Introduction to Regular Expressions in SQL

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Perform extensive pattern matching using POSIX regular expressions

Use POSIX regular expressions functions to perform pattern matching

Clock2.5 hours
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Welcome to this project-based course, Introduction to Regular Expressions in SQL. In this project, you will learn how to use SQL regular expressions extensively for pattern matching to query tables in a database. By the end of this 2-and-a-half-hour-long project, you will be able to use POSIX regular expressions together with meta (special) characters in the WHERE clause and the SELECT clause to retrieve the desired result from a database. In this project, we will move systematically by first revising the use of the LIKE and NOT LIKE operators in the WHERE clause. Then, we will use different regular expression metacharacters together with POSIX operators in the WHERE clause. Also, we will use regular expressions to work on tweets from Twitter data. Be assured that you will get your hands really dirty in this project because you will get to work on a lot of exercises to reinforce your knowledge of the concepts. Also, for this hands-on project, we will use PostgreSQL as our preferred database management system (DBMS). Therefore, to complete this project, it is required that you have prior experience with using PostgreSQL. Similarly, this project is an intermediate SQL concept; so, a good foundation for writing SQL queries is vital to complete this project. If you are not familiar with writing queries in SQL and want to learn these concepts, start with my previous guided projects titled “Querying Databases using SQL SELECT statement." I taught this guided project using PostgreSQL. So, taking these projects will give the needed requisite to complete this Introduction to Regular Expressions in SQL project. However, if you are comfortable writing queries in PostgreSQL, please join me on this wonderful ride! Let’s get our hands dirty!


  • Regular Expression (REGEX)
  • String Functions
  • Postgresql
  • Posix
  • Pattern Matching



  1. Getting Started


  3. Using Regular Expressions - Part One

  4. Regular Expressions Exercises

  5. Using Regular Expressions - Part Two

  6. Using the regexp_matches() function






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