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學生對 Google 提供的 Technical Support Fundamentals 的評價和反饋

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This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. You’ll learn about the different facets of Information Technology, like computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in this certificate program. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● understand how the binary system works ● assemble a computer from scratch ● choose and install an operating system on a computer ● understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has in the modern world ● learn how applications are created and how they work under the hood of a computer ● utilize common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an Information Technology setting...



Well made and simple to understand, had previous experience and it was dead on. Great for beginners and a great refresher for people trying to get a cert for their resume or to expand their knowledge.


Starting from scratch, I feel like I've gained a great basic understanding of IT support. It was informative, and it has motivated me and left me hungry for more. I am excite to start the next course!


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創建者 Lynn A


The course content was extremely interesting. I especially liked hearing about others' personal experiences working in the IT field. The only discouraging part for me was the Windows labs that I had technical issues completing. I found the Linux labs infinitely more user-friendly and easier to complete. Overall I have learned a tremendous amount of things in this first section and I am looking forward to completing the course over the next few months.

創建者 Mithun B


The course was really engaging and gamified. I was able to learn things with ease. The content was well structured and on to the point. The mentors being employees of Google and learning from their experience is something that benifits all. The QwikLabs guided labs were really helpful in spinning up Virtual machines to practice on.

I will definetely recommend this course to everyone. My huge respect for Coursera and Google for brining up the initiative.

創建者 Tolulope E


I wasn't sure this course was right for me initially but I decided to take it anyway. After learning all these interesting things about the way computers work and listening to the personal experiences of the instructors, I feel confident about pursuing a career in IT. This course has broadened my knowledge in so many different ways. I was always so eager to see what the next lesson unfolds so I completed it in a week.

Thank you Google, Thank you Coursera

創建者 Kwame A B


I really enjoyed this Profession Google IT Support specialization which has broadened my mind and developed skils for real-time l for problem-solving and I really recommend this course to anyone who by chance my come across this course which is of high standard with well-structured course overview alongside great instructors who really makes online studying much easier as one is able to learn, understand and acquire real-time skills to solving problems.

創建者 Vijay k K


This course has took me through all the basics in the IT Support field which includes networking, beginner, software and also contains Interview experiences of many experts and they have demo for everything to make sure we learn it easily. Simply speaking this is the best course for every beginner who wants to learn about technology. SECURITY IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL and this course can help us to take the first step in that for sure.

創建者 Jorel T


It was an interesting journey. This course exposed me to the world of IT, and gingered my desire to seek more answers to some questions about IT I have long thought about. It was a very good experience for me. All the instructors, and folks who role played were so awesome and amazing. I'd like to express my thanks and appreciations for their time and hard word put in the planning, development, and the instruction of this course. It was rewarding......

創建者 Brenda T


Eu amei fazer esse curso, expandiu muito meu conhecimento, não fazia ideia de quase nada sobre a internet, foi a parte mais difícil pra mim e a que fiquei mais feliz e ansiosa para concluir foi um desafio e tanto. Me mostrou o quanto eu ainda não sei e isso me impulsiona a querer saber mais e mais, descobri em 2019 que quero trabalhar com TI e esse curso só me provou que é isso mesmo que quero fazer. Muito obrigada Google & Coursera pela oportunidade!

創建者 Mustapha S


I have learnt a lot about IT support and I look forward to learn more in the future and put the knowledge into practice by working in an IT industry, thanks to all the instructors that took of of their time to step down part of their knowledge and special thanks to Google for this brilliant idea for bringing up courses like this. Last but not the list special thanks to coursera for excellent coordination of this course, may god almighty bless you all

創建者 Ayodeji O O


I can't give this course a rating of anything less than the best (5 star).

The layout of each course/teachings are super impressive. The teachers are world class(non gender/race/ethnical biase), making you feel welcome and confident with encouragements and less pressure, sharing their own background stories/personal experience. Which in turn makes a learner to dare to believe, and to me; that's the very 1st step towards a great future.

Well done guys

創建者 Kaleb A


very good starting content -- helps you see what areas you're familiar with (if any) and what areas are new and will require more of your focus -- gives very good 'broad strokes' to introduce you to the areas of content that will be covered more in-depth in later lessons -- some issues with the instructions for the labs, but click on the chat option and get them to tell you what to do if you get lost the first time -- after that you'll have it down



Well thought out program that has such a easy flow to follow. The videos and Google staff reenacted the experience in a real world environment. The confident instilled in the course allows someone like me with not much tech experience comfortable in the uncharted territory. I thank you and your entire organization. Im abit sadden now because its not so clear on how I can continue in this program but I'm not giving up on learning new tech things.

創建者 Nicole A


This was an incredibly informative but easy to follow course. I have zero IT experience past setting up my own phone or pc apps and I was able to follow along with this content. It's wonderful to be able to go back and rewatch or restudy videos and notes when I wasn't sure about something or I just needed to refresh my memory. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into the IT field! Thank you Google and Coursera!

創建者 JC o


This was a great course I really learned a lot I refreshed my mind with all the words and phrases of a technical career it really opened my mind to learn more and be more specific on how computers work like knowing how each component connect to each other like hardware to a software or the processes needed to be done in order to send an email or to create a website. I am definitely eager to learn more about Linux which I had no experienced at all.

創建者 Alexis G


This course took me a lot longer than I originally thought it would take! There were so many fundamentals that I didn't know that I didn't know. This was a great course to catch everyone up to get beginners onto the same level as other people. I have already filled almost an entire composition notebook with notes only from this course! There is a lot of independent reading, and I do highly recommend bookmarking them for future references as well.

創建者 Elvio G C


Excelente curso, compacto, pero bien explicado todo, te mantiene pegado a la pantalla deseando aprender mas, los talleres interactivos son geniales y realmente se siente que uno esta progresando y aprendiendo mucho, a pesar que yo tenia conocimientos muy básicos, el haber realizado este curso me hizo sentirme mucho mas cómodo con mis conocimientos y me brindo muchos tips y material para seguir avanzando en mi carrera, simplemente maravilloso.

創建者 John M


I feel that his course has opened a whole new digital world to learn about. I never thought that I would be interested in the various technologies due to my way of thinking. I've always thought that this field involves a lot of difficult mathematical formulas and some deep scientific algorithms. This is on of the reasons I have always worked in contracts, sales, and logistics. This is an opportunity that everyone should consider. Thank you.

創建者 Jemimah O


This has been an eyeopener course for me and it has also boost my confidence when it comes to IT. I have been able to identify and understand IT terms like Trouble shooting, Operating system and BIOS. I now know the differences between Hardware and software and how to effectively communicate anywhere, be it in an organisation or online. I definitely recommend this course and promise you will not regret it if you are looking for a carer in IT

創建者 Esteban B L


Excelente curso para refrescar conceptos IT... también lo veo apropiado para aquellos que tienen nociones básicas o que no tienen conocimientos previos. La parte de atención al cliente me ha resultado muy interesante pese a ser un campo que, a priori, no me llama mucho la atención. He aprendido técnicas y conceptos que hasta ahora no llegaba a entender. Muy buen curso, lo recomiendo a todo aquel que tenga contacto con las nuevas tecnologías.



I want to say I'm glad taking a bore step to do this course, the subject or material were very update,professional and very educational. And I think one of the best decision i have made sitting home ,looking for job, and quarantine COVID19 is taken the Google IT Technical Support Fundamentals. My success here allow me to proof my passion, my dreams and show those who didn't believe me . I want to say thanks to all my Google instructors!.

創建者 Lisa J B


This course was very well designed, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking it. The instructors were well chosen and all were able to explain more complex concepts so people with little or no technical background can understand.

I'm very thankful for courses such as this one, as it makes it possible for almost anyone to further their knowledge or change careers and gain the necessary skills to do that.

Looking forward to the next course in the series!

創建者 Akinlolu M


This course gave me foundational knowledge about computer and ignites the passion in me to continue on this path. I have been told that it is impossible to enter into computer world without a computer degree but my first six weeks has proved this to be false. I enjoyed every bit of the course and have registered for the next course. Thank you Google for making this course available to all and sundry. Thanks to all the presenters. Kudos/1

創建者 Neil A


On this course, Technical Support Fundamentals, you will find yourself very comfortable thanks to the teachers videos and explanations on a wide array of topics involved in IT support industry. For those that are already familiar it will be reassuring and your will learn quite a few tricks for sure and learn from good advice on the field. For those new to the field, it will become for sure the stepping stone for courses to follow. Thanks!

創建者 Vincent A C


This has been a very good experience of re-introducing me to the PC. I took some classes at DeVry, years ago, when MS-Dos was "king" and was intimidated by the the experience and didn't continue. I thought that I wasn't as smart as everyone else appeared to be. The upside to this approach is that you're sharing the experience with other ENTRY level folks, and the internet allows you to be more candid than you would be in the classroom.

創建者 Joaquín C W


Hello, this course is great for those who start and want to know what an it support career is like, it covers fundamental and new things that helped me understand some things that I did not know with the previous experience I have in the field with practical modules and with remote virtual computers that's great. I thank you gentlemen from Google and Corusera for this opportunity that you give us to learn more and be updated. Thanks !!

創建者 Liz M


As a rather non tech person I learned so much about technology. I entered as just a refresher while recovering from a surgery. I am glad i did. For me it was challenging and informative. There is plenty of extra reading material and resources to get a better grasp on the lessons if need be. The instructors were all great. I am not sure what I will do with this new found knowledge but I am so glad i took the journey. I highly recommend!