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學生對 丹麦技术大学 提供的 Introduction to solar cells 的評價和反饋

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How do solar cells work, why do we need, and how can we measure their efficiency? These are just some of the questions Introduction to solar cells tackles. Whether you are looking for general insight in this green technology or your ambition is to pursue a career in solar, “Introduction to Solar Cells” is an excellent starting point. The course is a tour through the fundamental disciplines including solar cell history, why we need solar energy, how solar cells produce power, and how they work. During the course we cover mono- and multi-crystalline solar cells, thin film solar cells, and new emerging technologies. The course includes hands-on exercises using virtual instruments, interviews with field experts, and a comprehensive collection of material on solar cells. At the end of the course you will have gained a fundamental understanding of the field. This will allow you to identify the most interesting or relevant aspects to be pursued in your future studies or in your professional career....



Very concise and to the point. Stable and calm teaching. Was my first foray into renewable energy and absolutely loved it. The course instructor was brilliant and had a stable command over the topic.


This is the first coursera course I have taken and the first I have completed. It is an interesting topic and the format was great for getting an understanding of solar cell technology. good stuff.


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創建者 Rahul T


This course was very useful and interesting as I learned about all the basics of solar cell technology, how it works, current market scenario, production methods of various types of cells, current research and development and the upcoming future aspects of Solar cell technology. It certainly improved my knowledge about solar energy to a large extent.

創建者 Shrey P


This course great insights into the past, present and future scope of Solar Energy. The course instructor Mr.Morten V. Madsen, really made the topic easy to understand. The reading materials given at the end of each video were quite helpful and concise. I would recommend taking this course to understand the basics and other aspects of solar energy.

創建者 Farhan I Z ,


I am thoroughly satisfied with the course.It delivered what i expected it to.It is as it's name implies, an introduction.It didn't go too deep into the technical details, but it helped me gain a solid understanding of how solar cells work and also understand the different types of solar cell technologies and what their advantages and drawbacks are.

創建者 Eddie C


I enjoyed this very short introduction to photovoltaic technology. Even though I'm a physicist, this is a topic that is not often discussed in typical college courses and the instructor has made the important details available here. I also appreciated the hands-on approach with the simulated solar cells and links to additional information.

創建者 Piyush K


I have learnt a lot. Helped me to understand all the concept required by a fresher in the renewable sector. Ranging from materials to spectrum analysis, generations of solar cells and even production of a solar cell. All the concepts helped me a lot. Looking forward to learning more in this field. Thank you for making this course.

創建者 Vitor H


This course was excellent. The teacher and classes are very good, the content is well prepared. I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering here in Brazil and I found the content of this course very important. Although English is not my main language, I had no difficulty in being able to follow the course. I recommend

創建者 Julian S


I really like how the course was made, the information it give us at the beginning help me to understand what the course was going to be and it also give me the knowledge to have a better kind of conversation about this topic. I love the course, and I love the way the profesor explain everything, thanks you for everything.

創建者 Carlo S


I found this course very challenging (I am not an engineer) but also very interesting. There is a good combination of videos, reading and quizzes,

What I would suggest is to cover more the economics of solar cells, to understand how the various technologies fit in the value chain of the solar business.

創建者 ESPINO, M J (


The course was very interesting and full of well-explained and concise content. The teacher shows great mastery and uses appropriate learning tools that aid the progress of the course. I highly recommend the course and the teacher, Mr. Madsen, with his good flow of topics and good explanations.

創建者 Alan L


Superb overview of solar cell technologies. I gained a real perspective on solar cell technologies and the research that is ongoing in this area. As a graduate materials science student hoping to get into PV technology, this gave a superb overview of the topic that I am going to be delving into.

創建者 Isaac M M


Great course, extremely interesting and thought provoking. I was looking for a more in-depth course about solar energy and this was an excellent choice. It covered subjects of electrical engineering that I was specifically interested and gave further resources to learn more. Congratulations!

創建者 Bellam J B


This course is very much informative and easy to learn basics of solar cells. It also makes learners to think about future perspectives of solar energy. Virtual instruments clearly demonstrates effects and results to understand. Sometimes cross talks from experts are overtaking instructor.

創建者 Mike J


Really good introductory course to a wide variety of solar cell technologies. Instructor was great and easy to listen to. Some material gets into actual application and selection of materials but mostly an overview of solar technology. I recommend for beginners in the field such as myself.

創建者 Ashita S


Thank you so much Technical University of Denmark for designing a course on the solar cell technologies in detail. Learned about the advantages and disadvantages of the various solar cell technologies.

This course was so enlightening and informative at the same time. Thank you!

創建者 Nicolas N


Excelent starting point for learning about how PV systems work and the production of solar cells. Great teaching methodology with absolutely clear videos/lessons, reading material and impresive spoken english skills of the teacher. Overall a highly recomended course. 10 points

創建者 Ushnish D T


I am very glad I took up this course from Coursera. The contents and the study material of this course was pretty clear and to the point. It helped me gain a lot of knowledge through quizzes and illustrative videos. I would surely recommend this course to other people.

創建者 Roberto D S H


This course has been very fun and interesting. I love how it was designed; it's very easy to navigate and understand its content. I will give a shout-out to the course instructor and any other person who helped design/deliver it to the students. A job very well done.



Every session of the course was bringing in new information and was exciting till the very end.

This course has made me aware about the various technologies/ processes/ advantage/ demerits of different types of Solar Cells with Video presentations & the Flow diagrams.

創建者 Maximilian K


A very interesting introduction which is suitable for everyone who wants to learn about solar cells. Earlier modules include calculations which are fun to apply to real life situations. All of the teachers put great effort into making the information stay memorable.

創建者 Karen M


Este curso realmente me fascinó. La manera en la que está organizado y los vídeos adicionales contienen información sumamente interesante. Me motiva a seguir aprendiendo temas relacionados. Recomiendo al 100% ingresar a este curso, sobre todo si son principiantes.

創建者 Harold A C M


Este curso es excelente, ya que se puede aprender de manera detallada los conceptos mas importantes sobre las celdas solares y como surgen hasta que métodos se pueden llegar a diseñar en el futuro. Los temas son amplios y el material se comprende a la perfección.

創建者 Lea A


i would like to thank you for your effort in presenting such a original and organized course ... by showing us the three generations and other details such as production, energy calculation, different solar cell types and their efficiency... Highly Recommended

創建者 Blai P i V


Quite technical course, gets into details of the different available technologies and explains it all with a down to earth vocabulary. It is accessible for almost everyone, and gives a wide perspective on the existing solar PV technologies. Totally recommended!

創建者 Marianna N


It is a well-structured and implemented course that give a very good introduction to the solar cells history, technology and theory. I like the diversity of the materials - video, reading, external videos - and the presentation of the topics by several experts.

創建者 Santabrata M


This course provides a very good idea about the history and current solar cell technologies available. It also discusses the main challenges ahead of this technology and the future of this technology. Its a very good beginner course for solar energy field.