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學生對 IBM 提供的 Applied Data Science Capstone 的評價和反饋

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This capstone project course will give you a taste of what data scientists go through in real life when working with data. You will learn about location data and different location data providers, such as Foursquare. You will learn how to make RESTful API calls to the Foursquare API to retrieve data about venues in different neighborhoods around the world. You will also learn how to be creative in situations where data are not readily available by scraping web data and parsing HTML code. You will utilize Python and its pandas library to manipulate data, which will help you refine your skills for exploring and analyzing data. Finally, you will be required to use the Folium library to great maps of geospatial data and to communicate your results and findings. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you will also earn an IBM digital badge upon successful completion of the course. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate....



Oct 24, 2019

Its was great experience in completing the project using all skills that we learned in the course, thanks to coursera and IBM for giving me an opportunity to update my selft and also to test my skills


Jan 16, 2020

Very challenging but truly rewarding. I learnt a lot through the mistakes I made throughout the project but there is a lot of support on the forum and the internet to help with any issue.


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創建者 Johan C

Dec 17, 2018

Instead of only peers review, I think it would be better if someone professional also review our capstone project and gives us feedback

創建者 Alexander D H

Sep 29, 2018

Had to provide a credit card for FourSquare which I did not appreciate

創建者 Rajayogasri P S

Oct 26, 2018

I was not too happy with the way peer grade assignment was done and it is being used as a mechanism to grade the course. My submissions were not reviewed correctly and because of that I felt that the course duration prolonged for one more month, and I had to pay my subscription for one more month for no reason.

創建者 Debra C

Mar 24, 2019

Utilizes skills learned throughout previous courses and puts it all together in Capstone assignment. Found the instructions to be lacking but it is a Capstone so not totally unexpected. I did find some of the instructors comments in the forum to be somewhat unprofessional so maybe some coaching should be done on how to respond to students who pay to take the course; even those that frustrate you!

創建者 Ariel E

Mar 01, 2019

The only problem is that I ran out of hours using IBM watson and the same thing happened with Foursquare when I reached the maximum numerber of records per day and per hour.

We as students should have tools where we can make mistakes without reaching 'limits of usage'.

創建者 Stanislav R

Jun 23, 2019

I liked working on a project from beginning to end - finding a problem to solve, acquiring data, creating & testing hypotheses. It really puts what you've learned to test. I also learned some techniques that were not covered in the course and other skills like creating Medium posts.

I didn't like the review aspect. You only have to review 1 project and receive a review from 1 person which is not enough. I reviewed multiple submissions and found it very educational. The review criteria are vague and mostly cover just the presentation of results. They don't assess the quality of analysis itself (and it's difficult for an unexperienced person to do without guidelines). Getting feedback from more people would be interesting.

The discussion forums are not helpful since they're spammed with "Please review" threads - and the staff doesn't do anything about it. This applies to the whole specialization.

創建者 Ali C

Dec 19, 2018

Quizzes are poorly designed. Evaluates only memorized information.

創建者 Chutian Z

Jul 31, 2019

I wrote this review after I finished all four courses of Applied Data Science Specialization. Overall speaking, the specialization is good and fairly easy (especially the first two courses). In terms of the Capstone Course, it looks intimidating but it won't be a big problem if you follow the materials closely. The final project is a great opportunity to be creative and to utilize all kinds of sources (and get to know the city you are interested in better). Nevertheless, I think the specialization should include more coding exercises/assignments instead of simple quizzes at the beginning. More hands-on exercises should be added to the introductory courses. Personally speaking, I'd like to get trained more on data cleaning and writing loops/functions.

創建者 Samantha R

Sep 07, 2019

This was challenging and a project is always the only way to really learn anything and struggle through. I did however feel that the forum for this course was not useful and that the mentors/lecturer's let us down. They hardly reply to relevant questions leaving students to feel abandoned. With a project you need some support as many students are not 100% comfortable with the code. One of the other courses has the forum broken up into two separate forums: One for the tech questions and another for requests from students to review - this was clever and worked well. Im giving this 2 stars based on the support and lack of direction for the project. May have also been nice to get options for a dataset - not easy to find a dataset in the public domain (spend hours looking for good ones)

創建者 Jesse Z

Jul 16, 2019

Stay away. Instead of taking the time to teach the material requested in assignments it tells you to go to youtube and teach yourself. It's a pathetic finish to a certification course with such a prestigious company name attached to it.

創建者 Nchedolisa S A

Apr 01, 2019

This course certainly made me put in the work!! The project requires alot of planning to figure out exactly what you want to focus your analysis on. It definitely forced me to do alot of self-learning in order to complete it. StackOverflow became my best friend when I would get stuck and not know the proper python syntax to execute my desired outcome. Having to create a report and blogpost to document my analysis were definitely two new skill sets I appreciated that this course helped me to learn.

創建者 Toan T L

Nov 15, 2018

Must take to complete this wonderful specialization.

You will have a change to apply everything you learned. And you have the freedom to choose the topic that you are interested in.

After this course, you will have a report, a blogpost and a notebook with complete code. With which you can showcase your achievement along the certificate.

創建者 Samir S

Feb 15, 2019

Think this one should have been marked by the course moderators and not fellow students.

創建者 Ismael S

Jun 19, 2019

There should be a clear tutorial on how to scrap a website. The project should be more open and not tight to using Foursquare, and should not be reviewed by other students.

創建者 Ferenc F P

Feb 26, 2019

This is really challenging course, especially that you get hint on how to use a RESTful API (of Foursquare), how to create heat maps, or create different marking on a map using folium. The Capstone was really challenging, because you can practice what you have learned during the courses of the specialization, like how to start from the scratch a project, how to apply the data science methodology, like business understanding, gathering, analyzing, and cleaning data (most of your time you will spend on this), applying the right machine learning algorithm to solve the problem (modeling), using Jupyter Notebook on IBM cloud and using github. In the end you should also prepare your final report including the business understanding, describing your data, presenting your result, and placing a discussion section in the end. It took me 4 full days to complete the capstone, but I learned a lot.

創建者 Clarence E Y

Jun 22, 2019

The real advantage of completing this course goes far beyond learning the skills that data scientists use every day. The capstone project requires learners to integrate skills, along with domain knowledge of meaningful use cases.Then, with a significant goal in mind, plan the project and execute successfully for peer-review. I think this course comes very close to replicating the actual work products that data scientists do in the real world to a high degree. Of course, dealing with other individuals and project teams are not possible in this format. Having said all this, the real advantage of achieving the certificate is validating to oneself that the basic data science skill set has been mastered.


Jan 09, 2019

Very Good. This is my first contact with data science with python and associated packages.

In the end of the course I'm able to deal with data using python and a lot of tools that helps the job and let this job more fun.

A very well organized and balanced course with videos and very good material for practical labs.

I have a Swisse Knife with me to deal with future researches on data science.


創建者 Sai T S

Jun 21, 2019

If I have to say one thing about Coursera or IBM Data Science Professional Certificate course, I would say it as a Fantastic thing happened in my life, I am so happy with it, and I am not going to leave Coursera for ever.

創建者 Theodore G

Jun 20, 2019

Very difficult to manage the scope, but it is a self-learning process. Recommend extending the Capstone course another week or two, to encourage the students to go all in on their work.

創建者 Jamiil T A

Mar 30, 2019

A must take capstone project. Enroll for it and you will be moved by the project... Very interesting !

創建者 Ian C

Apr 26, 2019

Felt a bit constrained by the requirement to include the Foursquare API.

創建者 Nikolay D

Dec 27, 2018

Very easy to understand and remember this material

創建者 Pawel P

Nov 05, 2018

Some things were outdated and did not work properly for me.

Peer-graded assignments where one has to create a github repository is totally unnecessary.

創建者 Alex Y

Aug 09, 2019

Did not like Foursquare and was obliged to use it to complete the course

創建者 Yajing G

Aug 06, 2019

This course did not provide enough learning materials for students to complete the project. For example, it asks students to scrape a web page and parse the table on the website and put it into a pandas data frame in a Jupiter notebook.