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學生對 IBM 技能网络 提供的 Applied Data Science Capstone 的評價和反饋

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This capstone project course will give you a taste of what data scientists go through in real life when working with real datasets. You will assume the role of a Data Scientist working for a startup intending to compete with SpaceX, and in the process follow the Data Science methodology involving data collection, data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, model development, model evaluation, and reporting your results to stakeholders. You are tasked with predicting if the first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will land successfully. SpaceX advertises Falcon 9 rocket launches on its website, with a cost of 62 million dollars; other providers cost upward of 165 million dollars each, much of the savings is because SpaceX can reuse the first stage. Therefore if you can accurately predict the likelihood of the first stage rocket landing successfully, you can determine the cost of a launch. With the help of your Data Science findings and models, the competing startup you have been hired by can make more informed bids against SpaceX for a rocket launch. This course is the final course in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate as well as the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization. It is expected that you have completed all of the prior courses in the specialization/certificate before starting this one, as it requires the application of the knowledge and skills taught in those courses. In this course, there will not be too much new learning, and instead, the focus will be on hands-on work to demonstrate what you have learned in the previous courses. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you will also earn an IBM digital badge upon successful completion of the course....




Its was great experience in completing the project using all skills that we learned in the course, thanks to coursera and IBM for giving me an opportunity to update my selft and also to test my skills



Very good capstone project. Learnt lot of insights on how to represent data through out this course.

Very good starting point for ""Data Science" field. I would definitely recommend this course.


776 - Applied Data Science Capstone 的 800 個評論(共 829 個)

創建者 Isaac S


This course is ok. Not too challenging and not too easy. It definitely needs an update. Things have changed over the last couple of years and it appears that the course developers have not made an update since 2018. WIth a refresh this course will be a 5 star course for sure.

創建者 Amar H C H


This course leaves a lot to be desired, the IBM user interface for me is not beginner friendly and the SQL part is to me problematic. the DB2 is not a freeware and some student have to use the altaernatives such as MS Server, which is rather a hassle.

創建者 Jennifer C N


Labs could be improved verifying all the commands work well. Videos could be improved make them more informative as in other Data Science courses part of the Specialization. Many things are left to the labs without sufficient previous explanation.

創建者 Aman A


The challenges presented have been really good however I'd reccomend that the prceding modules be evaluated for the changes that have come in over the years,maybe lay more emphasis on 'what is used more frequently' in a real life situation !!

創建者 Iqbal H


It was a great course. I have learn a lot of things. Though, Some module was hard to understand particularly machine learning with python. Besically i was beginner of data science field that's why I feel so hard in machine learning module.

創建者 Sokob C


This course was extremely difficult and it took me the longest. There were errors in the lab so I could not finish any of the labs, but I had asked for help and the response for help was very poor for the lab or for the assignment.

創建者 Oliver E A B


It is good because you get to know many tools to get data and it has very good examples of how a project should look, but i think this is a project that must not be reviewed by other students, so we get useful feedback.

創建者 Eugenio O


To use the Watson platform is a headache, the account starts to ask for a credit card and I am just paying once.

It would be very good to start using a jupyter notebook from scratch.

The rest is fine.

創建者 Sisir K


Very challenging. A lot of the things you have to do in the final project are things you must figure out on your own, since they're not explained in any previous lessons.

創建者 Anna K


A challenging Capstone project with many dimensions. The structure of the previous courses in the certification could have been improved to build up to this project.

創建者 Mohammad Q


This course is about applying what you learn on a free form project.. but you should use Foursquare API which it might be challenging little bit to deal with..

創建者 Oscar C C


There are some errors in the instructions labs, in forums is the way you can get help, but it it necessary to modify the code in the examples.

創建者 Kristine M


T​he final project is way too over the top for this type of course. I've been asked to do less work in graduate level courses.

創建者 Jianfeng Z


Good practical lesson. However the learning curve is too steep compare to the other courses in this certificate.

創建者 Apurv G


Great capstone project. But forced to do the same project. It would be better to get more choices of projects.

創建者 Jeff H


good course until the last week where there were too many competitive non-intellectual tasks

創建者 Piotr M


I didn't like that we had to use Foursquare — I could not come up with anything interesting.

創建者 Siddhant S


The difficulty could be increased and the scope of topics covered could be wider.

創建者 Tarikul I


I do not find the certificate although I have completed this course.

創建者 Mbongeni N M


The instructor of the capstone saved this specialization for me.

創建者 Ozkan K


I did not find the project relevant to the rest of the course

創建者 Rosana R


It is difficult. I will like more support from the teachers.

創建者 Alberto I A


Broken links in samples and csv data files.

創建者 Ramakrishnan S


Didnt complete the project, Un enrolling