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學生對 日内瓦大学 提供的 Simulation and modeling of natural processes 的評價和反饋

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This course gives you an introduction to modeling methods and simulation tools for a wide range of natural phenomena. The different methodologies that will be presented here can be applied to very wide range of topics such as fluid motion, stellar dynamics, population evolution, ... This course does not intend to go deeply into any numerical method or process and does not provide any recipe for the resolution of a particular problem. It is rather a basic guideline towards different methodologies that can be applied to solve any kind of problem and help you pick the one best suited for you. The assignments of this course will be made as practical as possible in order to allow you to actually create from scratch short programs that will solve simple problems. Although programming will be used extensively in this course we do not require any advanced programming experience in order to complete it....



Nov 18, 2017

This course was a perfect match with my expectations! I think it is a perfect introduction to Computer modeling of natural processes. I enjoyed lectures and tasks. Thank you very much!


Sep 28, 2019

Extremely good course with excellent python codes for interesting applications


26 - Simulation and modeling of natural processes 的 38 個評論(共 38 個)

創建者 Anders A

Mar 12, 2018

The first 6 weeks of the course very well done. Unfortunately, the last two weeks were not of the same quality as the remaining parts of the course.


Sep 09, 2018

Very systematic and detailed introduction. Good way to start off into the science of simulation and modelling.

創建者 G.A.Tan

Jul 28, 2017

A good overview of various simulation methodologies for diffe

創建者 Apurva

Mar 13, 2018

Content is great, it can be made better though,

創建者 Kaustubh S

Sep 25, 2017

Good course

創建者 杨名

Apr 25, 2018

Introduce many interesting topics. The Lattice Boltzmann Model is the most challenging one. Implementation examples are demonstrated all through the class and there are chances to experiment and execute the code. However, the projects are already half-finished. Although building the code from scratch is a bit hard, I still think it's a really crucial step.

It would be better if more challenging questions and topics are introduces and there should be more explanations on a more fundamental level. The homework is somewhat ambiguous in some weeks and guessing the REAL meaning of the problem was quite annoying.

創建者 Andrew E

May 19, 2018

There are a frustrating number of mistakes in the questions and sometimes in the lecture slides. I think the course gives a good grounding in the types of simulation required for different problems and I like the examples used. I'm not a huge fan of the style of lectures as it's incredibly different to learn from flicking through slides. Lectures where examples are worked through in a more interactive way (such as on white boards) are far more effective for teaching.

創建者 Sean B

Sep 04, 2019

Overall a good course, but looking through the forums I see that plenty of other learners were confused and frustrated about the same problems I encountered. There are too many unresolved questions and errors.

Before you enroll in this course I recommend enrolling in "Computers, Waves, Simulations: A Practical Introduction to Numerical Methods using Python". It's more introductory than this course, but it gives a solid foundation of simulation and Python.

創建者 Pedro P R

Mar 07, 2018

The topics covered in the course are extremely interesting and its a great place to get the fundamentals right. Special mention to the cell automata and the LB method. Although, I feel extra exercises would be needed to further deep the material. Overall, a great course if you are looking to learn fundamentals but exercising what is show is much dependent on your own imitative.

創建者 Vinicius M d C

Sep 10, 2019

I believe this course has a great content. I had almost none background on this subject and I was able to go through the end and learn new things. I don't think it has as many errors in language as the other ratings make you think. But the course is abandoned. No interactions from the tutors.

創建者 Zhixia L

Nov 11, 2017

Some slides have mistakes, please review it!

Some quizzes have wrong answers, please correct them, they are confusing!

Some instructors made mistakes in the video, why not record it again?

創建者 Xihan Z

Mar 01, 2018

The course is useful, but there're too many mistakes in the quiz and assignments

創建者 Kiril K

Aug 18, 2019

Poor presentation of the course.