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學生對 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 更聪明而非更辛苦地工作:个人时间管理及工作效率 的評價和反饋

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You will be able to gain and apply your knowledge and understanding of personal and professional awareness, organization and commitment, and use the tools, methods and techniques that you have learned in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Learn to plan effectively to achieve your personal and professional goals 2. Learn to recognize and overcome barriers to successful time management 3. Identify specific time management tools and use them effectively 4. Manage resources both effectively and efficiently 5. Keep your sense of perspective to prevent and manage crises 6. Learn to delegate effectively 7. Learn to manage expectations and say “No” when appropriate...




This course was quite helpful. I work in a fast pace environment with multiple projects going at the same time. Planning the work, prioritizing and mapping progress was helpful. Thanks for the course.



This course was quite helpful. I work in a fast pace environment with multiple projects going at the same time. Planning the work, prioritizing and mapping progress was helpful. Thanks for the course.


226 - 更聪明而非更辛苦地工作:个人时间管理及工作效率 的 250 個評論(共 2,927 個)

創建者 Huynh M


This is a very useful course.

I was able to revise the knowledge I used at work and learn new things from easy-to-understand examples and tips at the end of the lesson.

創建者 Syed T G


The course was very beneficial. Key learning points were, 1) Prioritizing your tasks 2) Estimating the time of our planned activities 3) Focusing on one task at a time.

創建者 Md. A M S


It was really helpful to me and I wish I will be more of not-wasting-time rather utilize them properly. Thanks a lot to the instructor, she was really nice to teach :)

創建者 Rathnayake M M P R


Thank you so much for the amazing experience. I've learned a lot from this unit which will be very useful for my future career life as well as for my academic period.

創建者 Guillermo G


I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends.Thank you!

創建者 Sankaran S


An excellent course with crisp presentations and well-supported documentation. The steps recommended would really make a difference in managing your time judiciously.



What a great course. The teacher is wonderful, everything was very well explained, with practical examples. Too bad the certificate is too expensive for me to buy it.

創建者 Towhidul H R


This will help you to utilize our most valuable resource, the TIME. When you are jumbled with a lot of multitasks, this course will help you to managing these tasks.

創建者 Yasmin A 2


perfect course, I learned how to manage my time and the importance of that. Giving examples by stories is interesting. Thanks for this course and course coordinator.

創建者 Alexander W R


The class was helpful in pointing out how ineffective multitasking is. I appreciated the insight and guidance. I also appreciated that the instruction was concise.

創建者 OJO O E


This course was very insightful and I have acquire the necessary skills needed to manage time, stay productive without dissipating energy and handle multiple tasks.

創建者 Xaime R R


This is an Amazing course. I strongly recommend it to everybody. This techniques can be applied in any aspects of your life, ranging from house chores to work load!

創建者 Harish S


A great course that introduces techniques to have a better grip on once time. The techniques are simple, intuitive and most of all practical with immediate results.

創建者 Benelyn B


I really learned a lot of tips I wish I knew back when I was in University, but ofc, it's never too late to try this during work and home. Really loved the course!

創建者 IVY G


This is not the course of something you think you already know. There is so much more about time management that is shared here. I am so happy I took this course.

創建者 Dipta D


She is an amazing instructor. She delivered her video in an awesome way which helped to understand the content. I am grateful to her for this course. Thank you :)

創建者 Jing S Z


I use what I learned from this class immediately and asked my 13 year old kids do the same. After the first day we executed, all of us think it is very effective!

創建者 Rayavaram A


Excellent. Very useful. I already started using the course in my daily work / life and is I hope would bring in more productivity at less work in organized manner

創建者 Amitava D


A great course and a brilliant teacher. Covers a wide but relevant set of topics and acts as a practical guide for managing time and working smarter. Thank you.

創建者 Karina G


Easy and approachable. A lot of examples make advises more understandable. Learned a couple of techniques that I am already using at work and in my personal life.

創建者 Hassan Z


the course i freakingly awesome. the professor diction is very clear and the pace at which he speaks is just perfect to understand and absorb through the lecture.



This was a great time management course. I will be implementing some of the tips suggested to increase productivity at work and minimize distractions. Thank you!

創建者 Karla A B


Excellent! It provided actionable strategies to improve personal productivity while acknowledging and accounting for things that are out of individual's control.

創建者 Carlo M


I like how it was presented. It is in a very practical manner that everyone can relate. The tips are also practical - way better than a lot of productivity apps!

創建者 Mangesh K


Thee Course is so informative, that it will be helpful for me to implement and work effectively.. Thanks to Coursera.. for making this course available for us...