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Once you have a prototype and a clearer vision of the opportunity, you’ll need to create a small organization to discover how to create a repeatable and scalable business model. Designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the critical components of creating a start-up, Entrepreneurship 2: Launching the Start-up, provides practical, real-world knowledge about the lean approach, the minimum viable product, when to pivot, when to quit your day job, the art of the pitch, building and managing a team, allocating equity, and building your external team, advisory board members, professional services, and entrepreneurial strategy. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create a strategy for launch, including knowing who you need to hire, how to manage them to provide the greatest value, and what legal aspects are involved. You’ll also be prepared for Entrepreneurship 3: Growth Strategies....



Thanks for providing this exceptional material, which clarifies and inspires people to launch their dreams into realities. Never is easy, but having this lectures as a tools to achieve them is great.


Course has been really insightful, made me aware with intricacies of setting up a business and what it takes to launch a startup..this will definitely help me in launching a business more carefully..


201 - Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-Up 的 225 個評論(共 245 個)

創建者 Alex G



創建者 Jeffrey S


The material taught in this course is great. It focuses on how to launch your idea using the lean start up, business model, etc. If you have been reading some books, you will find some of the things mentioned to be familiar. You will also learn how to build your team, and navigate through difficult conversation, such as equity division. You will learn on what to look for in hiring key management, and professional services.

Unfortunately, some of the points mentioned may not be relevant to countries outside USA.

創建者 mehran f


Good course. Excellent instructors. Wealth of information. They have obviously put lots of effort and thought in developing the course material. I wish aside from the lecture transcriptions, there was a downloadable list of key points. Essentially the most important points are what we are tested on. Yes that is not the complete picture, but would be great to have both pictures. Thanks from Chicago.

創建者 Niña T


The lessons here truly resonated with me, and I found a lot of value in going through this course WHILE launching a startup. Of course, for the marketer in me, "launching a start-up" also meant "launching a product", so I was looking for more go-to-market lessons here. I do hope to learn that in the other Entrepreneurship courses in this specialization!

創建者 Jahaziel P


I really enjoyed this course. There were ideas that really helped me defined my idea. I love the presentation. I would suggest breaking some of the longer modules into smaller parts. Add another Quiz on the third and 4th lesson. I do love this specialization. I am going to keep going.

創建者 Marcos M


I liked the course in general, there are some courses that are really interesting and some others that are not. For me one of the disadvantages it is that is is based mostly in US fundamentals.

Other than that the curse has been really helpful.

創建者 Anthony


Overall, pretty good

One minor gripe - one of the quiz questions in week 4 has an error. It asks about "disadvantages" yet the multiple choice options all convey "advantages" and its not a "none of the above" type of answer.

創建者 Niraj A


The course is awesome. It would be great if we could get more real examples for explaining different tools. Also some stories about startups dealing with the same problem will be great.

創建者 Aayush G


Nice information within the course. By taking this specialization, I am able to learn so many things that I didn't know and so many mistakes I was doing as an entrepreneur.

創建者 Dennis S


This course has widened my business experience and my sincere gratitude goes to my instructors.

I really learned a great deal from their teachings. Bravo to them all.

創建者 Massimiliano M


Course very well done!

Would be of a greater value adding a lecture on what are the differences among legal corporations and which form is preferred by VC.

創建者 César A C E


Excelent source of things to take into account when thinking seriously about a startup. Not that profound but enough for anyone who is really interested.

創建者 Aydin A


Starts off slow, but it soon becomes quite interesting and informative. Some parts were quite vague though so don't expect anything too in depth.

創建者 Dmitrii M


Course more about branding and choosing strategies. But I can still recommend it to everybody who wants to become an entrepreneur.

創建者 Amrit R


The course is good and very informative. However, the quiz at the end can be made a bit more interactive and opinionated.

創建者 Aman R


This course has helped me forecast different scenarios that I will face in future as an Entrepreneur. Thanks a lot.



A Worth valued course where one can learn what are the guiding concepts of Entrepreneurship and its developments

創建者 Kareem A


Most of your focusing is on the Technological Startup whereas there are several other startups.

創建者 Quoc T L


This program plays an important role to my start up's knowledge. Thank all professors for it

創建者 aman g


Nice course on details of different issues to be addressed while launching startup

創建者 Nenad B


It's great and I learned a ton but seems kind of short. I did it in under a week.

創建者 Rishi G


The course content was simple and nicely put up. Professors were brilliant!

創建者 Srinjoy G


good course but this course need for practical way to market research

創建者 muhammad a r


Amazing course, but contents related to expansion can be improved.

創建者 afua a


I love the lectures. so clearly explained and comprehensive