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By the end of this project, you will create a basic game using an introductory, web-based coding program called Scratch. Learning to code will allow you to build basic coding or computer science skills and a fundamental understanding in order to grow your programming abilities. Learners will engage in the design process in order to develop an understanding of how to develop algorithms that control programs, use event-driven programming, and debug a program. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



This course is good, extremely good for beginners. Easily understandable. Since game development is a long journey for anyone, I think it is a good start.


By this course I learn lot of things and it is very helpful aldoBy this course I learn lot of things and it is very helpful aldalsoo


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創建者 Rufus F R j


To begin, this course should place the learner on notice of any minimal computer resource requirements prior to taking the course such as computer hardware system requirements, software requirements and browser requirements. All should be clearly stated prior to undertaking a guided project to ensure that the learner is able to benefit from all aspects of the guided project and to be able to make use of all of the commensurate functionality associated with the Rhyme computer environment. For example being aware of any media software requirements that needed to be installed on one's computer prior to taking the guided project; being aware of any current hardware graphics accelerator that is needed; being aware of any current web browser needed, or any browser update required, or any specific web browser type; being made aware that all driver updates for hardware and software should be implemented prior to undertaking the guided project, plus making any computer system and browser system configurations prior to taking the guided project. In short, after many hours of searching and investigation, I determined that my computer was (and is) too old for utilization in a Rhyme environment. Although understandable, learners should also be advised that they will have limited time to make use of the guided project space and limited time in the Rhyme environment prior to taking the course because the impression is that the course takes two hours to learn, but learners are not advised of any restriction to access. The overall layout of the guided project is good, however the instructor seemed either confused or unsure of what steps she was presenting to learners at times. On the upside, she was easy to follow, easy to understand and a pleasant communicator who is knowledgeable of the subject matter. Moreover, she and the course content ensured a neophyte sufficient understanding of the subject matter such that a beginner could pass the course-quiz plus be able to make use of the Scratch editor. Please understand that my criticism is meant to be constructive criticism and not meant as negative criticism for criticisms sake; and please know that I genuinely appreciate the Coursera platform and courses offered. Moreover I appreciate the instructors who have a love of knowledge and who equally love sharing that knowledge with others for a reasonable and modest fee. In conclusion, please be assured that I am grateful to the universities, businesses, organizations, content experts, and to Coursera for providing me with the opportunity to learn in such a diverse environment. I am enriched by the Coursera experience, and eventually I will be able to give back to humanity and society because of the Coursera experience.



A very good and essential tool for developing the logical thinking among the people and a basic tool for coding

創建者 Krishna S


Really good project. Gives you just the right amount of info and time to learn about the basics of Scratch.

創建者 Shaik P


Coursera is a good website and also learn to new skills,and also improve your skills in this website.

創建者 37_Sayee P


An excellent course which gives in detail explanation about game development using scratch.

創建者 MD. A A N B A


This course is good, extremely good for beginners. Easily understandable. Since game development is a long journey for anyone, I think it is a good start.

創建者 SAI P K


this guided project is really helpful to get started with the scratch interface

創建者 ALEN V B 2


i thought developing a game was so difficult but scratch made it very easy

創建者 Prince K


By this course I learn lot of things and it is very helpful aldoBy this course I learn lot of things and it is very helpful aldalsoo

創建者 Muhammad R A H


This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn basic programming, especially programming for game development 😄👍

創建者 Akshay A B


Scratch is a great tool. This was a great guided project course for learning something new. But I feel, it is too short.

創建者 MT O


Great job! I really like how you intentionally messed up some code to teach the viewers about debugging.

創建者 Nallapati D 2


The course has been very helpful and it was easy to understand and grasp the concepts explained.

創建者 khosnor


​ I learn to easy way to make game , konw about Scratch a and how to use it properly

創建者 Aakash M


one of best game development idea this course give main idea about game development

創建者 Joe P K 8


This is a wonderful course, and it can really help game developers in its own way

創建者 Trần P A K


It's fun and very useful for me. Could be use to apply in my future project

創建者 Lalit C


it is really a well explained course and very useful for beginners



this is really a good course it helps us in improving our skill

創建者 BANDLA S R 2


Very Useful.Helped me in developing a basic game using Scratch

創建者 LAHARI R N 2


such a way of teaching is revolutionary. Thank you Coursera.

創建者 P. S V


It's really good course to study and it is very helpful



It is so helpful to users for devolepment in scratch

創建者 Yash S


i​ts an amazing experience for first time coders

創建者 Naomi G


Excellent intro course for beginners! Thank you!