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In this final, capstone course of the Google Project Management Certificate, you will practice applying the project management knowledge and skills you have learned so far. We encourage learners to complete Courses 1-5 before beginning the final course, as they provide the foundation necessary to complete the activities in this course. As you progress through this course, you will “observe” a project manager in a real-world scenario and complete dozens of hands-on activities. You will: - analyze project documents to identify project requirements and evaluate stakeholders - complete a project charter and use it as a tool to align project scope and goals among stakeholders - identify tasks and milestones and document and prioritize them in a project plan - define quality management standards and explore how to effectively share qualitative data - demonstrate your project’s impact through effective reporting By the end of this course, you will have developed a portfolio of project management artifacts that will demonstrate the skills you have learned throughout the entire program, such as your ability to manage stakeholders and teams, organize plans, and communicate project details. These artifacts can exhibit your career readiness when applying for jobs in the field. To further prepare you to interview for project management jobs, you will reflect on past projects, develop an “elevator pitch,” and anticipate common interview questions. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with the strategies, tools, and resources to meet your goals. After completing this program, you should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as a project manager. You will also have the opportunity to claim a certification of completion badge that will be recognizable to employers....




I completed this while studying for my PMP. While they are different , this was a nice intro into project management. I really enjoyed the quizzes and the assignments. All in all a very nice course.



great course please review my project having different in submitting . Its all complete pls advise need help its not allowing me to print my certificate already paid for the course need assistance


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創建者 Azmine T W


Great one. Though peer-review section needed to be more supervised.Many low-level submission, people are just trying to pass and get the certificate, not learn. That's not good. I will decrease values.

創建者 ömer


I think the course was great. But, ı can say that the grading system is not very healthy in my experience. When I was reviewing the peer’s, I came across my submission. I thought It was a page error or something. But I realized submission was completely stolen without changing a word or dot. I reported it immediately of course. 

But I may never see that and nobody could not understand that person stole it.I guess that happens a lot and I am really uncomfortable with sharing the contents now. So, I recommend changing the grading system.

-1 star for grading system

創建者 thilina f


Good Course. But need to have a moderator or someone to make sure the peer review assignments are done right.

創建者 Zoe T


The course materials fail to meet my expectation. The graded assignments are way easy, and doesn't allow learners to test their knowledge. Most of the quizzes are definition questions which requires memorizing than applying critical thinking skills. I don't think a successful project manager doesn't need to practice critical thinking skills in her day to day tasks as there are a lot of negotiations and decision makings are taking place.

The experts shown in the course are added randomly and doesn't communicate what the previous video are talking about nor they give a so-called satisfying experience sharing moments. They mention project this, project that but not their way to resolve a certain problem they face in their work. I don't care what role you hold at Google, I just need them to share what is challenging in their day to day tasks and how they turn the situation around... Give me real life examples! Reading a book on project management can perhaps benefit me more than this course.

創建者 Florent B


Great program! I enjoyed the lessons being taught in language that is not too technical. The hands-on assignments were of great value; though I wish we had instructors grading the assignments and provide more relevant feedback. After completing the course, I reviewed the PMI PMBoK for about a week and took the PMI CAPM exam and passed. Grateful for the Google programs! Florent

創建者 Luca S


I really enjoyed all the activities in this course and overall had a great experience; however, it was very difficult to actually get my work reviewed so that I could pass the class and get my certificate. There needs to be some accountability to the learners here -- I don't think it's right for the discussion boards to be constantly full of frustrated learners trying to find people to review their work, and it sets up a quid pro quo atmosphere that doesn't necessarily contribute to thoughtful learning and assessment.

創建者 Frank G


O​ften, this course felt like propaganda for Google, and the peer-reviewed elements were an absolute waste of time. No meaningful review was ever once provided. I completed the course because I started it, and I finish what I start, but were I to do it over again, I would avoid this course and instead have taken the entry-level certification program at the Project Management Institute.

創建者 Petra F


This was a challenging capstone. You apply everything you learned so far and you actually feel like a real project manager! I had a lot of fun completing this specilizion. I would recommend it even if you're not a project manager. A lot of the skills you learn here are valuable and could be applied in other areas of your life

創建者 Glenn H


What a fabulous course. Very in-depth, practical, and the coaches did an amazing job explaining all the different concepts. I'd recommend it to everybody starting out in the field of project management or to those who wish to brush up on their skills. I enjoyed every minute of it!

創建者 Hussain A


I will recommend this professional path to everyone, its the best guide to understand the Project Management in a very flexible, updated & rich content.

創建者 Vicky C


Very nice design on the course structure and guide you through step by step to complete the capstone project. I've working as a marketer for 6 years this is very practical compare to my day-to-day work.

For previous 5 courses I think it's fine for peers to grade the assignments but for the final project assignment review it would be great to have a moderator or instructor to review it, since it's more complex and not just the students answers enough bullet points then content/answers has to be in right context too.

創建者 Smirnova K S


О​дним из минусов курса является его странная составляющая. 8 работ, котоые оценивают люди-достаточно большой процент человеческого фактора. Такая практическая работа интересна именно после каждого блока курсов, сразу после практики и недельного теста, а так уставшие люди после долгого прохождения уже скорее хотят закончить, нежели делать реальный кейс для портфолио

創建者 Yanping W


It is a amazing course with thorough and well designed contents! I have finished all 6 courses and enjoyed learning so much!

I am truly grateful that Google created this course and Coursera provided the platform with such value yet with minimal cost. It only cost me $117 (I finished in less than 3 months).

Thank you Google! Thank you Coursera!

創建者 Jiljo J


Theory is different and Practical is different. I was really nice to see a practical scenario and tailored it to the course in a great way. Thanks for the real practical learning. Special thanks to Dan on the step by step onboarding!

創建者 Anjum F H


This was the best bundle on Project Management, Thanks to google and coursera for this amazing collection of resources and thanks to commonwealth of learning and better future for women for this fantastic opportunity!

創建者 Óscar R


The toughest course. But the more important because you put in practice all what you learnt in the previous five. Thanks!

創建者 Varsha S


The capstone project is really helpful to implement everything that we learnt throughout the course.

創建者 Andreas L


Putting everything that was learned to test in actual assignments was a great experience!

創建者 Stacey G


This course helped me put some of the skills I have learned into practice.

What worked: I love referring back to notes and was grateful for that option and for the ease provided for taking lots of notes.

What didn't work: I was super stressed about not preparing an ROI, SoW, detailed budget, or even not finding the answers anywhere to questions like "How many tablets do you need?" It felt like I skipped so many steps and so much information was left out.

Thank you for this class and I hope that someday someone there will say, "We taught her the skills she needed to do such a great job!"

創建者 Miriam W K


The course was an excellent recap of the entire course! The peer assessment assignments were a tad too much though.

創建者 Diana S


The "real-life" situations are often not very realistic and the details provided are not enough to complete the activities properly. Also, because there are a lot of peer-assignments it's very hard to get the course completed because the review process takes a long time

創建者 Shurjendu D


Thank you so much for this course. The instructors were all great (it was nice to have different personalities and deliveries of content). Of course, the double efficacy of Google and Coursera enables students to have access to a really wide variety of resources (not only on LinkedIn but also in other students).

創建者 Onwumere O B


The Capstone Project was perfect as it reinforced what was learnt in the previous courses leading to the Capstone. Found the interview tips as well as LinkedIn Optimization tips very useful. Highly recommended and looking forward to more professional certificate courses from Google.

創建者 Adam L


I completed this while studying for my PMP. While they are different , this was a nice intro into project management. I really enjoyed the quizzes and the assignments. All in all a very nice course.

創建者 Hải T M


Thanks so much for creating this program and meaningful studying experience. It's my pleasure to try this program and learn to become a project manager!!!