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學生對 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 如何有效地解决问题和决策 的評價和反饋

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Critical thinking – the application of scientific methods and logical reasoning to problems and decisions – is the foundation of effective problem solving and decision making. Critical thinking enables us to avoid common obstacles, test our beliefs and assumptions, and correct distortions in our thought processes. Gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, and anticipating likely risks. Learn how to use analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to address individual and organizational problems and develop the critical thinking skills needed in today’s turbulent times. Using case studies and situations encountered by class members, explore successful models and proven methods that are readily transferable on-the-job. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Choose and apply appropriate problem solving and decision making processes and methods 2. Identify common obstacles to effective problem solving and decision making 3. Recognize the human variable in problem solving and decision making 4. Assess major conceptual blocks and significant situational challenges 5. Apply concepts to enhancing personal development and organizational performance 6. Explain the key elements of problem solving and decision making and the barriers associated with them...




A very informative and easy course. I loved studying it, the professor was very well versed and delivered the lectures in a way so that students find it easy to understand the text and context.



A concise and informative course. The course consolidates my fundamental knowledge about the different components and concepts of problem-solving and decision-making. I really learned a lot.


801 - 如何有效地解决问题和决策 的 825 個評論(共 873 個)



Program is quick and very brief, it's ok.

創建者 Laveesha J


examples to make a decision are missing

創建者 Helen R


I found some of the questions confusing

創建者 Garima M


Good course with well explained topics.

創建者 Tassyo D P


O curso é meio sem foco e muito básico

創建者 Abdelmohimen H


the material of course is so amazin

創建者 Marc A B


This is good for new born managers

創建者 Davide M


Interesting overview on the topic.

創建者 Monika R


S​ome theory was not very usefull

創建者 Supreet T


nice ppt to understanding easy

創建者 Srinivas K


Good content - dry presenter

創建者 Ms. F K


It was of very basic level

創建者 Khaled J A


good course for beginners

創建者 Ahsan R


A good course overall.

創建者 Hala H


Basic information

創建者 Marei S H A a



創建者 سلطان ح س ا



創建者 Doris W


Very b

創建者 Hamouda



創建者 Rayhanul H R



創建者 Francis X



創建者 Dominik B


This course is only an overview into the topic. I was looking forward to boosting my decision-making skills but learning about some basic techniques and types of graphs is not enough for me. This course is scratching only the surface of the topic.

What I appreciate are the real-life situation examples and their solutions. These were the most positive aspects of the course.

Professor isn't as boring as the most reviewers state, but occasionally I had an impression that he hadn't had the speech prepared and made examples or statements by his own. Or he was just reading the slides sometimes, which seems like a waste of time to me.

The assignments were too easy, only theoretical stuff. It would be really great if any real life situations were stated in the assignment and the task of the student would be to select the best action to take.

As someone already mentioned, this course probably didn't affect my skills much, but it will look fine in any resumé.

創建者 Alan


Doesn't go much further then common sense. Introduces terms for concepts you probably know, just didn't know it's a concept. The lecturer is terrible. His stories, or i guess metaphors that are supposed to help you understand and remember things are aweful. He takes way too long to get the point across.

Some helpful things are mentioned. Gives you the ability to distiguish problem solving methods, so you may use them as required.

Nonetheless, mostly wasted my time watching this.

創建者 Paulo S


In my point of view the course overall is a bit superficial (even though the decision-making part was very interesting indeed). More importantly, the course lacks one of the richest tools in MOOCS: peer interactions - people voicing their opinions and sharing experiences.

Besides that: some of the questions in the quiz looked very ambiguous and there are some editing mistakes in the videos.

創建者 Stephen R


The course really isn't that useful for day to day management decision making. It might be more useful for those who look solely at long term data and make choices "at a distance" so to speak. Very heavy focus on charts and there's a lot to it but very little you can sink your teeth into unless you have a very specific type of management in mind.