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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 The Unix Workbench 的評價和反饋

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Unix forms a foundation that is often very helpful for accomplishing other goals you might have for you and your computer, whether that goal is running a business, writing a book, curing disease, or creating the next great app. The means to these goals are sometimes carried out by writing software. Software can’t be mined out of the ground, nor can software seeds be planted in spring to harvest by autumn. Software isn’t produced in factories on an assembly line. Software is a hand-made, often bespoke good. If a software developer is an artisan, then Unix is their workbench. Unix provides an essential and simple set of tools in a distraction-free environment. Even if you’re not a software developer learning Unix can open you up to new methods of thinking and novel ways to scale your ideas. This course is intended for folks who are new to programming and new to Unix-like operating systems like macOS and Linux distributions like Ubuntu. Most of the technologies discussed in this course will be accessed via a command line interface. Command line interfaces can seem alien at first, so this course attempts to draw parallels between using the command line and actions that you would normally take while using your mouse and keyboard. You’ll also learn how to write little pieces of software in a programming language called Bash, which allows you to connect together the tools we’ll discuss. My hope is that by the end of this course you be able to use different Unix tools as if they’re interconnecting Lego bricks....



Jan 29, 2018

A wonderful course! Answered so many questions I had and gave me a solid background in Git, Bash, makefiles, and working from the cloud. I will definitely be using these skills in my job search!


Sep 11, 2017

It is suitable for Unix/Linux beginners who are new to shell. It introduces popular code sharing and merging tool GitHub, which most programmers would find very useful in software development.


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創建者 Deleted A

May 21, 2018

All very good. Week 4 is too much work compared to other weeks

創建者 Sharad K

Feb 25, 2018

It is the best online course with effective assignments !

創建者 Ashkan R

Dec 29, 2017

Easy to cope and very enjoyable hands-on style course.

創建者 surinder

Dec 19, 2017

This is a good course for a level2 beginner

創建者 Kathi R R

Feb 16, 2019

One word "SeanKross is awesome."

創建者 peeyush s

Feb 11, 2018

A very nice and compact course.

創建者 Weiqi Y

Jan 18, 2018

Good Course. Things are useful

創建者 Devaashish S

Jul 20, 2019

Excellent book and exercises.

創建者 sangeeta k

Jan 09, 2020

nice and easy to understand

創建者 Alberto J A C

Dec 22, 2019

Basic course. Very useful

創建者 Pradyumna K R

Jul 16, 2018

It contains only reading.

創建者 Rohit J

Apr 02, 2019

good add more content

創建者 M A B

Nov 26, 2018


創建者 Pratima S

Aug 19, 2019


創建者 Ugo N

Aug 13, 2017

This course is very boring. But teaches you how to use Bash Shell.

I'm very disappointed and sad at this moment actually, because I want to move on to do other courses but this course is standing in the way of my progress. I just can't seem to get over the last few lectures of week 3. The form of teaching is not enjoyable enough to come back to the material, although what you learn is actually viable.

I have to stomach it and get through this course as quickly as possible, cause the mere thought of coming to it bothers my brain.

Overall, do it if you need to.

創建者 Anthony A

Mar 25, 2019

You need videos, not enough and all reading here, although it was the easiest course I've even started and completed. Took less than 1 day to complete and pass.

創建者 Ahmed M A M M

Jan 14, 2019

The studying material demonstration is not fit for everyone and I see that it needs more explaining video from an instructor.

創建者 Thomas L

Jan 27, 2019

It's helpful if you want to know a thing or two about Bash.

創建者 李锐

Aug 14, 2017



創建者 Milad V

Mar 02, 2019

in my opinion some concepts is not described very well...

創建者 Jacky H

Feb 16, 2019

99% of the contents in this course are transfered from the book of the same title. No instruction videos. The difficulty is somehow low which makes the author's elaboration feels dry and lengthy.

It is almost the same as reading the book yourself, beside the discussion forum, which is also not very helpful in my opinion.