Process Data with Microsoft Azure Synapse Link for Cosmo DB


Create and Configure Azure Cosmos DB account and create a Database and Containers

Enable and configure Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Synapse Link

Process data using Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB

Clock2 Hours including Tasks and Quiz
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In the past, performing traditional analytical workloads with Azure Cosmos DB has been a challenge. ETL mechanisms to migrate data from Cosmos DB to platforms more suited to performing analytics on data exist, but are a challenge to develop and maintain. Azure Synapse Link for Cosmos DB addresses the needs to perform analytics over our transactional data without impacting our transactional workloads. This is made possible through the Azure Cosmos DB Analytical store, which allows us to sync our transactional data into an isolated column store without us having to develop and manage complex ETL jobs, providing us with near real-time analytical capability on our data. In this project we will step through the process of configuring the services and process data using the Microsoft Azure Synapse Link for Cosmo DB. If you enjoy this project, we recommend taking the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Exam Prep Specialization:


  • Azure Portal
  • Cloud Services
  • Python Programming
  • Cosmos DB
  • Synapse Analytics



  1. Welcome & Sign up for a Free Azure Trial Account

  2. Create an Azure Cosmos DB Account

  3. Setup Azure Synapse Link

  4. Create an analytical store enabled Azure Cosmos DB container

  5. Import Data into Azure Cosmos DB

  6. Configure Azure Synapse Analytics

  7. Create an Azure Cosmos DB Linked Service in Azure Synapse Analytics

  8. Create an Apache Spark Pool in Azure Synapse Studio

  9. Connect to an Apache Spark pool

  10. Load data to a data frame in Azure Synapse Studio

  11. Clean up Resources






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