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In this course you have the opportunity to use the skills you acquired in the two SAS programming courses to solve realistic problems. This course is also designed to give you a thorough review of SAS programming concepts so you are prepared to take the SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 Exam....




Nicely structured course with ample of hands-on exercises. The case study part is really important as it will give you a chance to apply the skills on some real world datasets.



Why aren't all the other MOOCs as simple and informative as this specialisation?\n\nJust why?\n\nThanks for the amazing specialisation and the awesome instructors.


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創建者 Gauri S


I waited to write this review until I give the SAS certified specialist: Base programmer exam which I did today. And I passed with excellent score. Thanks a millions to this outstanding course for preparation purpose. All 3 courses in the program were excellent. And Coursera is affordable to learn and practice to prepare for these great credentials. I am happy to say today that I am SAS certified specialist now. :)

創建者 Chutian Z


Just finished the whole specialization. I would say SAS programming specialization (and its courses) is the best one I've ever had on Coursera. It starts from simple concepts to complex tasks and projects. The best thing is the learner could get the hands dirty very quickly; usually a demo is followed with a practice task. Notice that the courses offered here are the same as those provided on SAS website (SAS itself has e-learning courses), but here you have more problems (and two projects in course 3) to practise. Highly recommend.

創建者 Mohamed D


Why aren't all the other MOOCs as simple and informative as this specialisation?

Just why?

Thanks for the amazing specialisation and the awesome instructors.

創建者 Michael K


This course was disappointing overall. There is nothing you will learn, which wasn't covered in the previous two course. Far worse, the review is done in the same sequence as the other two courses, so there really is never a chance to combine what was learned. The challenges will be in the same order as the previous challenges, so don't expect any synthesis of skills you have developed. There are two bigger problems, but it feels as if this course should have been a series of these. If you are about to be billed again, there is no real reason to complete this third course.



By far one of the best courses available on Coursera. I never got tired of learning and was always looking for more. The practice exercises were very nicely made that covered almost everything that was taught. I would highly recommend this course to any person who wishes to learn SAS. I would also like to thank the tutors for the knowledge.

創建者 Ahmad E H


Great wrap up course that reviews the past two courses in this specialization and provides real practical scenarios with real data so you can apply your sas coding knowledge and sas programming process that you learned previously in this specialization in your SAS career path. Thank you for the two amazing instructors.

創建者 David W


Very worthwhile course to brush up on SAS Base Programmer skills and apply them to practical problems. The course both broadened my understanding and helped integrate my skills. I appreciated that the course provided good background materials and allowed me to work on projects with the amount of support I needed.



Nicely structured course with ample of hands-on exercises. The case study part is really important as it will give you a chance to apply the skills on some real world datasets.

創建者 Thomas N


This is an excellent course. I can highly recommend it. It does not only review the previous two courses but let's one use the acquired skills in two "real-world" assignments.

創建者 Jeannine S


This course shows me what I need to go over for the certification exam. I like the explanations for the quiz answers. Also, both instructors have pleasant voices.

創建者 Sravanthi


One of the best courses to learn SAS programming. The course is well-structured and exercises make us proficient in SAS programming without attending college.

創建者 Abhishek R


This is by far the best course I have come across in coursera. The structure of the program is excellent. The exercises are very good

創建者 LAU T


The wrap up and the exercises are very useful. I am still recommending to those who would like to take the SAS base examination.

創建者 Gregg H


Excellent SAS overview, shows the strategies for data manipulation and then guides one through how to implement them.

創建者 Shuyao W


Really useful course, I pass the base exam and get the certificate after taking this course. Suitable for beginners.

創建者 Vidhi U


Very good course. Taught how to apply concepts to real world problems. Excellent for certificate exam preparation.

創建者 Leonardo C d J


An excellent course taught by an excellent professor from an excellent university. I highly recommend it!

創建者 Rogério A


A lot of usefull resources, tips, informations and example that is full applied on day by day activities.

創建者 Erika G


Thanks to this course (and the entire specialization) I feel very confident in my ability to use SAS.

創建者 Yerriswamy I


This course is very useful for those who are looking to start their career in Base SAS programming.

創建者 Ieva B


It was not easy, but absolutely worth it!!! Thank you for such a great content, I learned a lot!

創建者 Ajay D


Instructors have done a very good job in teaching the courses. Very insightful and intersting

創建者 Oleksandr L


Perfect course which gives opportunity to check knowledge and apply it on real examples!

創建者 Xinkai Z


Getting Harder but the Case Study are extremely helpful, thanks for all the materials.

創建者 Dominika K


One of the best courses I've taken on Coursera, I learned exactly what I've expected.