great insights, I really enjoyed the class!

創建者 Sibbir R


The professor seemed to know his work in detail. The most interesting thing that I observed was how we were guided throughout the course to make a creative pitch for a real company and then a hypothetical pitch for our chosen brand. The practical learning is superb.

創建者 Arnab P


It is a short course but it has more learning than other humongous courses have. If you are into Brand Management or any type of marketing then this one will surely put something in your head and that something might just work wonders.

創建者 Kristina K


I am absolutely impressed by this course! Now I can apply new gained knowledge either to my own business or to an employer's business. A lot of thanks to Brian for his extremely interesting course!

創建者 PLL A


Course Well framed and clearly gave insights into understanding the language of image-making. I especially enjoyed the repeating forms to tell brand stories.

創建者 Elena H


This is a great course, professor Hallet explains very well every concept in a clear and practical way. Highly recommended

創建者 Camilo C


All the information in the course has been helpful for our professional development

創建者 Akansha A


The course was really helpful in gaining the insights of the advertising world.

創建者 Aniket P


Very good course. One should definitely do this course, very helpful

創建者 Zhang T


This course provides basic info of branding procedure

創建者 Ampol A


W1 Completed

W2 Completed

W3 Completed

W4 Completed

創建者 mauricio k


nice videos, interesting interviews and works.

創建者 Pietro L


Brian is such a professional teacher and worker. I loved everything and I enjoyed creating branding campaigns through the assignments. Really recommend it.

創建者 Natekina D


Очень обаятельный дядечка. Курс интересный и полезный. Последнее задание лучше не оттягивать до последнего - требуется время на проверку.

創建者 Gemma V


I really like it, i totally understood everything abut the image that is more than that is about the communication through the brand

創建者 Rodrigo A R C


estoy feliz de a ver aprendido mucho, aplicare todo lo aprendido en m carrera de publicidad