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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content 的評價和反饋

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Ever wondered why some things become popular, and other don't? Why some products become hits while others flop? Why some ideas take off while others languish? What are the key ideas behind viral marketing? This course explains how things catch on and helps you apply these ideas to be more effective at marketing your ideas, brands, or products. You'll learn how to make ideas stick, how to increase your influence, how to generate more word of mouth, and how to use the power of social networks to spread information and influence. Drawing on principles from his best-selling book, "Contagious: Why Things Catch On," Professor Jonah Berger illustrates successful strategies for you to use buzz to create virality so that your campaigns become more shareable on social media and elsewhere. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to craft contagious content, build stickier messages, and get any product, idea, or behavior to catch on....




Educational and eye opening, the instructor offered amazing content with examples and links to further look into the topics mentioned. A great tool to have for anyone in business, sales, or marketing.



This course is very interesting, helpful and fit to most of people who are working with content, especially for those want to make your content effective to the target audience. I love this course. <3


326 - Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content 的 350 個評論(共 1,541 個)

創建者 Jaima S


Great class, easy to follow and very engaging. Followed this up with Johna's book, which helped to retention and better understanding of how to apply the STEPP!

創建者 Wilson L C


With so much engaging content, I loved the course. As an idea, why not drive further value with a capstone project where participants could apply those content?

創建者 steffi f


One of the best coursese who clearly distinguishes the importance of creativity and stratrgic ways to use them in practical. It was fun and I enjoyed learning.

創建者 Atisha M


I simply loved the course. it is ver helpful and extremely detailed. The exercises are decent and the content is exactly what it is described as! Great choice.

創建者 Sheena T


Great course! Classes are delivered to the point (short and sweet) with real examples which is easy to understand and a great reference on future application.

創建者 Pablo M


I am satisfied with the course. It was short but with so much information. The teacher use good examples to explain marketing concepts. I highly recommend it.

創建者 Celine B F


Very informative and well explained! Interesting supplements to the lessons through videos and the instructor, Jonah Berger, taught the lesson clearly. Kudos!

創建者 Aayush S


Good and Practical course, the knowledge is useful and can be used in any field of work besides it help one make better decisions whether long or short term.

創建者 Hannah T


This was a very informative and engaging course. I learned a lot of useful marketing tools. The professor was a very knowledgeable and compelling instructor.

創建者 Rinkesh A


Thank you for sharing such a wonderful analysis and your insights regarding the viral marketing. Your insights on network and its type are also very helpful.

創建者 Sheny O


the course was so simply explained and detailed. thank you coursera for this and more. i hope i am granted fiancial aids to further my knowledge acquisition



The examples are accurate and interesting. The perfect blend of theoretical and practical information which can be implemented on our work right from day 1.

創建者 Alvaro E S R


Really useful and practical, I particularly liked how the information given on this MOOC can be used on all kinds of cases, practices and work environments.

創建者 Essra A M


Excellent course presentation and content , very helpful thank you very much for taking the time to share all these pieces of knowledge , really appreciated



This course was indeed very informative and had played a big role in shaping up my concepts on Viral Marketing.

Thank you Prof. Jonah Berger and Coursera.

創建者 Mariana V D


Amazing! My dream is to go to Upenn, and getting to know a little about Professor Berger and the classes Im going to attend has been an amazing experience!

創建者 Jessica R


This course absolutely gave me new life :) Thank you for incredible insight and a beautifully laid out course - so sad its over as Ive loved every second!!

創建者 Amiena M


Simple, elegant and helpuful knowloge to start knwing Network & social circle to work with marketing. Really i learned a lot from this course thanks a lot

創建者 Vanessa L


wonderfully comprehensive. mr berger is great at explaining concepts to marketing newbies such as myself, will definitely be looking into this field more!

創建者 Nanda K K N


Very informative and useful. I suggest you to include a project w.r.t viral marketing campaign to test and evaluate at the end of the course, if possible.

創建者 Paul D B


An extremely interesting course taught by a very engaging professor. I certainly want to know more about this topic, so I purchased the professor's book.

創建者 Sreshtha C


One of the best courses i have ever come across, helps you decipher the myths of marketing to what's real and how to use those in real life experience.

創建者 Keisha B


This instructor knows what he's talking about. He was very straightforward, but also used engaging storytelling anecdotes for relevance and connection.

創建者 Ratan D K


Very helpful and innovative course and indeed a charming professor who helped us to understand the nuances of crafting contagious content. Thanks a lot

創建者 Zoya A


L​earned so much duing this course! I loved tthe different examples that were presented during the course as well to better explain the points made :)