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學生對 IBM 提供的 Introduction to Data Analytics 的評價和反饋

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This course presents a gentle introduction into the concepts of data analysis, the role of a Data Analyst, and the tools that are used to perform daily functions. You will gain an understanding of the data ecosystem and the fundamentals of data analysis, such as data gathering or data mining. You will then learn the soft skills that are required to effectively communicate your data to stakeholders, and how mastering these skills can give you the option to become a data driven decision maker. This course will help you to differentiate between the roles of a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer. You will learn the responsibilities of a Data Analyst and exactly what data analysis entails. You will be able to summarize the data ecosystem, such as databases and data warehouses. You will then uncover the major vendors within the data ecosystem and explore the various tools on-premise and in the cloud. Continue this exciting journey and discover Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. By the end of this course you will be able to visualize the daily life of a Data Analyst, understand the different career paths that are available for data analytics, and identify the many resources available for mastering this profession. Throughout this course you will learn the key aspects to data analysis. You will begin to explore the fundamentals of gathering data, and learning how to identify your data sources. You will then learn how to clean, analyze, and share your data with the use of visualizations and dashboard tools. This all comes together in the final project where it will test your knowledge of the course material, explore what it means to be a Data Analyst, and provide a real-world scenario of data analysis. This course does not require any prior data analysis, spreadsheet, or computer science experience. All you need to get started is basic computer literacy, high school level math, and access to a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox....



Very good course, giving beginners an overview of various aspects of data analysis, as well as having data analysts share their experiences, which is a great way for learners to get to know the field.


Course is really helped me understand the concept of Data Analytics. The viewer's points explained What, Why, and how Data Analytics. And the final assignment gives an exact idea about Data analysis.


226 - Introduction to Data Analytics 的 250 個評論(共 1,065 個)

創建者 Deleted A


I like the course. I am delighted with the course. It gives us useful information, detailed example. Overall a great course.

創建者 Myra N


Very educational, I understand better what a data analyst is and what the job entails, this interested me into diving deeper



A great way to get you analyzing not just the course content but everything else around you that you hadn't noticed before.

創建者 Tonmoy J D


This course has helped me to gain knowledge about Data Analysis. I am thankful for the information that I have gained here.

創建者 Meenal V


A good Introductory course for Data Analytics.Will recommend for any one who is a beginner in the journey of Data analysis!

創建者 Kelly R J


Solid introduction into the foundations of Data Analyst including the software used, terminology, and career opportunities.

創建者 Trà T


The course was great, I learned a lot about data analysis. Thank you for the enthusiastic support of the staff of coursera

創建者 Diana L M C


Me pareció un buen curso porque me brindó bases para comprender conceptos del ecosistema de análisis de datos y su proceso

創建者 Matt M


This course provided the insights to make me realize that I was on the right path with seeking a career in Data Analytics.

創建者 Jie S


It is a very general course that includes all useful knowledge and information for a beginer who just jump into the field.

創建者 Davida B


A thorough, well constructed introductory course. I liked the peer-graded assignment at the end. Thank you and keep it up!

創建者 Anurag K


Very Good Course. Every line is spoken in this course is very meaningful for any newcomer in the field of Data Analytics.

創建者 Tais B


This course gives you a soild basic knowledge of the Data Analytics world. I'm glad I did it, and I highly recommend it.

創建者 Chukwuagoziem K A


Does an excellent job introducing a beginner into the data analytics eco-system and process and tools for data analysis.

創建者 Damith M C


G​reat Content! Teach much as possible to understand. Personally recommend who are in the entry level to data analytics.

創建者 Rıdvan Y


Hello, thank you very much to everyone who contributed to this priority course It was a very useful and valuable course.

創建者 Nikki S M


Excellent overview of data analytics. This was a perfect start to learning the skills necessary to start a new career.



This course gave me knowledge of the difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner. Coursera is a great moderator

創建者 Richa A


Very well explained course! I am eager to complete my Data Analyst certificate and learn a lot from IBM and Coursera.

創建者 Tom C


Really good introduction, provided a great overview of the profession, career routes, tools and skills available etc.

創建者 Meghashree


Course was very comprehensive and gave apt information on all aspects. Sets the base properly to build knowledge on.

創建者 Osama K


A very good introductive course on Data Analytics. Highly recommended for new-comers to the field of Data Analytics.

創建者 Mohammed I


Detailed, informative for beginners to understand the concept of data analysis before dive in deep into data analyst

創建者 Lai G H J


W​as a great introduction to understand Data Analytics even for people with no background in the subject at all! :)

創建者 Renoaldo J


Gostei bastante, agora tenho uma boa noção do campo de atuação de um analista de dados. Obrigado pela oportunidade.