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This course, which is Part Three in the series of Startup Entrepreneurship specialization, offers Life Lessons from a Master Innovator, with proven achievements. During this course you will listen to conversations and interviews with Mr. David (Dadi) Perlmutter, who until recently was Executive VP of Intel corporate. Dadi will talk about 10 life lessons, based on his 34 years as a rebel innovator and entrepreneur. We will share with you the following lessons: Love and Knowledge are infinite: grow and share; Learn from Failures and Successes; Nothing Moves without a Vision; Have a Differentiated Market Transforming Strategy; Dare to Take Action; Fight Resistance; It is All About the Ecosystem; Build a Team; Keep it Simple and Work Hard. By the end of the course the learner will: * Know how to lead a process of innovation and implement ideas through all its phases from discovery to delivery in your own field of choice. * Know how to apply creativity to generate creative ideas in a wide range of strategic management issues. * Know how to solve problems in general, with a high degree of innovative creative thinking, to widen the range of possible choices * Identify new and unfamiliar challenges and needs, reflect on them from a creative point of view (zoom in), decide on the action they require (zoom out) and generate a novel and useful solution * Transform ideas into real value-creating products, services and processes. * Be able to analyze both success and failure and draw conclusions from both, for improving future innovative efforts. * Be able to identify and create key features of innovative products and services and in doing so, generate strategically differentiated innovations that are unique * Be able to present your ideas persuasively and overcome resistance. * Know how to simplify a complex product and make it user friendly. Course assignments will include participation in two discussion groups and four assignments. In each assignment you will be asked to deal with a question relating to an interview you have seen....




Outstanding session! Thanks to Professor Shlomo and Dadi Perlmutter for sharing their wisdom and their convergent visions. -Zyad



The course has tons of valuable knowledge about systematically creative tools. I love the course.


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創建者 Đoàn T L


Thank you for choosing Innovation Lessons from a Master. This course is the third in a series of four startup entrepreneurship courses, titled overall Cracking the Creativity Code; the previous two were Discovering Ideas; and From Idea to Startup.

I’ve invited David (Dadi) Perlmutter to join me in this course. Dadi was Executive Vice-President of Intel Corp. and in his long career pioneered several world-changing innovations, including Pentium and Centrino. In this course, Dadi and I chat about the 10 key lessons he has learned, in his long career, about innovation. You will find his lessons relevant, authentic and hopefully inspiring. When you finish this course, you will have a real-world perspective on the challenges and beauty of innovation, from the vantage point of a highly-qualified innovator and innovation manager. You will also learn from startup entrepreneurs, whom we interviewed; they will recount their successes and failures, always with a view to helping and teaching others.

We hope this course will improve your chances of success, as an entrepreneur, and perhaps help you avoid some pitfalls.

Please tell your friends about this course. It can be taken stand-alone, as well as in the context of the four-course specialization. (The fourth course is a Capstone project, that challenges you to use your newfound knowledge of entrepreneurship gained in the first three courses).

We look forward to interacting with you and hopefully, one day, to hear from you and learning about your adventures as an entrepreneur who created value for millions and changed the world



As I mentioned the entrepreneur Course era journey was awesome

We didn't had this much depth idea in this topic.

We learnt the lectures from the top universities.

I really enjoyed doing assignments by giving real time examples it made me more interesting towards Entrepreneur course .

All the 4 weeks were really amazing .

I thank Reva University for giving us this great opportunity to do this course from top abroad universities .

Thank you once again to Reva University as well as

The abroad universities.

創建者 Matthew P L


Creative format that provides rare opportunity to hear technical leadership speak about real life innovation in a company with obstacles and insights, generally necessary to obtain for promotion into management.

創建者 Zyad S


Outstanding session! Thanks to Professor Shlomo and Dadi Perlmutter for sharing their wisdom and their convergent visions. -Zyad

創建者 TrongTTCE130169


The course has tons of valuable knowledge about systematically creative tools. I love the course.

創建者 Sholeye M I


i really learnt a lot in this course. thanks to all lecturers for their help.

創建者 QuanDTMSE130656


This is a benefit course I learn từ trước đến nay

創建者 Bui T D


FPT like this course. Thanks a lot

創建者 Srinidhi.R


one can definitely get motivated.

創建者 AnhNTHE130681


Setup plan and thinking business

創建者 Worthy W


Simplified great information.

創建者 Adarsha B R


Very good to learn like this

創建者 Nguyen H D


very good for my skill

創建者 Steven L B S


This Course Was Great!

創建者 Manuel d M D


Great experience!

創建者 DatNTHE140668


Very Good to know

創建者 Tong V C


Very good course

創建者 Obadina P T


Awesome course

創建者 ManhDTHE130381


That was good

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really great

創建者 chuongnqse63246


Good lessons

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Nice Course



Very good

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very good