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Accounting Analytics explores how financial statement data and non-financial metrics can be linked to financial performance.  In this course, taught by Wharton’s acclaimed accounting professors, you’ll learn how data is used to assess what drives financial performance and to forecast future financial scenarios. While many accounting and financial organizations deliver data, accounting analytics deploys that data to deliver insight, and this course will explore the many areas in which accounting data provides insight into other business areas including consumer behavior predictions, corporate strategy, risk management, optimization, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how financial data and non-financial data interact to forecast events, optimize operations, and determine strategy. This course has been designed to help you make better business decisions about the emerging roles of accounting analytics, so that you can apply what you’ve learned to make your own business decisions and create strategy using financial data. ...




One of the most practical courses I have taken in Coursera. Highly recommended for professionals in Business, Strategy, and Finance & Accounting departments, as well as stock market investors.



Prof. Ittner's video lectures are superb. His lessons in the last segment of the Accounting Analytics opened my eyes in many facets of accounting in relation to deparments in an organization.


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創建者 Dmitriy K


This course provides helpful tools for understanding company's real earnings power. Lectures provide spreadsheets and a step by step guidance on how to use them. I learned that one could use Benford's law to identify data manipulation. Great thanks to Professor Bushee for his talent and passion.

創建者 Suhaimi C


Great course. Learned a lot about accounting analytics, business strategy, business analysis, detecting abnormal financial accounting in financial statements. Excellent contents and lots of tips and actions to take from this course. Thank you both Professors for teaching this course.

創建者 Octavio C R


Excellent course, very well developed and structured to provide participants with great tools and insights. Excellent content of analytics models with all relevant information to be interpreted when doing accounting analytics. Great overall introduction to Bensford Law and M-Scores.

創建者 Thomas D


A little tough, since I was only familiar with accounting in my native language. Took me a while to adapt to the English expressions. However, I learned a lot in a well structured course with funny contents (digital classroom). Definitely worth studying. Thanks to professor Bushee.

創建者 Saif A


I believe this is the best course in the specialization. I felt that it was helpful and relevant to my field of work although it was a bit challenging. I learned a lot. I think the reason is because the instructors were able to deliver the material in a very interesting way.

創建者 Prashant N M


The course content is so lucid that it levels up the learner irrespective of his/her functional/domain understanding. And the interesting part is practical applicability of learning in professional & personal area. Thank you Coursera; Brian J Bushee & Christopher D. Ittner

創建者 peisong c


Very interesting course, well designed, using animated fun-makers to shoot out questions that you will probably do it yourself.

Course content easy to understand. Very suited for non-accounting major analyst who wants to get some background in accounting analysis..

創建者 Zachary M M


This was very challenging course for me... I felt you needed a strong knowledge base of financial statements to really understand what triggers potential fraud, deception. I think I will need to re-review the course material to reinforce the concepts. Thanks!

創建者 Lanyun L


This course is very useful and Professor gave us lots of examples to help understanding the accounting analysis methods. But it would be better to take the Introduction of Accounting Course by Professor before. Thanks for Professor and his humour again !

創建者 Benedict L


Excellent course, first 3 weeks were very technical but highly informative. Quite a bit of accounting knowledge is required to understand the work. Last week of lessons were more simple and intuitive to understand, but overall, a very insightful module

創建者 Manoj K


This course was one of the toughest courses i pursued so far... I was expecting a lot from this course. from basic to advanced and more of fundamentals. this course should be floated as full specialization rather than as a part of other specialization.

創建者 Joaquín C M


I personally found that course the most useful. Not just because it gives you the frame and the foundations of Financial Analysis, but also because it gives the insight of the importance of other non-financial metrics in the financial performance.

創建者 abrar


It was one of the toughest course in this specialization. But the course was intriguing and opened new horizons. It increased the understanding of financial metrics and their importance. Cases were helpful in understanding the course material.

創建者 Li T


i love this course very much!

very practical and systematical content.

and very useful for accounting profession

but its a little bit challenging to follow. I have watched whole the videos for more than 2 times in order to pass the assignment.

創建者 SHAN C


Really appreciate both of 2 professors put the boring topic into a funny video, clearly to show how to apply analysis in those real cases. The assessment need time to digest the course information and very helpful to understand the topic.

創建者 Mustafa A A


Enjoyed the course very much. Prof. Brian Bushee was excellent in making a mundane subject like Accounting very interesting & exciting. I learned lots of new tools that I will hopefully implement in my workplace in the near future.

創建者 Andres C A


I am a general manager, and linking non financial metrics to financial performance helps you to have a vision and an objective to the organization. It's also veru interesting to know about the manipulation of financial statements.

創建者 Deleted A


While each of the Business Analytics courses have been terrific in their own way, Accounting Analytics was the most challenging and most enjoyable. Accounting + clear information + dogs + sense of fun = a great course. Thank you!

創建者 Long Z


It is the first time that I took an accounting class. The professors clearly demonstrated two drastically different perspectives of using analytics in accounting settings. Domain knowledge and tools are both critical for success.

創建者 Martin R


Awesome Course! Very funny and really sophisticated! The last part is eye opening. Best course in this specialisation!

It is not for beginners though, you should have a solid understanding of accounting for the first 3 lectures.

創建者 ARUL A N


Finally i am able to complete this course. This course was little tougher than the other 3 courses due to some complicated accounting spreadsheet calculations. But i finally i am able to make it. Good Luck to rest of the folks.

創建者 Vijay K


Very informative course with introduction to different tools to evaluate firm performance, particularly to look beyond the financial data. I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in analyzing firm performance.



Compared to the other courses of the Business Analytics Specialization this one I considered that was the one with more depth on the meaning of concepts and their use. Also I considered it provided more tools to work with

創建者 Siti A F


I would say this course is in intermediate stage. Quite heavy for non economic background students but thankfully was delivered in casual setting and I know that it's not easy to deliver it that way. Great job professors.

創建者 Leticia T


Thank you very much Professors Brian and Christopher for sharing your knowledge with us! Your course made me remember how much I like Accounting and taught me how useful it can be when doing some serious analytics.