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學生對 国立台湾大学 提供的 Learning Chinese : Start From Scratch (零到一學中文) 的評價和反饋

253 個評分
94 條評論


This is a six-week introductory course in Mandarin Chinese conversation. The course will be taught completely in Mandarin, however students are not expected to have any experience learning Chinese. This course’s main objective is to study practical conversation. By watching videos showing various kinds of situations, learners will recognize and understand vocabulary, pair everyday words together with grammar to form short phrases, and learn the correct way to express words used in day-to-day life....



76 - Learning Chinese : Start From Scratch (零到一學中文) 的 94 個評論(共 94 個)

創建者 Laura M L


It's a good course, but not for beginners, since it doesn't provide any written material - what makes really hard for the students to take notes - nor the videos are clear enough to understand all word without a translator.

創建者 Sherry A O


The course is well done. Lessons build upon each other. When the deadline for quizzes reached, if it is possible to provide the correct answers to the questions. I would take another course similar to this.

創建者 AVI K


At times the quiz and review questionnaires get fiddled up. I think it has to be corrected with the inputs. otherwise, it has helped me a lot as a basic mandarin student. Thank you for this course.

創建者 Jessica R Y


I love the idea of not using any other languange than Chinese. However, I think this course will be better for those who has some basic skills. This course will be fun for practices!

創建者 Yodsawadee N


It would be nice if there were English subtitles during the conversation. Sometimes there are words in dialogue that teacher didn't teach but i wanna know,

創建者 Cristell D C


I really enjoy this course, although the quizzes were very hard, I can say that I have learned quite a lot.

I will recommend this course for sure.

創建者 Phan T H


A good Chinese course for beginners. Learners can speak daily conversations after finish the course.

Thank the teacher and team for the course.

創建者 Carol S D A


Muy buen curso aunque es necesario investigar por cuenta propia para poder comprender en su totalidad los temas planteados.

創建者 Narasimha R


Very good course for beginners as well as people who want to improve listening and speaking skills, I enjoyed each class.

創建者 阮鄭文成



創建者 Laura J S M


I think the teacher is really nice and I understand the methodology they're using... but in my personal case, I would have found extremely useful the translation of the characters so I wouldn't feel lost. I tried to translate using different apps, but they didn't get her voice or my pronuntiation so I'm not sure if this is the right course for me. Thank you anyway!

創建者 Pathompong P


I think week 6 Exam No.16 has a problem with the choice J it should be 「你」不是「我」

Some part with the animation I think it is really good, but some are like just a photo. so I wonder why the standard of each week is so different.

Some part has so many conversations but all actor has no microphone, so it quite hard to listen.


創建者 Marius K


It's very difficult. And I can't pass the quiz. I would like to have more explanations for each sample.

創建者 Chee Y K


Texts and words are too small in exercises for this course to be effective.

創建者 Tt5415


The lectures are given in chinese and some parts lack english translation making it impossible to understand without knowing chinese. Maybe this course teaches chinese, but you must already know chinese to learn it.

創建者 Alejandra


I disliked the questions, those were not really to test what you learned but to trick you, how can I know what the people in the video of the question are saying when the videos have no sound?

創建者 Michelle G


Please unenroll me. thank you

創建者 Camille B


I want unenroll