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Organisational behaviour: Know your people, Macquarie University

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As you move through an increasingly globalised, competitive business environment, it's your ability to manage and lead people in a flatter, more team-driven context that is the key to organisational success. This course teaches you how to motivate and manage different personality types, focusing on strategy, employee experience and performance management. You'll also be introduced to a range of useful concepts, theories and methodologies to navigate and bolster workplace relationships. Through the lenses of talent, diversity, culture, and human resource management you'll look at latest evidence to see which approaches and contingencies are available for improving outcomes. We'll also use case studies to take you through some advanced strategies for success, examining predictions for the future of work and the implications of managing people in the complex, dynamic environments of tomorrow....

1 個審閱

創建者 Luciano Magaldi

Oct 19, 2018

Wonderful course to find a serious job opportunity worldwidely.