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學生對 Google 提供的 Technical Support Fundamentals 的評價和反饋

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This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. You’ll learn about the different facets of Information Technology, like computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in this certificate program. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● understand how the binary system works. ● assemble a computer from scratch. ● choose and install an operating system on a computer. ● understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has in the modern world. ● learn how applications are created and how they work under the hood of a computer. ● utilize common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an Information Technology setting....



Nov 14, 2019

I loved how useful all of the information in this course was. I love how much the instructors really seemed to be so in love with their careers. Its the most fun I've had learning in a very long time.


Mar 06, 2018

Awesome course designed by google. Thank you very much. Knowledge gained in just introductery leactures started burning desire in me to complete whole syllabus. Every bit of program is worth the time.


51 - Technical Support Fundamentals 的 75 個評論(共 4,453 個)

創建者 Scott

Jan 30, 2019

Great course

創建者 Alberto P M

Jan 21, 2019

Well planned and thought out with easy to follow courses.

創建者 Daniel A M

Jan 20, 2019

Excelent Course!! Congratulations & Thank you!!

創建者 Arnold E

Jan 31, 2019

Great course!!!

創建者 Francisco J R R

Feb 01, 2019

Es una gran oportunidad para entrar en contacto con los fundamentos de IT support

創建者 Joseph D

Feb 01, 2019

I really like this course and found it helpful and clear.

創建者 Roberto G J

Jan 31, 2019

Easy and simple to follow.

創建者 Kelly M

Jan 31, 2019

This is a great entry level course for people wanting to start a career in the IT industry.

創建者 Guadalupe F

Feb 03, 2019

Overall I believe it will challenge all.

創建者 Jonathan H

Feb 04, 2019


創建者 Karen P

Feb 02, 2019

This course is so well designed and the instructors are the best because their presentation feels natural and they seem knowledgeable about the material. The information is well organized and the lecture scripts are well done. I wish the instructors and producers of this course would re-make Google's own Google Analytics course, which is low-quality and poorly executed.

創建者 Victor A P M

Feb 03, 2019

Very informative course I learned a few new things, cant wait to finish he course.


Feb 03, 2019

This is one of the best google fundamental course i have ever learn. All the skills are very interesting and inspiring ranging from Binary Code, Customer Support, Linux and Troubleshooting. I recommend the course for everyone in the field of IT.

創建者 Jason H

Jan 22, 2019

Course is excellent want to gain a very high level understanding of the IT support world.

創建者 Rohit B

Jan 22, 2019

This is a great course, I've learnt from Google. It has thought me so many basic concepts of IT and computer. This course contains Google's virtual labs for Windows and Linux operating system. I had only issue, even though I have completed all my tasks and assignments, it took 48 hours to get my certificate. However, I will highly recommend this course to every IT beginner.

創建者 Rigoberto G

Jan 21, 2019

i like it

創建者 Kyle S J

Jan 21, 2019

Delightful intro and information into the IT realm. I'm so excited to see the next group of courses. I was able to complete this in 6 days, so I think the timeline of 6 weeks was very loose. Instructors were super intelligent and I thoroughly enjoyed their words of wisdom at the end of the subjects they were teaching. Having their insight is like having a great friend in the industry. I can only hope to attain a job as a support tech asap!

創建者 Johnathan A V

Jan 21, 2019

This course is a good starter to begin the basics of Information Technology. I am glad that I took this as my first course.

創建者 Arturo S

Jan 21, 2019

Good course. Easily covers the fundamentals. Highly recommend this course for beginners.

創建者 Christopher B W

Jan 21, 2019

Great introductory course! This sets the stage for the following courses in the program.

創建者 Sanja S

Feb 04, 2019

Great beginners overview course before going into more details

創建者 Lance B

Feb 04, 2019

Very well structured, and information was easy follow. Learning was made easy by the progression of the assignments. I really enjoyed being able to go at my own pace!

創建者 Sabrina T

Feb 04, 2019

Very informative course. I loved the videos and the labs were super cool and made it fun to learn.

創建者 joanna a

Feb 04, 2019

Great! Very informative

創建者 Kevin G

Jan 23, 2019

Great intro, can't wait to continue the course. Tons of good information for people with little to no knowledge!