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學生對 韩国科学技术高等研究院 (KAIST) 提供的 Introduction to Basic Vibrations 的評價和反饋

432 個評分


Introduction to Basic Vibrations starts with the fundamental principle of vibrations with a single and double degree of freedom systems. These fundamental vibration systems provide a solid platform not only to understand general vibrations but also to apply or use them into simple mechanical problems....




Excellent course in foundations of vibrations with explanations for certain nuances.This is a refresher for me to dust off and get booted with the fundamentals.



The course was very informative and the way of explanation was very clear. It gave good knowledge about 1 and 2 DOF systems, along with practical applications.


76 - Introduction to Basic Vibrations 的 100 個評論(共 105 個)

創建者 Syed Z R Z


The instructor does make occasional errors in week 5 like the determinant square. the equations and the cases seem not to be 100% consistent eg the 2 DOF system having two end walls or one wall was interchanged. otherwise the results that arrived from the math are good and profound

創建者 Hrishikesh A


Essential proofs have not been provided in the course. Also more reading material should have been provided. The quizzes had a few mistakes in the questions as well as in the answers.

創建者 José L C M


Excellent course!, Just a few things that were not completely clear, but nothig that a little research can't clarify. The timing of the professor was excellent, regards from Mexico!

創建者 Matheus S


O curso em si é excelente! Me ajudou muito no aprendizado base de vibrações, entretanto, gostaria de informar que um dos testes tem respostas incorretas marcadas como corretas.

創建者 Divyansh K


this course was very interesting but i suffer lots of problem in selection quiz option. i clicking the right answer it show it wrong. The only thing i suffer in this course .

創建者 Abhishek B K


Good explanation relating mathematical, physical and practical application, but I would still insist some more examples to be included to amplify our concept

創建者 Abhinav


This course gives quick and depth information to Basic Vibration. Learned many things from the course. Thank you, Professor, and Coursera.

創建者 Lukáš Z


Sometimes I've found professor's explanation quite confusing (not well explained), otherwise see this course as a good asset to my skills.

創建者 Rubén P G


Very interesting courese with a good relation between mathematical aproach and physical aproach to help understanding the situations.

創建者 Elnaeem A B A


the course is very good, the information inside this course is perfect

thanks for the prof YANG-HANN KIM

thanks for COURSERA

創建者 Santiago J R I


Really nice introductory course to vibrations. Helps a lot to remember some concepts from the university.

創建者 Michael R


A good introduction to the mathematics of vibrations, if a little difficult to follow.

創建者 Richard S


Sometimes the professor lost himself, but it is really easy to understand.

創建者 Theodore N


Simple yet very essential for understanding basics of vibration

創建者 Kenneth V


Great course, a few mistakes in the quizzes however.

創建者 Mousum D


The resources should & must have been included

創建者 Nikil J


the content could be made more robust

創建者 Ajay S


Awesome Teaching method.

創建者 Sunil S


Good teacher

創建者 Bernardo C


The topics covered in this course are relevant to vibratory systems and some lectures provide a clear understanding of some of the basic concepts however, I think there should be more supplementary materials for reviewing some of the mathematical expressions specially from weeks 4 to 5. There is a pdf. document uploaded as a supplementary material, but I feel there should be more explanations specially if this is an introductory course. Before taking this course, I recommend others to refresh their memories with Diff. Equations, as well as some linear algebra concepts like the Eigenvalue problem. Also, some of the questions from the quizzes are not totally clear and in some questions there are typo mistakes in the answers. Besides that, the course is good for people who are interested in learning some basics of vibratory systems.

創建者 Moe


the professor is highly experience and knows his material, but he is all over the place and needs to organize the produced material.

創建者 Omar


it too hard for me

and he is not explaining the concept in good way



in depth explanation is not good, and so slow explanation

創建者 Suryanto S


Thanks Mr. Prof Yang-Hann Kim

創建者 Jose P C


Besides the amazing ability of the professor to write backwards such a Leonardo da Vinci, the course was not provide me what I expected. Too much mathematics, too much theory. I was expecting more practical applications and problem examples. In addition, I guess that for MOOC, the material should be already done in a presentation so the instructor can focus on explanation and examples and doing the lecture more dynamic and less time consuming. Almost an hour to explain a curve and a couple of equations is not practical for people that are interesting in learn by themselves.