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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Philosophy of Science 的評價和反饋

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For the last four centuries, scientists have aimed to provide us with an understanding of the world around us. By all appearances, science has made substantial progress during this time. But is this progress real or illusory? And if it is real, how has this progress been made? This four-week course will consider these important questions. Specific topics will include how scientists generate knowledge through observations, experiments, and simulations; scientific objectivity and failures of scientific objectivity; the self-correcting nature of the scientific community; the positive and negative influences that values can have on science; the relationship between science and religion; and the role of the public in guiding the scientific enterprise....




Interesting information, well presented. The course gave me new ways of looking at scientific studies and research that will, I believe, make me a more sophisticated consumer of science reporting.



This course opened me up to all sorts of perspectives and ideas that I never thought about. I was unaware of the field of the philosophy of science. I really appreciated the exposure!


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創建者 Fred V


(As a preliminary, I declare my position: resolutely pro-science).

In this course, very basic, US contemporary sources are more used than Bachelard, Popper, Klein and a few others: this is a clear bias, in a course where fighting biases is a significant theme. It starts slowly and uselessly by explaining the marvels of science, and concludes on a hymn to science, that turns partisan: the very flaw that this course aims at pointing at. The cause I like is not developed, expanded, explained, but sold, in a way that touches more on one-way debating than philosophy of science.

創建者 Padma E


Help me to go back to my philosophy course as undergrad. This is a remind of critical thinking and how do you examine science and its contents. Great course

創建者 Rohit P


Quite neatly put together. The professor is a great speaker and is neutral in presenting the views. This is a must take for all budding researchers!

創建者 Rohit P J


c​ourse was great. but the certificate has a cropped signature. so only 3 stars.

創建者 Anderson M W


I​t would be nice if the instructor hadn't used so many sublty politically motivated examples. Perhaps he is so biased that he doesn't even see the problem. I'm alienated. It's a pity because this should be a course that teaches one to be objective, something that the instructor clearly isn't. How he clinged to the chair of a department of an Ivy League university is an example of how our universities have long ago abandoned the pursuit of truth.

創建者 Dinesh R B


It was my first such learning course on PoS. I have saved all the materials as souvenirs and references for teaching. The best thing I learned and impressed with was the examples the course instructor (Prof. Weisberg) would give whether it was to discuss objectivity or empiricism or ethics. They were much relevant that helped me understand the concept well. Secondly, the course introduced me to contemporary philosophers (of science) besides some iconic figures of the past. Being a non-native speaker (of English), I found the lectures difficult to follow and had to re-play sometimes. I really liked the course and appreciate the way it has been designed.

創建者 Oishee B


This course really does give you another perspective of science. As a scientist, I think it is important to know why I study and pursue this field, and I gained an immense amount of insight into this. As for those not in this field, it is important for them to know why they should trust science, given that it powers (sometimes literally) many important aspects of their lives. I loved the reading assigned to us, and have made it a habit to continue using those sources for research. Professor Weisberg seemed genuinely passionate about what he was saying, and his small inputs about what he personally believed were incredibly valuable. Thank you!

創建者 Trenton G


This a well organized and well thought out course that helps the learner explore the ethics and epistemology of science and how we know and value knowledge. The videos are excellent and the lectures are divided into manageable sections. The only negative comment is that the automated subtitles are sometimes incorrect, and in a few instances show the exact opposite of what the professor is saying. Careful listening by the learner will recognize these errors and ignore the subtitles.

創建者 Nandakumar M


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The course was a nice tutorial on how we should appreciate modern science and the need for good science to advance civilization and advance humanity. The course gave us a good foundation of how to be a good consumer of scientific research and journalism and to appreciate the self correcting nature of science by scientific collaboration and peer review. I enjoyed the refresher course and the thoughtful presentation.

創建者 Eliza M


I found the course material interesting and relevant, the balance between readings and lectures to be appropriate, and the discussions to be thought provoking. The work required stretched me just enough out of my comfort zone, so that I had to recall my old study habits. But doing so during the doldrums of winter was something I looked forward to each day/week,

創建者 Mary K


This course provides good material that describes the philosophy of science, why science exists and how it figures into everyday life. The professor speaks to participants clearly and uses examples from science to describe course topics. The professor also introduces topics that makes us think about what science means in our lives.

創建者 Tony P C


Excellent course with the expert guidance of Professor Michael Weisberg. You learn about the scientific method and the role that the scientific community plays in the subjectivity of the researcher. The concepts of philosophers such as Popper, Kuhn, Feyerabend and others more contemporary are studied.

創建者 Jeff H


I thought Professor Weisberg was engaging and thoughtful. He enabled me to consider aspects of science that is relevant to the public discourse today. I liked how he brought in examples from the Levine lab and also referenced other contemporary philosophers' works.

創建者 Geoffrey L


Excellent course and provides a real appreciation of science during a time of real conflict over many scientific proposals, ie climate change. I now have a much greater appreciation of how hard Science is and how necessary the review and challenge process is.

創建者 Rim F


Very enjoyable course, I have learned a lot, while reviewing some basic knowledge. I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to have a defined framework on how science should be approached from a philosophical perspective.

創建者 Alberto d R G d l T


I really loved this course. It is very well structured. Its content is very suitable for a person starting out in the philosophy of science. I would like Dr. Weisberg to offer the next level of this course. Highly recommended!

創建者 Jason S


Excellent lecture series. The ideas are foundational and presented in a way that demands attention and reflection. This course has already been vital to the way that I plan and deliver instruction to my students. Thank you.

創建者 ali y


very good coverage of the subject matter. Inıtial examples of what science is about converged attention. Further information about the works by thinkers of the area broadened the understanding between science and values.

創建者 Jember A


Excellent course for everyone! If you are interested in the scientific level of Philosophy you must take this one of a kind. I also encourage my fellow Filipino in the Philippines to not escape this one.

創建者 Susan B


Interesting information, well presented. The course gave me new ways of looking at scientific studies and research that will, I believe, make me a more sophisticated consumer of science reporting.

創建者 Ася Ш


This course ia a perfect step to start conversation with the philosophy of science. If you already know some information what does the science is, you should choose more progressive level.

創建者 JodiLynne S


This course opened me up to all sorts of perspectives and ideas that I never thought about. I was unaware of the field of the philosophy of science. I really appreciated the exposure!

創建者 Benedito d C M N


Excelente curso introdutório à filosofia da ciência. Apresenta tanto o contexto histórico quanto Filosofico e sociologia da ciência. Grande acréscimo para minha formação

創建者 Romika C


It was great session. I enjoyed and learned a lot. Kindly share some more science andvart integrated course. English proficiency and writing skills course also.