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學生對 开普敦大学 提供的 Teaching Children with Visual Impairment: Creating Empowering Classrooms 的評價和反饋

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In the education of children with visual impairment, there is at present a global movement away from segregated special schooling, and towards inclusive neighbourhood schools. Inclusion provides an opportunity for everyone, teachers as well as learners, to become more acquainted about life with visual impairment and to overcome some of the barriers of difference which have existed in the past. But if it is to be successful, teachers and others require key skills and insights in order to create classroom environments which fully accommodate the learning needs of children with visual impairment. In this course, you will discover the visually impaired child by recognizing that there are many different eye conditions and that each affects learning and behavior differently. During the course, we will explore the Expanded Core Curriculum, which is a collection of content areas that teachers integrate into the core curriculum to give visually impaired learners access to knowledge that sighted learners gain through observation. You will also learn how to make your classroom, the content, your teaching, and the assessments accessible through curriculum differentiation strategies. By the end of the course you will have the necessary tools to create empowering classrooms where you can teach children with visual impairment in an inclusive, accessible, and attuned space. You will be able to purchase a Verified Certificate if you wish to show evidence of your achievements, but this is optional, and you may apply for Financial Aid if you are unable to pay the certificate fee....




The knowledge and skills I have learnt made me to grow.. More student teachers should try out this coarse and the world will be a better place especially for the visually impaired.



You can't's very powerful course to deal with visual impairment .I am so happy to made this choice, advising you to involve in, with my thanks to cape town university


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創建者 Robyn F C


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As a South African teacher working with visually impaired learners, I found it very relevant; insightful and interesting. I think that this would be useful for all teachers working in inclusive schools to do. I look forward to applying what I have learnt and effecting positive change in the education of visually impaired children.

創建者 Samah a E a E R


You can't's very powerful course to deal with visual impairment .I am so happy to made this choice, advising you to involve in, with my thanks to cape town university

創建者 Lebohang P


very education course indeed i got to learn a lot of things i strongly believe i can confidently succeed in teaching learners with visual impairments

創建者 Vincent C


Teaching Children with Visual Impairment: Creating Empowering Classrooms

This is an excellent course with full topic coverage and lecturers that are not only knowledgeable but probably experts in their respective fields. I would recommend this course to ALL teachers who are serious about an inclusive classroom and quality teaching.

創建者 Michelle M F


I enjoyed this course a lot and will definitely to similar to this. I learned a lot about the ECC and how to differentiate activities and assessments. Love love loved this course. It will be beneficial for all teachers and people working with the visually impaired

創建者 Laney ( S


I think this is a great course to take for educators working with visually impaired students. Especially if they are new to teaching. My favorite part of this course was listening to the experiences and opinions of the panel.

創建者 Hope D


The knowledge and skills I have learnt made me to grow.. More student teachers should try out this coarse and the world will be a better place especially for the visually impaired.

創建者 Nadia S





Wow this course is amazing, I had no idea about how one curriculum van be looked at differently to accommodate all learners with different capabilities.



This is my first professional development experience on this platform. I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers of this course for the comprehensive coverage of the problem under consideration; the availability of feedback from teachers and course organizers, which allows you to quickly resolve emerging issues; a convenient schedule and work schedule that allows you to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies on the job; the interest of the teaching staff of the courses and the organizers of the courses in the quality of the material presented, the desire to transfer as much of their experience as possible. I recommend everyone to choose courses according to their interests and educate themselves!

創建者 Elize J


Thank you for the tools you have given me with this course. I feel so much more ready to help my learners and to do what is best for them. You have covered a lot of my questions and insecurities on being a good teacher for visually impaired learners. I feel empowered. Thank you.

I do have a problem with the transcripts though. The transcriptions are done well, but I think it needs to be reviewed by a person with an educational background. There are some small mistakes that does not make sense in print, but a teacher (and a former editor like me) hears what is actually being said and can correct mistakes in the context of the educational content.

創建者 Manoj G P


This a good course. To someone who was not aware about anything to do with visual impaired learners, this course is a great way to get started. At the heart of this course is empathy ! It also have many useful and practical and specific suggestions and examples that made it all the more easy to understand.

Would have liked if the course included voices of learners and parents in the course. It helps to hear multiple perspectives.

Nevertheless, heartfelt thanks to the team that has worked to put this course together. Very well done.

創建者 senamile s


I really found this course interesting and i learnt a lot that i didnt know of especially about visual impaired , the way a teacher should handle themselves in schools with such people i really felt emotional though when watching the video i felt the struggle but im glad there are testimonies that we have graduates and people who have made it in life but still are visual impaired.

創建者 Amanda F


This course covered the core areas needed to successful mainstream students diagnosed with VI. It prepares educators to plan instruction, gives insight into the accommodations, adaptations and modifications needed, how to treat with such an exceptionality and how to effectively deliver instruction to such students

創建者 Dr. A V


I just want to say thank you to myself for choosing this course. It will be remarkable always in my career as a teacher. It is a very interesting and informative course, designed in a organized and flexible manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt so many things from it.

創建者 Abdelrhani Z


Teaching Children with Visual Impaired Impairment: Creating Empowering Classrooms is the right full complete course to everyone who likes working with visual impaired people. It is the real bridge that brings Visual Impaired and sight people to the common world.

創建者 Supriya D


This was an exceptional learning. A treasure trove of information and a very well structured course for awareness development. Thanks to Brian and all the faculty for the meticulous delivery of courseware and engaging discussions.

創建者 Johanna M T


I really enjoyed this class! My notebook is filled with information from this course alone and I definitely acquired relevant and essential skills about teaching, interacting, and handling visually impaired children.

創建者 Jessica R


Thank you so much! This is probably on of the best courses I have ever taken. It was very informative and practical and has given me many ideas for classroom inclusion and management. Best wishes to you all.

創建者 George C J


I love the fact that I never thought this topic could be so in depth. I had a blast and would recommend this course 10 out of 10 times.

創建者 Rahel T


It's a great program I learn a lot of things about how to teach children with visual impairment. I am planning to take more courses.

創建者 張雅婷


Thank dear teacher give us such a wonderful lesson. I hope that I can learn more about teaching children with visual impairment.

創建者 Angela M


I gained a ton of knowledge on creating a great classroom to help the VI students get the most out of learning!

創建者 Elizabeth N d A


Very interesting course. I feel like I learnt a lot about ways to help support visually impaired students.

創建者 Andrea W


Absolutely loved this course. It was relevant, applicable, and informed by experts. Thank you so much.