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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 FinTech: Foundations, Payments, and Regulations 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you’ll learn the key components of modern-day investment strategies which utilize fintech. Professors Natasha Sarin and Chris Geczy of the Wharton School have designed this course to help you understand the complex structure of payment methods and financial regulations, so you can determine how fintech plays a role in the future of investing. Through analysis of robo-advising and changing demographic forces, you’ll learn how basic elements of trust underlie complex choice architecture in investments and impact investing. You’ll also explore payment methodologies and how fintech is emerging as an entrepreneurial solution to both investments and payment systems. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify different financial technologies, and understand the dynamic between the innovations and regulations, and employ best practices in developing a fintech strategy for yourself or your business. No prerequisites are required for this course, although a basic understanding of credit cards and other payment methods is helpful....




Elaborate and easy to understand the basic concepts in Fintech. Both the instructors are very good and explained in a way which is easy to understand.

Looking foward to complete the certification.



Nice introductory course to FinTech. However, I do not recommend the course for learners without prior knowledge on financial instruments as the course may become technical from time-to-time.


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創建者 Temitope O


This course exposes the history of Fintech whilst unraveling the foundation of Payments. It is insightful with many analogies and Fintech terminologies to learn. As an in-house counsel in the financial services sector, I have become acquainted with a number of algorithms and technical terms used in Fintech. The regulation of Fintech has been a concern for me. The analogies and examples of various attempts to regulate Fintechs as well as the comparative analysis offered in this course have enabled me comprehensively to analyze risks inherent in partnerships between structured organizations and emerging Fintechs, especially in Africa. This course has propelled me to hatch innovative ways of how Fintechs in Africa can be regulated.

創建者 Clifford B


The course presented a number of underlying issues within the payments and regulatory space. The efforts to make digital payments faster, easier & more secure also contribute to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of completing every day transactions. The complexity of the regulatory environment was soundly illustrated by the diagrams presented by the professor. I have a new appreciation for why an attorney is likely the most qualified professional to present an understanding of the inherent issues within this space. It content opened up my thinking as to the potential for future development, regulation and need for collaboration within this emerging industry.

創建者 Avi


The Wharton "FinTech: Foundations, Payments, and Regulations." course is well designed and provides you with the required knowledge to confidently go forward and further explore this subject area.

Although I have a keen prior interest in this area, I was pleasantly surprised to read statistics and studies that I would never have otherwise thought of exploring!

The lecturers come across with great passion in the videos and take the time to connect the dots and make areas such as regulations exciting.

I particularly enjoyed the areas on payment systems and regulations, although the whole course provided me with a fresh perspective on the entire subject matter.

創建者 Shayista A


Fintech by Wharton, University of Pennsylvania is an excellent course. It gives you good foundation of what Fintech is, the emerging technologies, the regulatory bodies, the risk associated and compliance to mitigate the risk. It also provides good insight into how different countries in the world are regulating the technology. The course is organised and structured very well. The course provided a deep insight into the development of FinTech, the role of Millennial and the future it might lead to.

I highly encourage everyone to attend this course as it will develop new understanding and skills required in this fast changing world.

創建者 Sasmit H


Through this course,i learned the key components of modern-day investment strategies which utilize or rather leverage FinTech to benefit end user and thus connecting a wider set of people. Last but not the least, i got a better prospective of importance of regulation in Fin tech space for check and balances. It was indeed a pleasure to go though this richful content.

Really grateful to Prof Natasha and Prof Christopher Geczy for explaining in very simple terms.



創建者 Angela P


A great capsule of information about 'fintech'.

As a well-informed and active participant in the FinTech sector, I found the content and perspective regarding payments and regulation to be particularly concise and relevant. A supplemental - and complementary - theme to consider incorporating into the regulatory slides might be the potential limitations( (regarding accountability, governance and continuity) of private versus public companies (and investors)...

創建者 Sukriti J


Excellent course with great actionable insights and perfectly balanced both big picture and fine details.

Working in FinTech space this was definitely a big value add... my biggest two takeaways were on

a. Regressive payment transfer and

b. How millenials spend and why should we care

Would be great if we could get some view on how Gen Z cohort, given they are all set to be shapers of next trend of payments with highest buying power in a few years from now.

創建者 Satadru S


Brilliant course for anyone looking to get a basic understanding of what FinTech is (you might be surprised!), its potential for growth, the challenges it faces and also importantly, the challenges faced by regulators in ensuring consumer safety whilst allowing safe and rapid innovation. The course content is very well rounded, and the professors explain everything well, often with very helpful examples. Loved it!

創建者 Samuel K


The courses are well structed and delivered exceptionnally well by both renowned professors. Relevant case studies and surveys illustrate the FinTech concepts, causes leading to their creations, their impacts, activities, risks, and regulation's challenges. At the end of this course, I have good graps of FinTech fundations and the dynamics of their regulation in the US and globally.



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創建者 Manomay S


The best part about this course wa sit was market oriented. Real time examples, a step by step featured chronology to understand what Fin Tech is all about. Apart from that the analogies drawn were simply fantastic during the course. No where during the entire course you feel that you missed out something as there is always connection interwind. Highly recommended.

創建者 Kunal L


Course provides a greater insight into growing FinTech area with overview of ensuing regulations over the industry. Traditional Payment methods are also discussed and helps learners with understanding of Fees Distribution, Regulations and Market Players.

If you are interested in studying changes surrounding payments, you should definitely pursue this course.

創建者 Utkarsh D


Great explanation to how FinTech will affect the traditional financial industry in the coming years. Having not heard of RegTech before, and lacked knowledge of regulatory responses in the card markets, I can definitely say that I have gained a much more well rounded understanding of FinTech, its history, its challenges, and its future.



It was a wonderful introduction to Fintech in all its aspects-innovative, regulatory, and all-expansive. The lectures gave a glimpse of how fintechs can be disruptive if the traditional financial behemoths don't improve and innovate, as also the enormous benefits to enjoy from the efficient deployment of their wonderful products.

創建者 Dariya S


This is a perfect course for those who already have a great understanding of the financial markets and want to know more about how the technologies are coming into the traditional and fundamental industries - in this case, the financial industry. Excited to take the specialization courses to learn even more on this subject.

創建者 Jethro C S


I personally love this course so much because it provided a lot of new ideas, concepts, and insights on the different innovations and issues in FinTech. If you are interested in finance or FinTech and you are new to the industry or don't have much background on it yet, then this course is an absolute must take for you.

創建者 Shivani B


Course explains & details about the concept "FinTech" which is also inclusive of legal and other areas that has been brought into, ever since the implementation.

One gets a clear idea and draws & paints a great value from some practical examples and real-life areas of direct & indirect fields affected by it.

創建者 Dzulhafiez I


Hi , kindly take note the world is moving to Fintech and this course is a must have for all households. I really enjoyed the course as it is not that difficult. Being part of the prestigious Wharton community is a great honour. The course looks state of the art yet simple with the Wharton brand.

創建者 Adeyinka O


Content was deep and quite some volume but easily recapped on tips of fingers, this is nothing "but ​expertise in the ease of presentation at its best". The Presentation materials are rich, concise, and very focused. I can't wait to experience other courses facilitated by this professors.

創建者 Jin A


It was a great course for me who especially had no background of fintech.

The course was very useful from understanding very basic introduction & definition to think more broaden topics.

I'm going to explore more advanced courses coming from this basic fintech course.

Thank you professors!

創建者 Nikhil J


I really enjoyed the course strucutre but felt like it's similar to FinTech Law and Policy from Duke University. Still a great course to get into financial service sector specially in evolution of payment industry and how different regulation works in different countries.

創建者 Manish R


Amazing Course. Many thanks to Prof. Natasha Sarin & Prof. Christopher for the wonderful structured lectures. Basics of FinTech explained beautifully. Beginner can easily understand the basics of FinTech and its associated concepts. Loved the course :) 5 Stars !!

創建者 Mandhir S


Very nicely done by the Instructor. Just the correct amount of rigor for a course like this.

Easier that this would have made it too elementary and if it had been too rigorous it would have been discouraging for someone just looking for a better understanding.

創建者 Neeraj K J


Learning got really simple & interesting with this course. Its to everyone's benefit in this era to understand the basics of fintech & how globe spanning this aspect is. This course does exactly that - gives a foundation to learn further on the FinTech space.

創建者 Roberto H R


The course is amazing, there is a great amount of excellent content, I live in Mexico and there is this new law about fintech which limited many startups and emerging business, this course gave my a new panorama about what fintech is and what is about to be.