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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Microeconomics: When Markets Fail 的評價和反饋

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Perfect markets achieve efficiency: maximizing total surplus generated. But real markets are imperfect. In this course we will explore a set of market imperfections to understand why they fail and to explore possible remedies including as antitrust policy, regulation, government intervention. Examples are taken from everyday life, from goods and services that we all purchase and use. We will apply the theory to current events and policy debates through weekly exercises. These will empower you to be an educated, critical thinker who can understand, analyze and evaluate market outcomes....



Jan 14, 2018

Great and relevant content, presented in an interesting and easy way; allowing the student to go through the video materials in an individual pace and thus optimize the study sessions.


Aug 12, 2018

I really appreciated the short form videos and abundant visual examples. I would take MANY more classes on Coursera if it were guaranteed that they would follow this format.


1 - Microeconomics: When Markets Fail 的 25 個評論(共 68 個)

創建者 Larry L E

Oct 21, 2016

Another fine course from Professor Stein. I particularly appreciated the final set of lectures, but all were well presented, understandable, and relevant.

創建者 Anuli R O (

Feb 17, 2019

It is all wonderful experience with Prof. Rebecca Stein on this course. I enjoyed it both the content and the well structure pattern by which she thought the course. it is an added experience as an economist and I valued her inclusive teaching. thanks to the provider (Coursera).

But I'm still waiting for my certificate.

創建者 陳嘉宏

Mar 29, 2019


創建者 Ahmed M E

Feb 10, 2019

it was great


Feb 11, 2019

Best course.

創建者 James C

Mar 15, 2019

Course material was very accessible and engaging to learn, thanks Dr.Stein!

創建者 Nicholas P

Aug 12, 2018

I really appreciated the short form videos and abundant visual examples. I would take MANY more classes on Coursera if it were guaranteed that they would follow this format.

創建者 David V

Oct 24, 2018

Love how the videos were brief, but informative. Very helpful class and exams weren't overly complicated. In the end, I felt as though I retained much of the knowledge.

創建者 Nirav D

May 20, 2018

I loved this course for its clear explanation of microeconomic principles and how and when they fail. The course teaches how to apply the principles to real world examples and thus gives important applied knowledge with real world examples.

創建者 Vaishnavi K

Aug 03, 2017

Excellent content

創建者 Hammed A

Jun 09, 2016

The importance of Economics in making sound policies and enforcing development and closing the inequality gap in the society made this course very essential.

The interactive group discussions and very detailed video sessions also helps to ensure easy learning of the essentials


Apr 24, 2017

excelente curso. gracias por lo enseñado.

創建者 丘芷瑄

Apr 30, 2018


創建者 許芳瑜

Jul 05, 2017

淺顯易懂, 值得推薦!

創建者 Varun R

May 24, 2017

I came here for the videos! Extremely concise and accurate. Very good for reviewing material. I speak from the level of an HL Economics student in the IB.

創建者 Andrés J T R

Apr 24, 2018

Thanks for all!!!!!!

創建者 Mahfujor R

Nov 09, 2017

It's amazing

創建者 Kaikui W

Dec 21, 2016

Elementary course, great for professionals to refresh.

創建者 柯勝富

May 07, 2017


創建者 ricardo p o

Dec 04, 2016

Thank you very much it was very gratifying, excellent for all kind of profesionists.


Mar 20, 2018

Thank you for this course.

創建者 qianwanwna

Nov 01, 2017


創建者 黃亭恩

May 16, 2018


創建者 Gail G

Oct 10, 2016

Step-by-step, clear explanations.

創建者 Tanya P

Jul 09, 2017

Great course with clear explanations