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學生對 加州大学戴维斯分校 提供的 SQL for Data Science 的評價和反饋

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As data collection has increased exponentially, so has the need for people skilled at using and interacting with data; to be able to think critically, and provide insights to make better decisions and optimize their businesses. This is a data scientist, “part mathematician, part computer scientist, and part trend spotter” (SAS Institute, Inc.). According to Glassdoor, being a data scientist is the best job in America; with a median base salary of $110,000 and thousands of job openings at a time. The skills necessary to be a good data scientist include being able to retrieve and work with data, and to do that you need to be well versed in SQL, the standard language for communicating with database systems. This course is designed to give you a primer in the fundamentals of SQL and working with data so that you can begin analyzing it for data science purposes. You will begin to ask the right questions and come up with good answers to deliver valuable insights for your organization. This course starts with the basics and assumes you do not have any knowledge or skills in SQL. It will build on that foundation and gradually have you write both simple and complex queries to help you select data from tables. You'll start to work with different types of data like strings and numbers and discuss methods to filter and pare down your results. You will create new tables and be able to move data into them. You will learn common operators and how to combine the data. You will use case statements and concepts like data governance and profiling. You will discuss topics on data, and practice using real-world programming assignments. You will interpret the structure, meaning, and relationships in source data and use SQL as a professional to shape your data for targeted analysis purposes. Although we do not have any specific prerequisites or software requirements to take this course, a simple text editor is recommended for the final project. So what are you waiting for? This is your first step in landing a job in the best occupation in the US and soon the world!...



Apr 06, 2020

This course has really helped with optimizing queries that I work with everyday, enhancing my understanding of RDBMS, joins, analyzing and structuring exactly what you need and yielding those results.


May 09, 2020

By taking the course you can learn how to use the principal commands for database queries using SQL and the practice exams help your to develop the ability to perform the theoretical knowledge


251 - SQL for Data Science 的 275 個評論(共 1,181 個)

創建者 Smain S

May 14, 2020

Really I enjoyed the challenge of the quizzes and the last assignments.

Full of skills.

Thanks to the course teacher.

創建者 Aishwarya P D

Apr 14, 2020

Excellent course with deep insights of the basics as well as the advanced topics and explained in a very simple way

創建者 Syed H H

Aug 03, 2019

Effective course. Includes the right mix of lectures and interactivity through quizzes, exercises and assignments.

創建者 Prashant J

Apr 15, 2020

This course gives the strong foundation to learn sql.Learnt best practices and few query optimization techniques.

創建者 Alon D

Sep 16, 2018

Great quick introduction to SQL. I gained the skills that I needed, and enjoyed the online programming exercises.

創建者 Aditya K M

May 12, 2020

This is an awesome course to begin with SQL for data science. It gives a lot more things to use in data science.

創建者 Jean M U

Oct 07, 2019

Good overview of SQL and beginnings of Data Analysis. The instructor provides great explainations and examples.

創建者 Thakkar S

Mar 04, 2020

One of the best instructor. Just made understand SQL inside out. Must take the course to understand all topics.

創建者 Roger D C S

Feb 23, 2020

Great course and experience.

Suitable for all levels where content can be applied immediately

Highly recommended!

創建者 Md I H

Nov 24, 2019

Excellent and easy to understand. Very nicely structured. The exercises give you a strong foundation in SQLite.

創建者 Franck N

Sep 09, 2019

Very clear, which both pratical examples and exercises.

But of course expand your curiosity to other sources....

創建者 Kainan L

Aug 03, 2019

The content is great, but it seems the final assignment makes everybody crazy because of its poor instructions.

創建者 Sanskruti R P

May 25, 2020

Thank you so much for this course ! Am really glad that I did these course . It helped me to ind my intrests

創建者 Aleona L

Dec 18, 2019

Easy to follow, good explanations, perfect for busy professionals. Useful basic info for complete beginners.

創建者 Shamsher S

Aug 03, 2019

excellent course for beginners to learn SQL skills. The content is flawless and instructor is very detailed.

創建者 Daniel L A

Apr 02, 2019

It's a great tool to use while studying at University, as also for people that has some certain idea of SQL.

創建者 Oscar A R Q

Nov 16, 2018

This is very tough course but it is wort it, nice to have some experiences about data and how to analyze it.

創建者 Ch B S S

Apr 29, 2020

A great course which not only introduces you to SQL but also teaches you the different applications of SQL.

創建者 Pratyush K

Jul 16, 2019

Good Course, If you are a beginner a lot of effort has to be put but all in all excellent way to teach SQL

創建者 Ashwini B

Mar 15, 2019

This course is really great to study the SQL and it will help to used for professionals as well as students

創建者 孙榕涓

Dec 10, 2019

the content of this course is ver solid and the lecture always can explain some basic concept very clearly

創建者 Sarthak S T

Feb 18, 2019

Course is really very good. Content is well organised, takes you through the concepts. Excellently taught.

創建者 David M G

Apr 29, 2020

Perfect course! I like the database with the artists and tracks of heavy metal!! Very interesting! Thanks

創建者 Livesh G

Feb 27, 2020

Great course for a first venture into sql and the focus is placed on how its relevant to data sicentista

創建者 Parth S

Nov 13, 2018

the course was great but need to do it in the software to apply the coding in order to understand better