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學生對 延世大学 提供的 First Step Korean 的評價和反饋

28,333 個評分
7,570 條評論


This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays. After completing this course, you will be able to 1. read and write Korean alphabet. 2. communicate in Korean with basic expressions. 3. learn basic knowledge on Korean culture. It’s fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!...



The course is amazing for now! The teacher explains everything in a great order and it helps me a lot with Korean. I understand a lot more now. Thank you for that Seung Hae Kang and Yonsei University!


A really good starting point to understand what's the Hangeul is constituted of and have a taste test on daily conversation. Last 2 modules were of quick pace which encourages me to revisit more often


351 - First Step Korean 的 375 個評論(共 7,506 個)

創建者 queenie a


It was my first time studying KOREAN and I'm glad that I decided to do it. The course is very systematic and easy to learn. I learned a lot and now I am going to use this course to further enhance my skills and understanding about the language. Also, the whole lecture series is clear and concise and I love how Ms 강해승 teach.

創建者 Adriana H


Congratulations! Your course is very good, I'm happy I did it, it was interesting and good for my knowledge because I had no idea what the language was like, the course made it easier for me to learn the basics of the language. Finally I would like you to consider creating more course on this. sincerely my congratulations.

創建者 Sanchez B I


I loved it very much, the explanations are clear, solve doubts, and the videos, as well as the presentations, are very interactive, dynamic, and attractive, now I have much more knowledge in terms of learning Korean, which is one of my dreams, I'll continue studying and make sure to do better. Thank you very much!!! 감사합니다!

創建者 Lovely H B


Hello, I first started on my own learning the grammar and then took this course, It made me understand that I was lacking of pronunciation and the basis of history, this really helped me a lot more!

You were supposed to finish this within 5 weeks but i finised it in 4 days, so.. if you are truly into it, you can do it! 화이팅!

創建者 Arlen N T C


I enjoyed this course! I finished it after coming back for the second time (I didn't have time) and the videos were very helpful to explain the language. The exercises were in my opinion the best part since I had to put into practice and think about what I learned. I think is a complete course as a basic level. Thank you!

創建者 Marianne J E B


I really enjoyed this course! Before I started, I just wasn't able to understand the structure of the sentences I was reading. During the 5 weeks, that I followed this course I learned how to make sentences and how to pronounce many different words.

I also really appreciated the clear examples used to clarify the matter!

創建者 Natalia X C P


Excelente curso, sin embargo mi idioma nativo es el español y me encontré que varias videos de la semana 4 en adelante no se encontraban traducidos completamente aunque puedo decifrar algunas palabras mi ingles no es fluido por lo que esto me causo un poco de problemas sin embargo excelente, me encanto, aprendi bastante

創建者 Johana M


Excelent course and even more excellent instructor. The course includes a lot of vocabulary and practice to get familiar with it.

The classes advance at a steady peace. It's never overwhelming and yet teaches you a lot.

I recommend going back on your notes after the final week :) . The syllabus is amazingly well structured

創建者 Amnuaysak T


The course covers most of the very basic things needed to know and learn of Korean language.

The professor is good and always gives learners a little things that are good to understand the language further.

I recommend anyone who want to learn Korean language to start from this course.

Amnuaysak Thoonsiri

April 15, 2020.

創建者 Chandra


This is a very good course, many thanks to Yonsei University for kindly granting the opportunity to attend this course,

One difficulty I experienced is regarding pronunciation of some letters which appear to vary in different contexts. Also, clear instruction may be given where we have to use Korean and Chinese numerals.

創建者 Obianuju I


I learned many verbs and how to conjugate the present tense, a lot of vocabulary and sentence structure. My favorite aspect of this course was that I got to practice my listening and reading skills with the quizzes. I also practiced writing, by copying out the vocabulary rather than printing the PDF files. 고맙습니다, 선생님.

創建者 Cynthia M


Me ha impresionado gratamente la oportunidad entregada tanto por Coursera y la profesora Seung Hae Kang, en conjunto con Yonsei University. Pautas muy claras y precisas, las cuales han ayudado bastante a mi entendimiento y aprendizaje a nivel personal. Quedo muy conforme y agradecida por esta bonita experiencia... 감사합니다

創建者 Yasmine K


I really enjoyed the learning process, the videos are well organized, i learned more new things in a more efficient way, since i used to learn korean alone but with this course was better since it give you a structure to follow.

I highly recommend anyone who is considering to start learning First Step Korean to do it !!

創建者 América M


I love learning with First step Korean , has very useful language sentences for daily basis and also has good material to review . I appreciate your effort in making such a great content . Hope I get the opportunity to visit and live in Korean soon, I am in love of the language and also of its gastronomy very delicious

創建者 Sobuha L


I really enjoy this course. The professor makes the grammar easily to understand. There are very clear can-do statements for each lesson with good amount of practice. The topics introduced in this course are also very practical. I would recommend this course for whoever wants to learn Korean from the very beginning. ㅋ

創建者 Brenda A


I enjoyed this lesson. But I'd need to practice on my own more. I think that the handout should include wording in English so that it is more understandable. I find myself using Google translate a lot, just to listen to the pronunciation. Then again, I need to practice more. Thank you so much for this wonderful course.

創建者 Samirah S


Very clear explaining and teaching method. The flow of the topics is indeed nicely laid. I suggest making the quizzes a bit more harder and more complex to fully enhance the learning experience. I will definitely introduce this course to my friends as this is a really informative starter pack for basic Korean language.

創建者 Ester S S


Thank you very much for guidance in this study. I am very happy to be able to learn a foreign language. While studying, I realized that it was very difficult to learn Korean. But I am happy because I was given the opportunity to learn from the basics. Now I started practicing it with my friends. Once again, thank you.

創建者 katz v


I was able to really learn the basics of the Korean language. I like how each lesson was created in such a way that it's easier for the learner to learn the language from the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. It's a really good First Step for anyone who's really new to the language and has no background with it.

創建者 Drocel J L M


First Step Korean has been a very informative and engaging course for me. It was perfectly planned and executed. The learning resources crafted by Yonsei University was superb. I considered this course as an effective one because I learned a lot. I will highly recommend this course to other language learners like me.

創建者 uxue


This course was so helpful to start studying korean and be able to start learning some basic vocabulary. I like that it gives you the chance to listen to a conversation and then analize it. I really enjoyed learning korean through this course and would recommend it for people who want to start studying this language.

創建者 Eddie


Hay sido un curso muy didáctico y práctico para poder aprender coreano ya que me ha permitido conocer más vocabulario y practicar mucho, este curso me ha gustado porque también en alguna duda que tuve pude ir al foro y poder informarme ojalá que haya otro curso de coreano con nuevas clases para a poder aprender más.

創建者 Babiyev K


Понравился данный вводный курс в корейский язык, который новичкам дает понять основы, особенности корейского языка (свой неповторимый алфавит (я сначала думал, что это иероглифы), два вида числительных (корейский и китайский), которые используются в разных случаях, и д.р.). Большое спасибо организаторам этого курса!

創建者 Lizeth P I J


It is an amazing course for beginners. The lessons are really organized and easy to understand, they give you a step by step course in which the only thing you need to offer is willingness to learn. I learned a lot and now I am even more interested in learning more about their history and culture. Thank you so much.

創建者 Marie P


Thanks to this course I was able to get a structure to my messy Korean learning. I've been picking up information for a few years but I've never been able to properly learn it with an order. I already knew some things which is why it was easier to get through the course but I'd say this was worth spending time on :)